Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mug Rug Anyone?

Did you ever need a quick gift?  
Tired of coasters and want something different?
Or is your coaster not quite big enough?

Why not a Mug Rug?


What is a Mug Rug Anyway?

You can make them any size you want. 
Square,  Round, 
Rectangle, Octagon, etc.

Mine...I usually make mime 12" X 6"
I like to make a simple 6 inch block (a place for your drink)
Then a 6 inch appliqué block.

Here are a few I made:

This one I colored and painted:

The old Holiday ones that I have left:

I give a lot of these away,
They are quick and easy to make
And don't cost much to make.
And there is nothing like a homemade gift.  (Even my mail lady got one)
Along with them I add: