Monday, December 31, 2012

Murphy's Laws of Quilting

I came across this list of  "Murph'y Laws of Quilting" and just had to pass them along to you.


1.     No matter how much of a particular fabric you have for the quilt you want to make, you will always be half a yard short.
2. Even if you own 200 shades of blue thread, you will not have the one that matches the project you are starting.    
                                  SPOOLS OF THREAD COLORS

3.   If you have a piece of fabric 10” wide and need five 2” - wide strips, you will but one of those strips 2 ½” wide and be short one strip

4. The cat will choose to nap only on the quilt you made for your sister with allergies. 

                             The amusing white cat sleeps         

5.   That fabric you need more of to complete the quilt in # 1 above was discontinued last month.

6. You will always run out of a bobbin thread 1” before the end of the last boarder seam.

7. As you put the final stitch in the binding of her Barbie Quilt, you hear your granddaughter say,  “Barbie is for babies.  I want a Lord of Rings quilt.”

                               Butterfly Quilt

8. The scissors and pincushion, even if your have six of each, are always on the other side of the room.  You will not discover this until you sit down.    

9.   That fabric you need more of for the quilt in #1 is back in production, but it is a new dye lot and does not match what you have.

                                          The block is called Goose in

10. You will break your last sewing machine needle at midnight the night before your quilt is to be turned in for the guild quilt show.

11. Someone just bought the last yard of the original dye lot of that fabric you need for the quilt in #1.

12. The only beverage you will never spill on your project is water.  

                                Selected Clipart:

13. The more time (and money) you spend making a quilt for your son, the more likely it is it will end up as a dog bed cushion.

14. After completely changing the color scheme and finishing your quilt in #1, you realize you had miscounted the number of squares you but in the first place and you would have had enough of the original preferred fabric after all.

15. The only spools of thread your toddler (or grandchild) will choose as toys will be the expensive metallic thread, which he will wrap around his truck, or the water soluble thread, which she will drop into the bathwater.  

                                             I was washing my baby!

16. When you measure twice and cut once, the piece is still too short.

17. Your computer will crash just before you can save the design you have worked on for two hours.

18. The one time you leave home without your trusty notepad in your purse, you will spot great quilt designs in every tile floor and on every carpet you see.
                                      Tile flooring design makes for
19. If a pin goes astray on the floor, you will step on it.

20. The greatest quilting law of all is that in spite of numbers 1 - 19, we just keep stitchin’ along.

                                quilters love her anyway.

OK, now how many of these rules happened to you??

I know there are many more that we can all think of.  But, we don't is all worth it!!!

Now, on a serious note....I want to wish EVERYONE A 


AND PLEASE  be safe in however you are celebrating!

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sew.darn.quilt said...

Hahaha :D It's so true and so funny!
I've experienced quite a few of those 19 myself!
Happy New Year :D

Hilachas said...

I love them! And they are ALL true. Been there, done that. Thaks for sharing.

Patty said...

This is so funny and true.