Monday, March 20, 2017

Its Quilt Quazy Queen Week

Yup, That's right.  It's Quilt Quazy Queen week, and today is my day.

Well, believe me....I am a Quazy Quilter!

I am one that everything has to be orderly and in its proper place.  The only time its messed up is when I am sewing.  At the end if each day, I put everything back till the next day.

Let me show you my room and how I keep things orderly.


My husband hung large white shelves all around my room.   I keep different items in each tote.   7 with Fat Quarters in,  one has small printed scraps, one with plain scraps, one with strips, another with squares, one with rectangles, 2 with assorted size Batiks. 

 Then I have 2 book cases, one wood and one Tuppermaid.  On the book shelves I keep my fabric assorted in stacks from 1/4 yard to 7 yards.

Also, on one shelf I have my magazines assorted by month and year.

I found 2 thread holders at a flea market last summer, for $1.00.  I couldn't believe it!  So I hung them together.

This is a corner desk we used to keep our computer on.  We no longer have our computer, we went to a lap too and our phones.  So the desk turned into my cutting table/design table/sewing table. 

In this basket I keep the fabric and designs of the project I want to do next.
Now, don't get me wrong, even though I keep things in order, I normally have 2 different projects going at once.  But keep them together.

  Such as one could be blocks, which I stack together neatly on my desk as I make them to put together. 

While another could be arranged on my design wall.  When I am working in my room I have it a mess, but I guarantee, at the end of the day all is put away till the next day.   Even my machine gets its cover on at the end if the day.

 I also will not start another project till one of these are completed.  

My partner in crime, taking a nap.  She loves being close to me, so she has a bed in almost every room of our house.  So no matter which room I am in, she goes to that bed, lol.
Now, I must say, I feel I am a very lucky quilter.  My husband purchased a long arm machine for me 3 years ago.  Not only that...Last summer he built onto our house making a room just for my machine.  He is just wonderful and supports my quilting 100%.  He is also very handy, when I say built my room, he did it ALL
 (except for some painting that I helped with)

My machine, which I love playing with!

We love going into thrift shoos and second hand stores.  (You never know what you can find.)  Last fall we stopped in this shop owned by a retired couple who bought furniture from estate sales.  He found this oak gun cabinet and said it would be perfect to display quilts.  He added some shelf's and put a board on top.  Perfect!

He even made me a quilt rack.  It will hold a quilt up to 98 inches long.  And check it out, he put my name in it!

Then he made a Spool holder to hold my larger spools of thread.
My son made me the shelf and stained it to match all the other woodwork.
Oh, and a large basket on the floor is to keep my pantographs in.

I also purchased 2 plastic drawer sets to put rulers, pins, small toppers, etc.

My toy machine collection on a shelf above French doors that lead into our Dining Room.

Another great find... This was a beat, large oval table with 3 chairs that we found for 
$ 20.00.  He cut it round, put an edge on it, sanded, stained and Wa Laa, I got the perfect table for my room.  I made chair pads and as you can see...Perfect!  (I tell you, this Quazy Quilting Queen is truly lucky to have such a wonderful man.)

Thank you Marian for all your hard work.  I must say, I am really enjoying seeing everyone's quilt rooms and am getting more ideas as to make mine better.


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I now want to invite you to visit the other Quazy Quilting Queens that are showing their special rooms today. 

March 20

Below is the schedule for the rest of this
 Quazy hop!

March 21
March 22
Happy Quilting Everyone!!