Friday, June 3, 2011

My Perennial Quilt

OK, so I got a little sidetracked and started another quilt while I was hand appliquéd the patches onto my squares.  They took a little more time than I realized.  So I started a Kaleidoscope quilt.  All is going good with that one.  I started it a few days ago.  Got almost half of the pieces cut.  I decided to get a light tan to go in between my striped pieces to form the Kaleidoscope.  Meanwhile, I got all my hand appliqué finished form my perennial quilt.  So yesterday, I  was putting all the little squares together.  I have a total of 36 - 18 inch blocks. I made 6 strips of 6 blocks.  Rotating every other block with a building block that I made earlier.  I must take my time putting them all together to match the points and get them perfect.  So far so good.  I could not sew as long as I wanted to, so only got my six rows done.  But I did cut my strips that will go around them and now have them ready to sew on.  As for the boarder, I have a couple different ideas as to what I want to make.  Guess I will go back to the kaleidoscope and keep thinking of my boarder.
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