Monday, December 31, 2012

Murphy's Laws of Quilting

I came across this list of  "Murph'y Laws of Quilting" and just had to pass them along to you.


1.     No matter how much of a particular fabric you have for the quilt you want to make, you will always be half a yard short.
2. Even if you own 200 shades of blue thread, you will not have the one that matches the project you are starting.    
                                  SPOOLS OF THREAD COLORS

3.   If you have a piece of fabric 10” wide and need five 2” - wide strips, you will but one of those strips 2 ½” wide and be short one strip

4. The cat will choose to nap only on the quilt you made for your sister with allergies. 

                             The amusing white cat sleeps         

5.   That fabric you need more of to complete the quilt in # 1 above was discontinued last month.

6. You will always run out of a bobbin thread 1” before the end of the last boarder seam.

7. As you put the final stitch in the binding of her Barbie Quilt, you hear your granddaughter say,  “Barbie is for babies.  I want a Lord of Rings quilt.”

                               Butterfly Quilt

8. The scissors and pincushion, even if your have six of each, are always on the other side of the room.  You will not discover this until you sit down.    

9.   That fabric you need more of for the quilt in #1 is back in production, but it is a new dye lot and does not match what you have.

                                          The block is called Goose in

10. You will break your last sewing machine needle at midnight the night before your quilt is to be turned in for the guild quilt show.

11. Someone just bought the last yard of the original dye lot of that fabric you need for the quilt in #1.

12. The only beverage you will never spill on your project is water.  

                                Selected Clipart:

13. The more time (and money) you spend making a quilt for your son, the more likely it is it will end up as a dog bed cushion.

14. After completely changing the color scheme and finishing your quilt in #1, you realize you had miscounted the number of squares you but in the first place and you would have had enough of the original preferred fabric after all.

15. The only spools of thread your toddler (or grandchild) will choose as toys will be the expensive metallic thread, which he will wrap around his truck, or the water soluble thread, which she will drop into the bathwater.  

                                             I was washing my baby!

16. When you measure twice and cut once, the piece is still too short.

17. Your computer will crash just before you can save the design you have worked on for two hours.

18. The one time you leave home without your trusty notepad in your purse, you will spot great quilt designs in every tile floor and on every carpet you see.
                                      Tile flooring design makes for
19. If a pin goes astray on the floor, you will step on it.

20. The greatest quilting law of all is that in spite of numbers 1 - 19, we just keep stitchin’ along.

                                quilters love her anyway.

OK, now how many of these rules happened to you??

I know there are many more that we can all think of.  But, we don't is all worth it!!!

Now, on a serious note....I want to wish EVERYONE A 


AND PLEASE  be safe in however you are celebrating!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26th...ALREADY??

Oh, no....Christmas is over already??  We worked  so hard at it!

 At our house....First, I decorated the whole house.  Put the tree up, decorated it, got all my Christmas candles out, hung the wreath.   Then put all the lights up.

                              Royalty-Free (RF) Clip Art

 Next I got out my cards that I bought the year before,  You know, the ones that go on sale the week after Christmas.  I took my time putting special messages in each one, addressing them, then took them to the post office.  Then we went shopping for the perfect gifts to match everyone on our list.  WOW,  The prices..."STICKER SHOCK"!   Then waited in those long lines to pay those prices.

Pulled onto our road and it started raining hard, just in time to unload the car and bring all our presents in the house.  Wrapping paper, my husband asked if we needed any and I remembered we had some from last year so I said "no". Phew, for once I was right.  I had just enough to wrap all the gifts.  There was just a little left over.  (Guess I will have my eyes open for the after Christmas sales again this year.   I need paper and cards.) 

Oh, how pretty they look under the tree.  Do you save the little things to put into your stockings??

Now, we live far away from our family, so this year we had to pack everything up in boxes and mail them.  But had to get them out before the specific date to make sure that everyone got their presents before Christmas.  Luckily I could print my labels and postage out on the computer.  Those lines at the post office can be long this time of year.

OK, presents are wrapped and gone.....Time to bake my cookies.  I just love baking cookies and passing them out to everybody.   This year I baked 14 different batches of cookies.  I like to start early in the morning by putting on my Christmas music, then my apron and I was set for the day.
                                 Christmas Cookies Baking Clip 

So, next was to make my trays and pass them out to everyone.  The post office, mail lady, Santa's Helpers, neighbors, etc.  This is the part I enjoy, going around with my cookies and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.  I passed out 15 trays this year.

Then comes Christmas day, it was only my husband and I this year.  Unfortunately the kids all had different plans, working mostly, anyway, it was OK, we talked a long time to ALL our family members.    Our grandsons were all excited and well, we heard all about their day and what Santa brought them.



Good we all got Cell phones. (what did we ever do without them?)  

So, for our dinner, I set out table festive like, and made us a large Steak Stromboli, with my own sauce with chips and cookies on the side.  (yeah, have lots of cookies left over but they are going fast!)

Now, with everything else going on, like all quilters, I had to make something special, something new for us.  I was making so many things for others, I had to make the most appropriate thing for AFTER Christmas.  

I seen this picture in a magazine and even remembered seeing it at the quilt show last year.  So I drew Santa the size that I wanted.  I appliqued him on the machine onto a pretty blue background.  Then framed it with a darker blue of the same fabric.  Total size is:   23" X 26 1/2"

Isn't he cute?  He is just kicking his heels up and glad that he got everything done, all the gifts were given to all the children.  I quilted snowflakes all over then in the ditch in the boarder.  If you look close, I outlined the white fur of his suit with silver glitter fabric paint.  Then green glitter paint in the letters and numbers and just a hint of glitter in the quilted snowflakes to help show it off.  

Well, I don't know about anyone else.  It is a lot of work getting ready for Christmas but I had fun doing it.  I always do.  This is my favorite holiday.  I am just sorry that it is over already.  Even though our family could not be together, we were in spirit and have lots of great memories from the past.

I sure hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  Time now to sit back and relax, enjoy yourself.....we have a whole year to do it again.
The Microsoft Office Clip Art

BUT WAIT!!!              Don't sleep too long, got to get sewing again.  The new year is coming and there is a new blog hop ready to go.   It is called "In Your Words"  It starts on January 7th and will run thru till January 16th.  You will not want to miss a one blog. My day will be on January 11th, and I am having a BIG please come back.....   

So, mark your calenders for January 7th and go to  Madam Samm at and get the full list of all the blogs.  Big things are in store for 2013....

till then..........

                       Happy new year 2013 clip art  



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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Card Holders

Are you one to get lots of Christmas cards and hang them above a door so everyone can see them?  Or do you sit them on tables so you can enjoy the pictures and read the sayings inside.  Or perhaps you tape them going down a door way.  Then after Christmas you have problems with the tape making marks or even just picking them off.  (very time consuming when you would rather be quilting) 

Well............How about a Card holder?  I had seen these around a lot of different places.  So I had to give them a try.    This is sooooo easy to make.
All you need is a pile of scrap Christmas fabrics,
1 3/4 inch Craft Size pincher pins

Gold paint
Fabric glue
Batting and batting

First is what I do is take all my pincher pins and set them on a piece of old newspaper and paint them gold on the top and two sides.  I do this first, so that they can dry while I make my holder. You want to make sure that they are good and dry before attaching them to your holder. (they will need 2 coats of paint)

Now while they are drying, I made 8 log cabin blocks.  Each block is a 10 inch square.  So that meant I needed 8 center (red) 1 1/2" X 1 1/2".  Light and a dark 1 1/4" X 1 1/2 " to either side.  Then proceeded to make my log cabin block.  Next I sewed a light and dark 1 1/4" X 3" then, a light and dark 1 1/4" X  3" and just continued with 1 1/4" inch strips keeping light on one side and dark on the other till it measured 10".

When all 8 blocks are completed, sew them together, put a 2 inch boarder on and quilt.  I quilted all in the ditch in all my blocks and the boarder seam.  Then put the binding on.

I attached my pincher pins with fabric glue to either side of the blocks.  

You can place them in the center on either side or along the seams on either side.  There is no wrong place.  It is up to you, your making it.

Here are two more that I made....I made a total of 6.

Oh, and here is mine.  Total size of the holders are:   10 1/2" X 38 1/2"

OK, time for some Egg Nogg and TV.  Cards were sent, got my packages all wrapped.  I made 13 batches of cookies, tomorrow I will pass them out.  For now it is time to sit and watch a Christmas Movie.  My favorite is the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation....What's yours??  

"I am so pleased I got everything done....hope you did too.   

Christmas is coming,  how joyful it will be...
The family will gather round the Christmas Tree.
With silver tinsel shining bright, the room is all aglow,
There's a kiss for you and me beneath the mistletoe. 


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa's Village in TN

Santa's Village, at the University of TN in the town of Martin.  It was BEAUTIFUL this year.  It was held in their Agricultural Building where the lower lever was decorated with many   (I bet at least 100 or more) were lighted and had trails to look like an Enchanted Forest.  

(The pictures do not give it justice)
With Snowmen, Polar Bears, Penguins, Lighted Candy Canes, just to mention a few of decorations on the trails.  Then one huge tree decorated in red, green, and blue lights.

Just like in the "Christmas Story" a slide with Santa was on top.  The children would sit on his lap and then slide to the bottom after telling him all that they wanted for Christmas.  Well, that didn't last long, they put him at the bottom for the smaller children that could not go on the large slide.  Plus, the kids kept thinking of more things to tell him to keep going down the slide.  By Saturday, that line to see Santa was so long, it is a good thing they put him down on the bottom. 

They also had a few other rides on the left side of the slide and on the right was a very large train platform all decked out.

Oh, speaking of Santa, you heard of the "Changing of the Guard"?  I seen the "Changing of the Santa".  One dead giveaway was 50 pounds difference. 

They also had a petting zoo inside on the back end of the arena.  There was a Camel, a mother Goat with babies, a Porcupine, Kangaroo, Ducks, Geese, Peacock, etc. Oh the little ones had fun petting and feeding them all.

Now on the other end of the Enchanted forest was a large stage set up will spotlights, and beautiful decorations.  There we had different performers every half hour or so, playing and singing Christmas songs.
(I think I heard every Christmas song ever written)

Now on the upper level were all the local venders that were set up.  Anything from log deer to candles, to City Barbecue   Oh, and my quilts.  There were a total of 54 venders including myself.  Each only had a small space of 6' X 15'.  Not much room to show all my things that I had made.  It was like cramming a 10 lb. bag of potatoes into a 5 lb. bag.

I had two tables, one I put my Placemats, Toppers, Baby quilts, etc.  I did have some wall space.  My husband hung some lattace so I could hang my Christmas quilt, Wall Hangings, Stockings, Aprons, etc. Then on the other table I put all my small items, Pincushions, Scissor holders, Wallets, Patterns, etc.  I also had 2 photo albums so they could look through and see all the rest of my items that I could not set out.

All in All it turned out to be a great weekend.  As everyone else, I wish I would have sold everything.  But I sure had a lot of fun.  Met a lot of people and made new friends and of course, got lots of ideas for next year.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Season like I am.   Next, got to get my cards out.


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Friday, December 7, 2012

Stockings, Stockings, and More Stockings

Stockings, Stocking, Oh, so many stockings.   All little children like stockings to hang for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve.  Oh, even us "BIG" Children (at heart) like to hang out stockings. 

So for the last few days I have been making soooo many stockings that the batteries died in my camera and I must go to the store and get more.  I was so involved and having fun, I didn't want to stop and run for just batteries.  

I have Angels, Snowmen, Santa's, Gingerbread man, then I made quite a few of the patchwork.  Here are two closeup pictures of a Snowman and a Ginger bread man.  I thought they turned out so cute.

I also got a picture of the Angel, Santa, and another Snowman:

Don't you just love the toes and the heals?  I just had to add them, I thought they added something to the stockings.

Then I made some patchwork stockings.  I cut 2 inch squares using the Robert Kaufman line of Christmas fabrics   They are so colorful and have that little glitter of gold to show them off.  I had a lot of remnants left over from other projects, I thought this would be a great way to use some of them up.

Oh, I also made lots of strips.

I did get a  pictures of 3 of them:

Stockings are so much fun to make and so easy too.  Did anyone else make stockings?  I would love to see them.  

Well, got some more to go. I am going to set up a stand in a Christmas  Fair for the next 3 days.   So far I have made 11, I would like to make a few more but I am running out of time.  Oh, don't let this fool you, I am having lots of fun.  I do hope to get pictures of everything.  I am sorry that I did not have them now to share with you all.  I just hope that it is just a battery problem with my camera and not the camera.  It is the wrong time of year for one of those to go.  It is only 9 years old....Gee, now I really got my fingers crossed.  I have no idea as to what cameras are good anymore.  

Oh, I do want to share my doll.  Isn't she the cutest thing.  She is made of scraps of fabric and thick yarn.  I sat her on my Mantle so that she is in my site at night while we watch TV. 

Well, I am off to the store for batteries.  So much to do....So little time........


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Saturday, December 1, 2012

SANTA HO, HO, HO, and Winner Announced

Santa is coming to town all over the world.  Some places he comes on a train, some in a wagon, or a parade.  The children are all excited and can't wait to tell him what they want for Christmas.  They have been waiting all year to climb up on his lap and give him that list they they so carefully have rehearsed.  Their eyes are sparkling, some are grinning ear to ear.  Then there are the ones that are sooo scared.  It takes all they have to sit up there on his knee.  Isn't that what Christmas is about...the Children??

Well, I made a Santa with his red nose and his big grin, arms wide open, saying "HO, HO, HO".

I started with these fabrics:

Here are all the pieces cut.   I cut my center piece, then the boarders and my squares of green and cream to make my half square triangles:

I made my half square triangles and put all my pieces together

So far so good, it is shaping up nicely.  Next was to make my applique.  I got out my Steam-A-Seam and cut my pattern of Santa and the HO HO HO.   Don't it look like a mess here?

OK, enough of teasing, I arranged it onto the panel I had sewn together and arranged it the way I liked it.  Then I machine appliqued it in place.   Now you can see what it will look like.

I did add a 2 1/2 inch green boarder all around.  Then I layered and quilted on my machine using an all over stipple pattern.    I also quilted  lines into the beard to make it look more real.

I think he turned out sweet. What do you think?

Total size is:   41 1/2" X 29 1/2"

Unfortunately Holiday Lane Blog Hop is now over, hard to believe.  I seen some beautiful pillows, wall hanging, table toppers, etc.  The ideas that everyone had were great, it really got everyone's quilting imaginations flowing.  Thanks to Madame Samm and Pauline for their hard work and for all the great times we had.  

Before I go to and see who my two winners are, I would like to thank Missouri Star Quilt Shop for this generous giveaway.  Again, I would like to ask all my followers to check out their site...   Missouri Star Quilt Shop  They have some GREAT Christmas ideas, not only for those on your list....but for you to make your list too! 

Gee, Santa is coming a little early this year for two lucky quilters.  

I have gotten 92 comments (or entries).  
The first name drawn will receive the book:  "Farmhouse Retreat", by Renee Nanneman". 

The winner is:   Number 81.......  Denise :)  

The second name drawn will receive the book:  "Make it Modern Quilts" by Ann Hansen.

The winner is:   Number 16......Patty

(I will be e-mailing you shortly to verify your winnings)




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