Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Civil War Quilt-A-Long

I finished my quilt for the Civil War Quilt-a-long.   What a lot of fun this one was to make.  It consists of twenty 4 1/2" squares with a 2 1/4 inch sashing.

After my blocks were made, I made my strips of sashing.  I liked the deep pink reproduction fabric.  It seemed to set all of the blocks off.    

I added a piece to each block, then sewed them together and laid them all out onto the table.  When I liked the placement, I started sewing them together.


Then came the sashing for in between the rows.

They were small, and so neat to work with.

I also added a brown printed boarder.  Then machine quilted in an all over stipple stitch.  Put my binding on and WAH LAH!!   My Civil War quilt is now completed.  

Total size:    37" X 43"

I am now collecting blocks from all the other quilters in our quilt-a-long.  Can't wait to see what all I will get, it is like Christmas opening up the envelopes in the mail.  When I get them all, I am making another quilt.  What fun!!


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Friday, May 25, 2012

Civil War Quilt-A-Long

Check out my Civil War Quilt so far.  I am doing the quilt called "Alexander Bean Pot".  It is using a common block called  "Kitty Corner" or also known as "Broken Wheel".  

I got some really neat fabric on-line at a few different shops.  I am using all but one.  Just did not quite go with the rest.  (my opinion anyway)

I cut out all my blocks and stacked them up ready to sew, then cut my strips for the sashing and boarder.

The blocks are 4 1/2" square and there are 20 of them.  Most of them are made up of one color, but I did do some variation with a few.

It is really a neat block to make and the sashing, well, it is only 2 1/4" wide.  Made of 9 patch in each corner.

This quilt is so much fun to make......When I get the binding sewn on, I m going to make another out of  the book, only add my own twist to it.

Back to sewing,


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Monday, May 14, 2012

Civil War Quilt-A-Long

HERE WE GO........ Today 11 other quilters and myself are starting our Civil War Quilt-A-Long,

Each of us have picked a quilt out of "Civil War Legacies"  by Carol Hopkins.

This is a GREAT book and we found that it is very hard to pick just one.

We are also making a second quilt.  Each of us are making an block from the quilt that they are making and I will be putting them all together to make another quilt.  WOW!!  It will be a special quilt made by all of us!!

Each Friday, we will be posting on our progress of our quilts.  So please, join each of our blog,s for you won't want to miss any of them.

Oh, did I mention the Give-A-ways.....through out our Quilt-a-long, we will be having some really  GREAT Give-A-Ways.  So you will want to keep close watch.

                                CIVIL WAR QUILT ALONG   2012


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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Full of Flowers Scrap Quilt

Look, a mix of Sweet Grass triangles!  This quilt is made from 20 fat quarters purchased from Connecting Threads, Sweet Grass Prairie Collection.  (There are a lot of different flowers in these prints)

Again I used only two blocks, the Twelve Triangles block and a Variable Star block.  BUT this time I decided not ot have a boarder, instead make it look like I just cut the quilt and added binding.  In other words, I started with a row of half blocks, then each row after that I started with a half block.  The last row was another row of half blocks.  There is no boarder.

I drew my blocks and half blocks, then figured out my fabric, to make the quilt as large as I could with the 20 fat quarters.   Then I spent most all of a day just figuring and cutting all my pieces out.

Next was to start sewing my blocks together and trying not to have two of the same fabrics together.  (That sounds easier than it is)  I also figured in the light and dark prints using them strategically to set the triangles off.

When they were all made, I laid the blocks out mixing the prints up as much as I could.  Then sewed them al together, trying to keep them all in the order that I placed them.   When all the blocks were sewn together, I machine quilted an all over flowers and leaf design and sewed the binding on by hand using the blind hem stitch.

The total size of the quilt is:   6 ½” X 63 ½”      I thought this turned out pretty good.  Couldn't you find the perfect spot to show this quilt off??  (You can find it for sale on my site)

Enough of writing……I am heading back to my room to sew……


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