Thursday, January 30, 2014

"She Who Sews"

I cannot believe it is January 31st already.  Didn't we just put the Christmas tree up?  Now the presents are gone and the tree is down.  Wow, how time flies.

Well, Carla (from Creatin' in the Sticks)  and Madame Samm  have been VERY busy.  They not only have one blog hop going....but  TWO!!!

AND I must say....that they are BOTH hopping with some really fine projects!!!

Today is my day to show what I made for the "She Who Sews".  It took awhile for me to get my fabric.  Being the holiday and no quilt shops near me.  I had to order it.  So I waited until Hancocks in Paducah, KY got it in.  When I first seen what all was available, I couldn't believe it.  I loved the designs in the fabric.  I actually hated cutting some of it.  

This is what I purchased.  (all 1/2 yard pieces)

I wasn't sure what to make, then I seen my old trustworthy cup.  Everything was just jammed into it.  

Using the cup as a pattern, I lined the inside and wrapped the outside.  Even made a few pockets for smaller things.  Now, I can find what I need at a glance.

OK, the juices are flowing.  I seen my Brother sewing machine.  
It sits behind the machine I use all the time.  
It has needed a cover for awhile and I kept putting it off.  Well, today was the day it got one. 
 I just loved the prints, so had a hard time as to which one to use for the front.  

I know my room looks cramped...but actually everything is in reach and I got it organized just to where I know where everything is.   (this picture was taken at night, during the day I have my blind open and I can over see our pond and birds.)

I love great and will keep my machine from getting all dusty.  
It does not look square, but it is, it wants to flop with the shape of the machine.

Then I made a patch for my ironing board cover.  My hubby got me this really nice ironing board cover, just for no reason.  I put it on and it looked so nice, fresh and clean.  Yeah, my first project....I got marks on it.  Oh, that beautiful fabric that I hated to of those squares would go perfectly on it.
So I carefully cut one out completely square and sewed it on by hand so not to be seen. 
(I hope it stays)

Then I had a bright idea to make a mug rug for my coffee.  
So I decided to start making 1 inch strips.
(at this time wasn't sure what I was going to end up with.)
Then it came to me, and I made a Hexy.

I just sewed around and around on each side. 
Came up with this:

I didn't like the way it turned out at all!  I was not feeling well and I should have waited. :(  
 So I decided to put it under my lamp.
Yeah, can't see it now.  That is a good thing!

But it sure does dress up the corner of my table where I do my drawings. 
Can't see its problems under the lamp. 

Enough of my mess. Lets go see some real projects that were done for today:

January 31

The rest of the hop goes like this....Oh, and take note, there was an extra day added:

February 4th

 Also, here is:   

I was lucky when I called Hancocks to oder my fabric.   They were very generous for they gave me 3 Fat Quarters to giveaway.  I have been ordering from them for years and every so often they give me something to share with others.  So I am givingaway these 3 beautiful Fat Quarters to one lucky person.

To enter, just leave me a comment.  I will run my giveaway till midnight February 7th.  On February 8th I will announce one lucky winner.  So please make sure I can contact you.

Now, what are you waiting for.....go check out what others have sewn.  There are some beautiful ideas, and now that I see others, I know what I am going to make with my remaining fabric.  

Thank you for stopping by,


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I took a day off quilting this week.  Why you may ask?   Well, it is sooo cold outside. I decided to make 2 fleece coats for a special dog.

I got some really cute fleece fabric:

So I decided to take a day off quilting and make 2 coats for my daughter-in-law to be, dog.  He is the sweetest Pit Bull.  (Everyone seems to be afraid of them and think they are very vicious and mean.  But they are not really,  if you love them, they will love you back and can be a great best friend.)

I got this pattern:

I figured, how hard could it did say "Easy"?  Well, it was.   I had to alternate the pattern to make it a little smaller.  (it is a long time since I did any regular sewing.)  But here it is:

I even put a collar on this one.  

(don't he look cute?)

So, I made a second one:

They are so soft and comfy.....

I think he liked it....he slept in it all night.  

He was sure worth taking a day off quilting....he looks so content and warm!

(I  hope everyone is thinking of their furry family members and keeping them warm.  They depend on you and are there for you all year round.  Bring them inside, or make sure they have a warm shelter from the elements of winter.) 

Oh, the Kona hop is now officially over, I hated to see it go.  There were such beautiful projects.  I got so many ideas. I give a great big thanks to Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt  and Madame Samm.  It takes a lot of work to get these hops in order.  And I know we ALL appreciate them.

Speaking of hops......Don't forget the next one....

Starts on January 27th....

For more information check Madame Samm 

This is going to be a great hop.  Come see what others are making for in their sewing rooms.

Hope to see you all there.  Until then, I am back to quilting.  Sooooo...........


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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

KONA Blog Hop, Here I come...

Did you see all the great Kona projects?   We are certainly off to a great start with this hop.  I am so glad that I had the chance to join in. 

Thank you so much to Carol At "Just Let Me Quilt"   and  Madame Samm for all their hard work on this hop. These two worked hard through the holidays to make this all happen for us.


You know, when I fist signed up I was not sure what to make.  You see, I love applique, and coming up with something different.  Solids are always a problem for me.  I feel I have to have prints in somewhere. Anywhere! All growing up things were plain, so I just have to add prints (still have a hard time with  big, bold, bright prints though)
Then one day while Christmas shopping up in Paducah, KY.  I stopped at Hancock's to check out their Kona fabrics.  I came across these fabrics, and it came to me right away

I was born in Pennsylvania and am PA Dutch.  I grew up around the Amish and Mennonite.  In fact, my best friends were Mennonite.  Anyway, I figured, what better way to show off the Kona fabrics, but to make an Amish scene.  

Out came the paper and pencil.  I came up with this to start:

Amish are very plain people.  They where plain dark cloths.  The women always fave a bonnet on, for they feel if something happens to them without a head covering, God will not accept them  They always have aprons on unless they are going to town, or church services. (Church services are shared in each others home followed by a meal)  None of their cloths have buttons, they feel that is a pleasure and not a necessity.  So they use pins, snaps and suspenders to keep pants up.  (also no zippers).  The children have chores starting at a very young age.  They also do not believe in giving fancy gifts.  For Birthdays and Christmas, they are given gifts of necessity.  Boys get tools to save for when they get older.  Girls, they have their hope chest that they fill. (or cloths)   Now, I did learn that PA Amish, is different than the OH, IL, KY, and TN.  It seems as each state has a different order.  So Since I was in PA, I know more of their order and ways.  Children under 4 do get certain toys.  The boys cannot have cars or trucks with rubber, and girls cannot have faces on their dolls.  But they do have swings, wagons, skateboards, roller skates, etc.  When driving through Lancaster County, it is not unusual to see an Amish Buggy with kids on roller skates or a skate board, holding onto the back.

OK, I am sure you are tired of reading, you did not stop by  for a History lesson on Amish.  Let me just end by saying that I am proud to have them as friends.

OK, now back to what I made....I took light green and light blue Kona fabrics and joined them to represent the sky and grass.  I had no idea at this time as to how big I was making anything so I made this a 20 inch square:

I made my patterns from my drawings and then used my 5 inch Kona squares to make my applique.  I appliqued them on by machine using monofilament thread.  That is when I cut it down to 16" X 17"  in size.  

I layered and quilted by machine.  I made horizontal lines for the sky and vertical lines for the grass.  I wanted to keep it simple for that is what Amish is.  So here is a picture of my "Stikken"  (Quilt).

I loved working with the Kona fabrics, but feel it would have looked better with printed grass and clouds.  But, it was fun to make, it brought back many memories.  Since we moved to TN we have gotten many Amish friends down here.  But I will always remember where I came from.  

Now, come join me, I poured you a cup of "koffee", 
(want melk or suiker?)  

                                                Two cups of coffee on white

Lets check out all the rest of the projects that were posted today. 

January 8

Hay, we are having so much fun that 2 extra days were added!
 Don't stop now, 
Come join me, here is the rest of the Kona Schedule:

January 9

January 10

January 13

January 14

January 15

January 16

January 17

January 20

January 21

Hope you enjoyed my Amish scene,


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Wednesday, January 1, 2014



Time to put Santa and all the other Christmas decoration's away.  
I hope everyone had a great holiday season. 
We had a great time at our house.  Our youngest son and his fiance were here.  It has been 6 years since we had Christmas together.  Now they moved close to us so it will (hopefully) be every Christmas!!

(I know someone that was glad when Christmas was over though....LOL)


Sunrise KONA
Starts January 7th 

  I know for a fact that these quilters have been working hard,
for we have a lot of great quilters that joined in the hop.
Well, I know I can't wait!

Oh, but PLEASE note:   
The Blog was extended to January 21th....
So, come join me and all the other great bloggers
Come be a Cheerleader and see all their great projects.
I know I do not want to miss a one!

Till then.....


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