Friday, April 24, 2015

Paducah Quilt show, 2015

Oh, what fun we had this past Wednesday.   We left at 7:30 am and got up to Paducah just before the doors opened at 9:00 am.  We got to see the Paducah High School drummers enter the building as the doors opened up for the first time.  Following them were the venders carring one of their quilts from their booth.   Then we got our first souvenir and entered ourselves.

SO many beautifel quilts.  Here are just
 a few of what we seen:

The stitching and imagination were 
just stunning:

It is hard to see in a picture, but these birds were plan blue pieces for feathers.  The stitching was magnificent,  that is what made the feathers!

And talk about thinking out of the box:

Check the quilt out in the picture above very careful.  Those are real pincher pins holding quilts on a cloths line.  And the one quilt on the left, yes it is the quilt itself!

Third place, it was so realistic!

Check out the picture above.  There was one individual that made this very unique quilt.   This is ONE quilt.  If you look at it from the right, you see Mother Teresa (above)

Same quilt...looking at it straight ahead (above) is Oprah Winfrey. 

Looking at that same Quilt from the left, (above) is Jackie Kennedy.

AMAZING, huh? And the boarder was brown...the stitching made it look like a frame around a picture.

The small wall hangings they had in back of glass.  I kept getting glare from all the lighting, so I could not get good pictures.

By the end of the day, we were soo tired, (and unfortunately didn't get to see it all). There was so much.  But we seen as much as we could.  We had soo much fun and am looking forward to going again next year.

I hope I did not bore you too much with all my pictures.  I actually took more, just tried to pick the best ones I had.  And I only took a fraction of the quilts there.  I just had to share with all of yous.

If you are ever near Kentucky the middle of April... or have the chance to to go to the Paducah Quilt show, I would highly recommend it.  You will not regret it.

Till next time,


Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Have a Latte"... day one...

Today is the first day of the "Have a Latte" hop.  And I am lucky that today is also my day to show what I had made.

I think everybody in my family drinks coffee.  I remember when I was just a little girl, dunking my molasses bread in my mother's coffee.  I mean, this would be almost every morning.  Then when I got older in school I didn't like it much.  It was after I graduated High School when I started drinking it.  I honestly don't remember Latte's or Cappuccino's, though.  Mom always bought Maxwell House  (Good to the last drop!)

I want to raise my cup and thank Madame Samm and Joan at Moosestash Quilting for coming up with this idea and for all their hard work putting it all together for us.

"Have a Latte" by Dan DiPaolo (for Clothworks) is a beautiful fabric line, I couldn't wait to get my hands on It.  At first I had a hard time finding the fabric but not for long.  Now, it can be found almost everywhere.

I started by making a little mug rug.  

I love making them.  And this will work great for me in my room.

Ah, but I didn't stop there.  I had an idea.
I got out my pencil and paper and started to draw.  Look what I came up with:

Yup, our old friend "Garfield".
See, he also likes Latte's from morning 

Till night..

(guess it goes good with Lasagna, lol)

Now let's grab a cup of your favorite, and join me in seeing the other talented ladies are showing today.

  April 13

Opps, time to make another pot. 


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our April Quilt Guild meeting

Today was a fun day at our Guild meeting.  We did something totally different this month.  We played a few quilt games together.  One of which was "Ugly Fabric".   That is when you bring in a yard of fabric that you do not like or left over from your stash.  Well we each brought in 4 fatquarters instead.  Then when we were done, we all went home with 4 different fatquarters.

I also printed out different word scramblers, crosswords, word search, etc. Puzzles for all to take along.

Oh, and our "Show and Tell"....well, we had some beautiful projects brought in.
I just had to share with you all.

Bette brought in a sweet Flannel  Baby Quilt she made.  Even her back was soft.

Another one of Bette's quilts.  Would you believe she does her quilting by a small antique Singer machine.  And to perfection I might add.

Gail shared with us her Flannel  Baby Quilt.
(Must be that time of year for babies.)

One of Shelby's Quilts. 

This is a Quilt that Pat's mother made before she was born.  She dyed tobacco pouches of her husbands.  We were told that these were the only two dyes that she could get at the time.  
Pat is over 80 years old.

Let's not forget Tillie's projects.  She said she was cleaning out some of her stash when she made them.

See, we sure had a lot of fun today.

"Have A Latte"
Hop starts Monday the 13th

I hope to see you all there.
Until then,