Saturday, April 28, 2012

Painting Rocks

OK, it is Spring for sure,  the weather is getting warmer each day and everything is sooo green and fresh, the birds are singing.  It is time to freshen up my part.  I like to add different items to my flower beds to help set them off.  I have a variety of ceramics, and rocks (yes rocks).  So in the spring I spot paint to freshen them up and make them look good.  This year I found two new flat rocks to add to my one bed.

To paint these rocks I will need:

Water (to clean my brushes)
Cleaner  (to clean rocks)
  Spray Polyurethane
My 2 flat rocks (of course)

First I scrub my rocks with a good cleaner.  This will ensure that the paint will stick to the rock.  Then I pick a base color to pain the whole rock.  With these rocks I made one white, and the other light pink.  Also I painted the sides of the rocks to help set them off.

Then I decided what I wanted to paint on the rock.  You can do flowers, butterflies, birds, etc.  Let your imagination flow and have fun with it. 

When you are finished and happy with your design, spray with Polyurethane so they will stay fresh in the weather.    

Here is a large rock that my sister-in-law brought me from the mountains of PA, years ago when we lived in VA.  It looked so neat, that we brought it along with us when we moved to TN.

SHOES??  Yes, those are work shoes that were (at one time) my husbands.  The things you can do to spruce up your flowers beds.....why it is endless.

I now have a few more flowers to plant and I am done.  Then it is back to quilting.  Just wait till you see my Rose quilt that I am making.  It is taking a long time.....but well worth it.


And don't forget to take time out to smell the roses and enjoy the day.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I am busy working on an applique quilt that it taking quite a bit of time.  So I decided to take a brake and make some "POTHOLDERS".  They are a lot of fun to make it gave me the brake from some tedious work that I am doing.

You can make them all different sizes, shapes, can get all fancy with applique and embellishments, or just use up some of those scrap squares that you have laying around.  There is no right or wrong way to make them.

Just add batting to one of your squares, quilt as desired and add the binding.

You can use regular batting for inside but make sure it is 100% cotton for shrinkage.  If your potholder is being made to be used and not just for decoration, make sure it is thick enough for heat not to penetrate through to your hands. 

Here is a picture of a few of the Potholders that I had made.  You never know when you need that quick, small gift.

 So have fun and use your imagination.  Don't forget, Mothers day is coming soon, I am sure she would love something homemade.  

Well, I am back to my large quilt.  One day away was way, to long, but it helped clear my thoughts to proceed.  


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Storm at Sea

I made a different quilt this time,  with (what I feel) are neat colors.  I made the pattern, 
“Storm at Sea”.

 I had seen many different versions, colors, sizes, etc.  but none of these colors.  Guess I just wanted to be different.  Actually, just wanted to use some fabrics that I already had.

Next was to decided on how big I wanted to make my quilt.  I didn’t want to go to small, but did not want to make it a large bed quilt.  So,  I got my paper out and figured how big to make my blocks and how many I would need for the size that I wanted.  I actually ended up using all my fabric, making as many blocks as I could.

Next I cut my material out and made my blocks.  For this one I needed 25 small 4 inch squares, 16 large 7 ¾ inch squares, and  60  4 X 7 ¾ inch rectangles. 

After all my blocks were made, it was time to sew them all together. I sewed one row at a time, making all my rows, then sewed the rows together.  Last, I put a 4 inch boarder all around.  

I machine quilted an all over unique Feather like design, that look like the waves in the ocean.  I felt it showed up in the material nicely and was appropriat with the name of the quilt.   


The finished size is:    58 ½” X 58 ½”


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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dresden Daisy Topper

This fabric is so Spring and eye catching that I just had to make another special topper with it. But this time I used the Dresden pattern.   I am sure it will make the whole room look good.  (Anyway, I just love Daisy's)

I made 3 different Dresden blocks.  When first shown how to make these (years ago), I was told to cut them out, sew them all together, then turn the tops under to applique onto the block.  Well, I found an easier way.  Instead of cutting the tops pointing to turn under.  I cut the tops square, then fold in half and sew along the top.  Then turn then around and carefully push the point out and press in place.

OK, here is one of my Dresden’s.  I machine appliqued  these onto the block since they are made for a table and will be machine washed.

I made 3 different blocks and sewed them together, put a boarder on and machine quilted with an all over stipple pattern.  I also quilted carefully around the center of the Dresden.

Finished size is 15 ½” X 37”         Gee, this would look good on my table, I may keep this one. 


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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daisy Topper

Who is making Table Toppers for their tables?   I am presently working on a Multi colored quilt, but had to take some time out for this. This time of year (Spring) makes me want to freshen up my house with bright colors and flowers.  Time to get rid of the winter dull drums.

This one is with Blue and yellow Daisy fabric that I had left over.

It didn’t take long at all since it is mostly made out of 2 ½ inch squares and rectangles.

After I cut them all out, I laid them out one section at a time to sew them together. Then I machine quilted in an all over pattern and put my binding on.

It is 17 ½” X 34”.  It surely will brighten any table.  I didn’t use much fabric either, I have lots left over to make more.

So are you making any toppers?  I would like to hear about them.


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