Friday, January 25, 2013

Dare to Dresden + Giveaway

So do you "Dare to Dresden"?  I do, along with many others.  Today is the second day of a GREAT Hop and it is also MY day.    First I want to give a BIG Thank you to Christine from Monster in my Closet and Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt for all their hard work in making this all happen.

I started by digging into my stash and trying to figure out what I was going to make.  I had so many ideas at that time.  I decided to start with this fabric:

I decided to fussy cut a pretty pink rose fabric to show it off in my Dresden.

I decided to make one full Dresden in the center of my square and partial ones in each corner.  I also drew a small rose bud to be embroidered.   Here is the patterns that I drew:

After the Dresden was in the center, I added a 3/4 inch dark green boarder and set it diagonally.  I sewed pink fabric on each side of that to square.  Then added the partial Dresden to each corner.  I sewed them all on by hand.  When completed, I drew my rose bud pattern in the corners of the center block and hand embroidered them at this time. Then added a 1 1/2 inch pink boarder around it all. 

To quilt it, I did echo around all the Dresden's and in the ditch in the dark green boarder and outer boarder. 


I hand sewn a burgundy binding on to match the center of the Dresden's.  Total size is 24 1/2" X 24 1/2"

THEN, I got another idea.  I seen this article in a quilt magazine the other week.  (I have a habit of glancing at some of the magazines while waiting in line to get checked out at the local store.)  I don't remember what magazine it was, but I did a quick note to myself and wrote down the designers name.  Her name is Anelie Belden and she had a great idea of another way to use the Dresden Pattern.  Course, like anything else, I have to do it my way.  Some say that I can't follow directions.  Some say I think "out of the box" too much.  Anyway, I came up with this:

Again, I dug into my fabric and I pulled out every red and white fat quarters that I could find.


I also drew my own patterns for what I decided to make:

I cut 1 1/2" squares and 1 1/2" X 3" strips along with my Dresden pattern.

Then sewed them all together to make a heart:


Hay, so far so good, I think!  I turned under all the edges and hand sewn my heart to a large white piece of fabric.  Then cut out my letters and 3 different sized hearts to go around.  I laid them out where I wanted and pressed in place.  Those I machine appliqued on.  After I had it all on.  I cut to the size that I thought looked good and proceeded to layer and quilt.

I machine quilted in an all over random pattern on both the inside and the outside of the heart.  I did two lines on the inside of the heart.  Well, here it is:   

Total size is:   18" X 25"

I had always enjoyed making the Dresden pattern.  My first Dresden quilt was actually the second quilt that I had ever made.  I did the whole thing by hand, including the quilting.

Total size is 96" X 82"  -  I gave this one to my mother.

Well by coincidence,  we moved to Dresden, TN.  I then made another Dresden quilt.  This one was also all done by hand including the quilting.

This one is a total size is 96" X 92".  I gave this one to my Mother-in-law.

I can predict more Dresden's in the future.  They are a lot of fun to make and you can do so much with them.   In Fact.....PLEASE, don't stop here, go see more Dresden's.  Below is a list of all the other quilters that blogged today.  Just click on their name to see their beautiful projects.

But don't stop is next weeks schedule.  You really don't want to miss a one.
January 28th, 2013
Rosemary B @ “that Other Blog”
January 30th, 2013
Charlotte H @ “that Other Blog”
January 31th, 2013

Now, all of you know Missouri Quilt Shop, right??  Well, they gave me 6 Great Fat quarters to give to one lucky person.  

This is a GREAT quilt shop, that has some really great prices on everything.  Check them out at:  And keep going back daily to see their daily specials.  It will definitely be worth it.  You know, you can NEVER have enough fabric.

To enter the giveaway for the above fat quarters is easy.  Just be a follower of my blog and leave me a comment.   That is it!!  Then on the eve of February 1st I will let pick a lucky winner out.  It will be posted right here on February 1st.  

So Good luck to you all and till then,


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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winner of "In with Words" Giveaway

I cannot believe that the "IN WITH WORDS" hop is over already.
Lets take a look at some of the words we learned:

GREAT                       We seen soooo many Great projects
DECLUTTER        That was a good one,  I need to declutter my quilt room
LAUGH                      Something we should all do every day
FRIENDSHIP      We all need friends, and need to learn to be better ones
SMILE                        Smile and the whole world will smile with you
TALENTED          That is what ALL quilters are!
WIMSEY                 We all need this in our lives
CLEVER                  I seen a lot of CLEVER ideas on this hop
INSPIRED              I don't know about you, but I got inspired by a lot of what I seen
BREATHE             After seeing all the beautiful work...I had to remember to breathe
FABRIC                   Something we ALL want and crave
BELIEVE               What we believe in, God, life, each other, etc.
LOVE                        To love one another
GRATEFUL        To be grateful for what I have
TRUTH                   Always tell the truth, it is easier than you think
THANKFUL        I am thankful for my family's good health, for my friends, etc.
ENJOY                     I ENJOYED each and every blog!

I could go on and on....There are so many "Words"!  Another BIG word is:

THANKS......A BIG THANKS   go out to Linda at Bumbling and Buzzing and Madame Samm for all their help and support through this hop.  They did a WONDERFUL job.

                               cat clapping. reply

                                  Clapping Racoon 

                         Begging cat claps her paws

Now excuse me while I go to to pick a name to win "Focus on the Center" book by Pat Sloan.  I have 136 comments (entries).   Here we go.......Are you all ready?????

And the winner is.............................................

Number 37..........LJ  (I will be sending you an e-mail shortly to verify your winnings)

Another "Word"


                          pandas clapping

REMINDER   Next hop is coming up,

"Dare to DRESDEN"
January 24th thru 31st
Sponsored by Christine Lewis at Quilt Monster in my Closet
Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt


Till then..

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Friday, January 11, 2013

"IN WITH WORDS" Blog Hop & Giveaway

I can't believe it is 2013 already and we are in our first Blog hop of the year.  From what I seen so far, it sure is a GREAT one too!  Stop over at "Buzzing and Bumbling" with Linda and give her a big thanks for all her hard work.  And don't forget Madame Samm at "Sew WE Quilt".  She also needs a big thank you.  Then when you are there you can check out the rest of the schedule, for you don't want to miss a one blog.

I wanted to do something different for my day but fun.  So  I drew this:    (I call here Sallie) 

It started out with seeing her picture on the internet in one of those quilt picture sites.  I changed a few things on her, took away a few boxes and added more fabric. Drawing her was no problem.  But....then I had to make my pattern and number all the little pieces.  When I was done, well, lets say my picture looked really confusing, but I knew what was what. 

So, I got out my tote of scraps.  I just love the part of figuring out which fabrics to put where.

I had so many little pieces, that I divided them into little baggies until I was ready for them.  Next I cut to large pieces of fabric and sewn them together.  I carefully pressed and took off all the lint that I could.

Then I arranged "Sallie" onto the fabric.  There were a total of 105 pieces all together.  She had 28 bolts of fabric plus the fat quarter bundle on top.  I added an extra spool of thread to the one box and then plain white in the other box for batting.  It took a long time to put everything in place where I wanted them.  Then I carefully transferred to my ironing board and pressed.

I machine appliqued them on using  Monofilament thread.  I didn't want anything to take away from seeing "Sallie".  Then I used my fabric pens and added the extras:

.Next I made my letters.  I went to my Word Perfect program on my lap top and decided which font to use. I enlarged it to the size that I wanted and printed them out.  Next I cut each word out separately.

Because they are words, I had to trace them backward to trace onto my Steam-a-Seam.

The rest.......well, again, I changed a few things up at the last minute.  Instead of putting the full phrase that I first decided on.  "There is NO such thing as TOO much fabric"  I shortened it to "There's NO such thing as TOO much fabric"  

Oh, but I didn't stop my words there...I machine quilted an all over random pattern and in that I also added the words pins, needles, threads, rulers, etc.  (I hope you can make them out)

  So without further ado....Here it is......

TOTAL SIZE IS:  16" X 20 1/2"

I had made this wall hanging for my mother, (Home is Where the CAT is)  she loves cats.  At present time she has two, named after her late sister and mother. (Elsie and Alice)

And I must share my Quilting Lady with everyone.  My husband thought this one was so neat.  In fact, it is what inspired me to make "Sallie".  Oh, he really likes "Sallie" too.

Again, I want to thank Linda from "Buzzing and Bumbling" and Madam Samm.  They both did a wonderful job and worked hard getting this all together for us.  Now that you seen my "Words" go read some more great "Words" from all the other bloggers of today.

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OK, I know what everyone is waiting for....oh yeah.  I have a REALLY GOOD GIVEAWAY.  My sponsor.  Missouri Quilts,  gave me this awsome book for the lucky winner.  It is....are you ready.....

OH YEAH, it is "Focus on the Center" by our good friend Pat Sloan.  This is a wonderful book with 8 great patterns of hers.  Each pattern is unique and I know you would enjoy making each one.

To enter is easy, be a follower and leave me a "WORD".  For a second entry... pass the WORD around and come back and tell me how you did it.   Then on January 16th I will go to and get a winner and post it right here, so do come back.



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Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowmen Table Topper

Yesterday we got some snow flurry's and it looked so pretty coming down.  It was not a lot just enough to give the birdhouses a white roof. It was only making the roads wet, but it sure looked pretty.

So I got to thinking, how about making a Snowman table topper?  I got out my blue fabric that looked like snowflakes.

I added a dark blue and a white to my snowflake fabrics.  I wanted to have a little contrast.  Anyway, I came up with this block.  It is made of 2 inch squares and measures 10 1/2 inches.  I made a total of 5 of these blocks.  

Then I made my snowmen.  I wanted one for each corner.  I made their hats and scarfs out of my scrap bin.  

I placed them diagonally onto a 10 inch block.  Two facing to the left and two facing to the right.  I used my machine and appliqued them with the blanket stitch and invisible thread.  

I put them all together with a 1 inch sashing around all the blocks.  I machine quilted it in an all over random pattern, going around the snowmen to accent them.  I then painted eyes on the four snowmen with black dimensional fabric paint.

The total size of the table topper is:  36 1/2" X 36 1/2".  


Don't forget about the blog hop coming up starting January 7th.  

This is the first one of the year and it is starting with a big BANG!  You don't want to miss the tutorials, beautiful work of fellow quilters, and the Giveaways.  Check out the full schedule at:

One of my great sponsors gave me something special that everyone will, come on back on January 11th (that is my day to post) and enter my giveaway.  


Meanwhile you can check out their site at: .   They have some great sales going on for the new year.   

Till then you will find me in my room just a quilting.........



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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Making your own Spray Starch

Did you ever try Mary Ellen's Starch?  Oh, and smells sooooo good too.


It works great when you are making blocks, pressing seams, applique, etc.   Even regular ironing for the family.  But we all know the price....Right?

Did you ever think of making your own?  I have found the perfect recipe to make starch that is JUST   like Mary Ellen's Starch.

It is very simple:

1 cup Sta Flow Liquid Starch
1 cup Liquid Fabreeze  (any fragrance)

                                     1 bottle of Sta Flo liquid

1 cup Water



Mix together these three ingredients in spray bottle.  WAL LAH   You now have your own spray starch.  Cost a lot less and you have a lot more.

Just a thought....

As for the winner of the 6 Fat Quarters from Missouri Star Quilt Shop.....  I got 111 comments (or entries) so I went to  and let it find me a winner.

And that is..............  

NO.    49 ............  AGNES B. BULLOCK

                   for your words of inspiration!

I will be sending an e-mail to you to conform your winnings.  Please respond within 4 days, or I will have to pick another winner.  

Hope my tip of Spray starch helped you all.   Till next time,


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