Saturday, August 25, 2012

School Daze with Giveaway

School is starting, and everyone could use some new supplies.  Including us quilters.  My Giveaway has that thought just in mind.

Ah, School Days, the thought brings back lots of memories, Good and Bad.  But when someone mentions School, I, for some unknown reason, think of those one room school houses.

 I drew my picture and traced it on to my fabric with a permanent marker.

You guessed it….this time I am not doing applique.  I decided to color in the design.  I got out my crayons, same kind that I used when I went to school.

I then took my time coloring everything in.

After it was all colored in, I took a clean piece of Terry Cloth Fabric and placed it on my ironing board.  Next, I placed my picture colored side down onto the Terry Cloth Fabric and very carefully (using a medium heat) I ironed the design into the fabric.  This takes away the wax and makes it completely washable safe.

When you are finished and you feel that there are places that you want darker.  Color again, then press again, till you get the picture that you are after.

Next, I cut my picture to a perfect 12 inch square.  Then cut 36,  2 inch blocks for the boarder.  I then layered  and quilted.  When I quilted this, I only quilted in the ditch of the boarder.  It is a small wall hanging and I also didn't want to take away form the colored picture.

Total size of my "School Daze"  is:   15 1/2 inch square.

OK,  Now for the GIVEAWAY…. Not only do I have something for School Daze, but I am celebrating having my web site for one year and my blog getting 100 followers.  YEAH!

So, here it is.  I am giving away 2, YES… 2 different items to 2 different lucky people.  The first lucky winner will receive  a book called “Bits and Pieces”  by Karen Costello Soltys.  It is a hardback book with 18 small quilting projects in 95 pages.  Each project is fully illustrated with detailed instructions.    It is a brand new book, never used, perfect condition. 


Second Giveaway is 40,  5 inch charm pack of the Perennial charm pack by Eleanor Burns.  There are 2 of each 20 fabric in her line.  

To enter…EASY…..

You can have 3 entries, or chances of winning.  

1.  You must be a follower of my blog, then leave me a comment.  
2.  Go to my site and “Like”, come back and leave and tell me.
      Jane's Quilting
3.  Go to my FB page and “Like”, come back and tell me.
      Jane's Quilting. FB page      

Three chances to win….and 2 prizes…..SO GOOD LUCK!
Winners will be posted on September 3rd.

Click here to check the rest of the Blog Hop Party out, there are some fantastic giveaways going on.   


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Carroll County Fair and Winner of the Charm Pack

Today I was a judge for the Carroll County Fair here in Tennessee.  It is held every year in August in a small town of Huntington.  I was very proud that I was called to judge in their fair for I have not lived in Tennessee for that long.  (And we sure do love it here!)  

I was surprised there were so many quilters around.  And their work was just plain beautiful.  Anyone who was ever a judge knows what I was going through today.  It was just plain HARD to have to pick just one!!!

Pictured below is the one who got the Grand Prize.  It was amazing how it was carefully pieced together.  Each face was embroidered on, the names of the machines, etc.  There was a lot of thought when into this piece.  (my photography skills just don't do it any justice)

Runner up was a quilt with an appliqued Kitty in the corner of  a Log Cabin block.  This woman did the most daintiest hand quilting I had ever seen and she had quilted it in the ditch of the log cabin and around the kitty!  


I had so much fun today, I can't wait until next year to do it all over again.  I had learned so much and met so many wonderful ladies.

OK, now for the winner.......Is everyone ready????          

THE WINNER IS.............
JULIE  from WA    you will be receiving an e-mail from me today. 

 CONGRATULATIONS on winning 30,  5 inch Charms.

Till next time....



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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bowls with Boarders Blog Hop & Giveaway Too!

Today is the second day of the Bowls with Boarders Blog Hop and it is also my day to blog.

I want to first give a Special Thanks to Carol for letting me join along with this Blog Hop and to Madame Samm for sponsoring (and may I add, doing a great job too).  I was all excited.  It looked like such a fun pattern.  My second big Thanks goes to Regina Grewe for her unique pattern.  It was just the push I really needed.  For you see you had the choice to either do paper piecing to make the block, or appliqué.  Well, I never did paper piecing, so here was my chance.

First I decided on an idea as to how I wanted to make mine, then drew it out to see how it would look.

As you can see, my assistant (as usual) was all excited that I had my design.  

So off to my room to pick out my fabrics.  I know she will come when she hears me in my room digging into my scraps.  She loves helping me (I think, either way, she sure is good company.  I can tell her anything and she will keep all my secrets.)

We found some Urban Chicks by Moda that I had left over from my Scrappy Sampler quilt.  I thought these would make cute bowls.

I had decided to make my blocks smaller.  So I made my paper pattern, and started making my bowls.  This is my first, also my first at paper piecing.

After all were made I started putting them all together....

Hmmm, not bad, once I did one, the rest were easy.

By now I lost my partners attention again.  But she remains in my room with me.  (She has a bed in almost every room.  She is always in the same room as I am.)

After all the blocks were made and put together, it was time to put on my cat and mouse.  I then machine appliquéd them using the blanket stitch and monofilament thread.  I  added the cat whiskers and the mouse’s tail with embroider thread.   My partner was all excited cause now it was time to quilt.

Next was to quilt.  I machine quilted in the ditch of all my bowls and around the cat and mouse, Then around the boarder.  I  added a black the binding to blend in and make it look like a frame.

I put a dot of white fabric paint on the mouse for an eye, and a bigger black dot for the nose.

Here it is:  Total size is:  10 ½” X 18”

Oh no, KC is checking up on me again.  She always knocks over the waist can to see what is in it when I am done with a project.  Is she checking to see what she can play with...or is she checking to make sure I did not throw anything out I may need later?

Come and join me in checking out all the other quilters that have Blogged today.  Below is a list, just click on their name and  I will see you there.

Click on the badge on the side to get the full schedule of bloggers, you won't want to miss a one.  There are many tutorials and giveaways.  It is GREAT!

OK, Now for the GIVEAWAY....oh, yeah, I am having a great giveaway of a stack of 30 adorable 5 inch charms.   Each one is different. 

They are from the Bits & Bobbins collection by Jenni Calo ,
 purchased from Connecting Threads


Just think of the beautiful Bowls with Boarders you could make with these.  Or something special for you sewing room.

To enter, you must be a follower of my blog, and leave me a comment.  Winners to be announced on the 23rd of August.

So, please comment, and don't forget to check out all the rest of the blogs listed above, you don't want to miss a thing.

I must run my partner is waiting,  time to clean up my mess for my next project.  



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Monday, August 6, 2012


First, above all, I want to thank Madame Samm and Leslie for letting me join along in their Christmas Blog Hop. They did a "FABULOUS JOB", to say the least.  I can't believe it is over already.  

                           Christmas Card 01

I don't know about anyone else, but, I had soooo much fun.  I visited everyone's blog!  I seen the cutest Santa's and Snowmen, Reindeer and Angels, etc.  

                       Christmas icons BY sniffels    

I read tutorials and learned a lot of different techniques  and ideas.  I seen blocks of all kinds.  And the way some of them were presented, really showed them off.

                                     Free Christmas Wallpaper

I also got to talk to a lot of other quilters and make a lot of new friends. To me that is priceless....

                                   disney christmas Wallpaper

So... "THANK YOU"  to everyone!

Now, for what you are all here to read.   The winner of the 10 Christmas Fat Quarters....

First I want to Thank everyone for the lovely and encouraging comments.  I truly enjoy reading them.  I hope you keep coming back.

OK, I went to   And the counter came up with the number 24
      The Winner is:       Sally   of Sally's Sampler

CONGRATULATIONS: You will be receiving an e-mail from me confirming your winnings.

BUT WAIT.....  There is more news.  I want to remind everyone of the "BOWLS WITH BOARDERS" Blog Hop.  

                        Sew we quilt

It will start on August 13th until August 28th.  So come join us all in the fun!!!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christmas Blog Hop and Giveaway

IT'S THE CHRISTMAS BLOG HOP,   Today is my day today. And what a day it is.  Come see my newest design and don't forget to enter my Christmas Fat Quarter Giveaway…

Oh yeah, the “Bells are Ringing“ Today,

I have been having so much fun checking my Christmas fabrics I forgot all about how hot it is here at my house.  I decided to make something with bells on, so I dug out some fabrics that I thought would work.   (I thought the gold shimmer of these fabrics all went together well.)

Then I drew my bells for the center of my Wall Hanging.

I put my appliqué of the Bells on an 8 inch square.  Then machine appliquéd them on using monofilament thread so not to be seen.  When finished, I squared it off to a 6 ½” block, centering the bells diagonally.

Next was to make the remaining blocks.  Each are 6 ½” square.  I used assorted fabrics to set them off.  I made a total of 8 of these:

And then 4 of these blocks.  

From here I set them all together diagonally with the bells in the middle.  I had to do something with the edge triangles.  So I came up with these:

For the boarder, I used scraps and put a 1 inch boarder, then I used the gold and made a 1 ½” boarder.

"BELLS ARE RINGING”     total size is 31” X 32”

                       NOW, for the Giveaway.   


I am Giving away 10.…YES, 10 Christmas Fat Quarters.  These are all beautiful Fat Quarters which I know you will have lots of fun with.

It is easy to enter, All you have to do is join my blog and leave me a comment.  (Make sure I get your e-mail)  Contest will run from now till the end of the Christmas Blog Hop on August  5th  


 I will post a winner on August 6th.  So, good luck, and don’t forget to check out the other Blogs in this Hop.   I have made a list of those who have blogged today. 

Don't miss out on the fun, Please check out all the rest of the blog hop.  It will continue on till August 5th.  There is a list on: The Cuddle Quilter .  Each day there will be more to check out.    



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