Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Lane Blog Hop & Giveaway

 It's day ONE of the HOLIDAY LANE Blog Hop!  So, FIRST, Lets give a BIG THANKS to Pauline Francis of Quilt'n Queen and Madame Samm for sponsoring this fantastic Hop.  

I cannot believe how time flies,  Gee, tomorrow is Thanksgiving already.

So without further ado.... Here is my pillow:

This was a lot of fun to make.  I had all kinds of ideas as to how I could embellish it but my husband seen it and said it was perfect and not to do anything else to it.  

He is such a great supporter of my quilting.  I can always count on him to give me his honest opinion of my work.  (which is what I want even though sometimes it is hard to hear)

I don't know about anyone else, but I have been really busy getting ready for Christmas.  Every year in December, the University of Tennessee has a "Santa's Village".  There is a large train set up, all kinds of things for the children including a petting zoo, and lots of venders.  This year I am setting up a table with some of my things.  So, I have been busy making all kinds of different items.  Here are just a few things that I have:

(I thought mother/daughter aprons were so cute...I made quite a few)

(I have lots of items including a lot of Pin Cushions, Scissor Holders, Wallets, Change Purses, Cosmetic Bags, etc.)

Now I know you all heard of "MISSOURI STAR" QUILT CO. I got the best Christmas fabric there and such a great price too.  I made these wall hangings with some of the fabric that  I got:

"Bells are Ringing"  32" X 32"

"Merry Christmas"  43 1/2" X 43 1/2"

Oh, I also made this Christmas Quilt with their fabrics:

"Christmas is Coming"  50" X 50"

I am not done either.  I want to make stockings and more toppers.  I am all excited and having lots of fun at the same time.

OK, enough of my things....Go check out the rest that have blogs today in the "Holiday Lane" Blog Hop:

                                            Just Let Me Quilt

When you are done checking all these great blogs....Go to: Quilt'n Queen  and get the full schedule, for you will not want to miss a one in this great "Holiday Lane Blog Hop".  Today is the first and it will run through November 30th.  So have fun........
MISSOURI STAR QUILT CO. has great deals saving you from 30% on up every day.  Yup....Every night at MIDNIGHT they post a new deal.  Visit them at:  Check out their deals, then their whole site and don't forget to sign up for their newsletter so you won't miss a thing.

Did you know that MISSOURI STAR QUILT CO.   has the Best Free Quilting Tutorials on the internet?   Oh I sure think so.  You can find them at: 

Well,  MISSOURI STAR QUILT SHOP is sponsoring me and gave me these two GREAT Books to GIVEAWAY to TWO  lucky winners.  

To the first winner will receive the book,  "Farmhouse Retreat, by Renee Nanneman

The second winner will receive the book, "Make it Modern Quilts" by Ann Hansen.

To enter is easy, first, you must be a follower, then just leave me a comment.  That is it!  The giveaway will run thru November 30.  Then I will go to and will let it choose TWO lucky winners.  


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Monday, November 19, 2012

A SnippetFact Award???

Has anyone ever heard of ??

I just got an e-mail and was told that I got a Quilt award from


I read that is a community built 'facts only' website, created to improve factual content on the web, and make a more trustworthy and fun resource to discover information, and improve intelligence.  So should I be excited??  

Please,  I would like some input here, what are your opinions on this??

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Red Work / Blue Work

Two years ago I had made my first Red Work quilt.  I wanted to make something different at the time so I had drawn a picture of quilting ladies all together quilting a top.  Each  of the ladies have different chairs, hats, dresses, etc.   Then I put two quilts hanging in the background.   I traced it carefully onto a white piece of fabric and embroidered every line.  Then I cut it to the size that I wanted and made different red and white squares and half triangles all around.   I then hand quilted it all around each seam.

Total size is 28" X 32" .

So this year I got the great idea to make a Blue Work Quilt for Christmas.  Oh, yeah, this would be fun.  I have been wanting to make more Red Work quilts but keep getting side tracked with so many other things to make.

Anyway, here is my drawing of  my Snowman:

I traced it carefully onto white fabric and I then used a dark blue thread and embroidered all of the lines.  Yeah...this is something that I could do sitting on my porch enjoying the fall leaves, and birds singing.  

Next, I squared the fabric to the size that I wanted and put a 2 inch, glittering blue snowflake fabric around the boarder to look like a frame.    

I quilted snowflakes all around the snowman and then did in the ditch around the boarder.  
The total size is:  16" X 16".

This was a lot of fun to make.  I can see me doing a lot more Red Work and Blue Work in the future.  Gee...Is there such a thing as Green Work, or Orange Work.....Why not!

Hay, HOLIDAY LANE BLOG HOP is approaching us real fast.  It is hard to believe how time goes so quickly.  Won't be long before Christmas is here.  So mark  your calenders  you don't want to miss this last hop of the year.   It starts on November 21st.  AND I will be blogging the first day.  

Till then.....


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Let it Snow" Flannel Quilt

I  surely got carried away when I decided to make this flannel quilt for out bed.   It is extra large, oh so soft and cuddly.  It quickly became our favorite.

I wanted to make it a theme that was "Winter", not just Christmas.  I want to be able to put it on our bed and use it from the first of the cold weather till it warms up again in the spring.  So I went with a "Snow" theme.  I even put its name in applique in the center.

After I appliqued it on by machine, I used silver glitter fabric paint to make snow flakes all around it.  

Each of my blocks are different sizes, the "Let it Snow"  block is 16" X 12", and there are 2 of them, whereas my snowman block is 12" X 12".  I made 4 of these.  There are 2 on each side.  The eyes are painted on with dimensional black fabric paint.

I also made 4 Cardinals sitting on a pine tree limb.  These are 10" X 12".  The pine needles were put on by small slivers of green flannel fabric then I  zig zagged across them on my machine using an invisible thread to hold them in place, being careful not to distort them.  The bird was also machine appliqued and the eye was but on with dimensional fabric paint.  There are a total of 2 of these on my quilt. 

I also put on houses with snow on the roofs.  These are large 14" X 17" blocks.  I made them larger to put stars on top. I made a total of 4 of these.

Because of the blocks all different sizes, I also made filler blocks.  Some have appliqued snowflakes, stars, a Snowman's head, Penguins, Mittens, some are just plain blocks,strips,  some are HST's, etc.  Why I even have a couple 9 patch blocks.  

This ended up a lot larger than planned.   For some reason I just kept adding and adding.  But in the end, I feel it turned out OK.  When all my blocks were made I added a 3" plaid boarder all around.  

I used a regular cotton batting but I used fleece for the backing.  Because of the thickness and how heavy the whole thing was, I decided not to quilt it but to tie it at the corners of each of my blocks.  I used  a heavier yarn and also a variegated color so it would blend in with my quilt colors all over. Then I put a dark green binding on.  

I am sorry that it is not a good picture.  Being flannel and with a fleece backing, then so large and heavy, it just does not lay flat and perfect like other quilts.  The total size is 104" X 120".    It may not be the prettiest, or win any prizes but let me tell you, I  really had fun putting this one together.  It was like a puzzle all the way.  Now that it is finished, it has become my husbands favorite.  It sure does keep us warm all night long. 

OK, back to quilting.  I have so many things that I want to make before Christmas.  

Before I do, I also want to let everyone know that I am also going to be in another blog hop starting November 22nd.   "Holiday Lane"

This is the last one of the year, so I know you don't want to miss out on it.    ALSO, there are going to be GREAT giveaways.  Why, I myself  am having one that you will not want to miss.  So mark your calendars   


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