Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tick Tock, It's Rush Hour time

Rush, rush rush....seems we all do it or did it at one time or another.  In most cases it is because we don't  want too.  Fortunately, I am now retired and try not to "Rush" anymore.  (Neither are my helpers, Tamo and KC)

This hop was one that  I  did not rush with at all.  I was ready way ahead of time.

Thank you soo much Madame Samm  and Carol for coming up with this great theme and for all your hard work.

I made 3 different projects.

My first was well needed.  I always keep a calander on my desk at my computer.  I am one that loves being organized and also writing everything down.  My calendar not only keeps Birthdays, Anniversaries, appointments, but things I want to accomplish that day.  Also notes as to what I did accomplished  that day.   I needed to get a new holder, but we are 17 miles from our nearest store and I only go twice a month.  Unfortunately,  I keep forgetting.  So I got this idea:

I made a pocket using black fabric, and placed a thin piece of cardboard inside.  Not knowing, but it should  have been a  little heavier piece.

It is not perfect...but it sure works good for what I want it to do.  

My second is a wall hanging:
(I always say to myself.  Get your work done, then quilt.  That way I can quilt as long as I want and not worry about getting other things done.  Before, I had to wait till after 5:00, when I got home.)

My third and last is a mug rug.

I like to enjoy a good cup of coffee when drawing, or designing my next idea.  (Coffee  isn't bad but when I have a cold drink, it sweats.) 

(I usually  grab a few cookies too.  
Chocolate of course)

Oh, I almost forgot my pin cushion.  Isn't  it cute?  Holds lots of pins and a tape measure.  I have it sitting on my cutting table in the corner.

I purchased this a week ago when I went to Jackson with my husband.  I thought it was too cute to pass up.  Plus I can use it as a pattern. :)

Now it is time to put my mug rug to use.  I am going to pour myself a cup of coffee and see what others had made.

Come join me.  Here is today's list:

Check out the full schedule here.

Till next time,


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rush Hour starts today

Rush hour starts today.  I think this is the first hop that I was ready for wayyyy ahead of tme.  I actually didn't rush for this one.

Ah, but you have to wait till my day to see what I made.  For today's schedule and the whole hops schedule,  go to either Madame Samm        Or       Carol

As for me, well I was already with my coffee to go read today's posts and enjoy their work till my phone rang.  Seems as my son has off work today and called to see what was for breakfast.  

(A mom's job is never done, course, we love it!)

So I will join everyone after breakfast and visiting with my son.

Hope to see you all there.