Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flower Topper

I have seen many variations and colors to this table topper.  So I dug into my stash to see what I could find.  I came up with blue fabric, and what better flowers then yellow.

I cut the size that I wanted, then sewed it together.  I then drew my flowers making 3 different sizes, (2 inchs, 3 inchs, and 4 ½ inches)  Anyone who knows me, knows that I refuse to buy patterns.

After I arranged them on my topper, I machine appliquéd them on.  Then machine quilted in an all over random patter.

The total size is:  17 ½” X 34”  

Please tell,  What are you doing??    I am now making a scrappy quilt.  ( keep watching, it is almost done.)


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Teal Table Topper

What do you do with your left over fabric from that quilt you had just made? Perhaps you have extra blocks made from another quilt and not sure what to do with them.

Well, I made a Table Topper. I had a little of the Coffee and Teal fabric but almost a yard of the plain teal. So I made three 12 inch blocks.

Then joined them together and added a quarter inch boarder of dark Teal and then a 2 inch boarder of the light Teal.

I machine quilted an all over random pattern and put my binding on using the blanket stitch and monofilament thread.

The size is: 15 1/2" X 35"      

Now off to my next project……


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Carousel Horses

Everyone likes carousel houses at Amusement Parks and Carnivals.  Come check out my wall hanging I made for my sister-in-law.  Her birthday is coming up and I wanted to surprise her with something different.  She has been collecting Carousel horses since I have known her.  So what better to make her but a Carousel Wall hanging.

I started by drawing the horses and their saddles.  When finished, I used colored pencils to see what colors to put where they would look the best.

Now that I had my pattern, I dug into my scraps.  I love hunting and figuring out what fabric to use on small pieces to make them look good.  I decided to use my Bali scraps for different bright pieces for the saddle, bridle, etc. 

I machine appliquéd them using monofilament thread so not to be seen.  Then sewn the 2 blocks together, one on top of the other.   

From there I basted my ric rack on so it would be even and not move when I put the boarder on.  (I did not want to use pins for they sometimes can be too bulky and get in my way.)  I used the ric rack to show the horses off, kind of like in a frame.  Next, I sewn the boarder on.  Then I machine quilted a stipple pattern around the horses only.  Carefully I cut a scallop boarder and hand sewn the binding on so it would look neat and not have any pleats in.

When finished I used “Glitter” fabric paints and carfully made my stones in the bridle and saddle.   The finished size is 17" X 28".   I am sure she will like this….so to be a surprise……PLEASE DON’T TELL HER!!


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Leaves Upon Leaves

It is February already and the winter is going by so quickly.  I was cleaning and trying to organize my room and came across some neat material that I had forgotten about.    It was something how my mind started on the fabric and everything else came to a stand still.  That is when I came up with this......

It was one of those things that I just stuck together without much thought.  I used 3 different blocks.   The quilt has a total of  36 - 10 inch blocks.

This one I machine quilted Oak Leaves all over.   Total size of this quilt is 68 ½” X 68 ½”.   This quilt is the first quilt that I quilted form the back of my long arm machine with a laser, following a pattern.
 What fun!!   

Well, it is off to the next quilt..............


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