Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rocking to the 60's & giveaway

Today is day one of the  "Lets Twist to the 60's Blog Hop!  YEAH

I am so proud to be on the first day.  I couldn't wait till this came to see what all everyone one made.  This hop has brought sooo many memories up for me.  I could write a book!

First before I get carried away, I want to give a great big THANKS to Madame Samm and  Mary Winger for all their hard work and for coming up with this GREAT idea for a hop.

At first, I really had no idea as to where to begin.  So many things happened in the 60's.  I started school in 1961 (course I am only 31, LOL).  My dad and uncle built our home in 1962, we moved from Palmyra to Annville.  (PA). In 1963, my mother took me to "Dutch Days in Hershey".  Which is a really big thing up there.  Oh, I had a wonderful good time,

                                                      Hershey Community Archives

Then in 1964 my mother got her first brand new car, a Pontiac Tempest.  Also the first McDonald's opened and charged 15 cents for a burger.

                                             McDonalds Corporation First McDonalds Restaurant Kids

Then in 1965 my brother graduated from High School and I was allowed to get a membership to the local Swimming pool for the summer.  (Now that was a really big thing for me).  Also in 1965 the Beatles became popular.  That is when I had my big fight with my brother.  He said they would outdo Elvis Presley in the music industry (he hated Elvis and Elvis was my dream)  I said Elvis would always be "King".

                                                      Elvis Presley Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story - Biography.

 Then in 1966, Hershey park added 6 new Kiddie rides to their park and became one of the best "vacation" areas to visit.  Gee, I practically grew up there.  At this age, I had no idea what that meant.  Then in the summer of 1967, my Aunt and Uncle took me on my first airplane ride on a TWA.  We went to ND to see my Uncle and his family in the Army.  I also started High School that fall.  Then in 1968, my brother got married.   It was also a big year for Hershey, for the Name "Hershey Chocolate Corp." (original name) became "Hershey Foods Corp." (oh, and they raised the price of the Chocolate bar from 5 cents to 10 cents). 

                                                          Hershey Community Archives | Hershey's Milk Chocolate: Bar

Then in 1969, the "Monorail" opened in Hershey park.  This was a ride that went all around the park.  You could get on it in the park, or at the Hershey factory. Cost to ride it...50 cents.  Oh, and the best news, the I got my drivers licence in the end of 1969 and boy was I proud! The price of gas, 32 cents a gallon.  I remember putting $2.00 in the car before bringing it back to my dad.

Enough of reminiscing....I decided to draw my famous "Sally and the famous Volkswagon.

Anyway, I drew a girl with Hip Hugger, Bell Bottoms, a Naru Shirt, a vest, a Headband and of coarse Go Go Boots.  Now she is holding a record....Could it be the new "Beatles", "The Who", "Beach Boys"???  Or Elvis???

Now the car, of course a Volkswagen with a peace sign and the daisy on the door.  Remember "Flower Power", the "Hippies" oh, and "Woodstock"? (Course I was too young for all that...but sure heard a lot about it back then.  Being PA Dutch I grew up in a strict home.  It actually wasn't a bad thing though.)

Well, I got it all together and quilted in a grid pattern.  I don't know if you can see, but I used Batiks for the car, the daisy, and light background.


Did you know that the Smiley Face was invented in the 60's and not by Forrest Gump??  LOL.

Hay, I got my coffee (which I really need) and I am ready to go see who else is "Twisting to the 60's today"  Come join me.......

September 25

Here is the rest of the schedule, please, don't miss a one.


Oh, enough of my History, how about a giveaway?

They are the sweetest patterns.  Both were never used, brand new.  One on the left is "Homespun Friends" Angel.  When completed he will be 22 inches tall.  The other one is "Wendy's Cotton Thread Cottage" Angel.  She will be 17 inches when completed.

To enter, just be a follower and leave me a comment.  Tell me, who is your favorite, Elvis Presley or The Beatles?

Make sure I can get in contact with you.  I will post a winner on October 5th.  So good luck to you all.

Until then....


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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall House Cleaning - Giveaway announced

Time to do my Fall House cleaning and get everything ready for the up coming Holidays.  I never had a problem getting in the mood to get everything all spruced up.  I always loved the Holidays.

I got some really nice fabric not that long ago, to make new curtains for my living room windows.  We have three large windows over looking our pond and front yard.

Well we have this antique rocking chair that we got many years ago and I decided to make a runner and pillow with some of the scrap fabric to match the curtains. 

Well, I got a lot of fabric....after I ordered my fabric I changed my mind on what kind of curtains I wanted to make.  So had lots left over.  So I cut lots of 1 1/2 inch strips and crocheted a rug to match.

I then decorated for the Fall and Halloween.  

Bring it on, I even got lots of Halloween candy yesterday.  Opps, I forgot, we don't get any trick or treaters way out here where we live.....guess we will have to eat it, LOL

OK, time to let everyone know who won the Abby bag pattern.

I was sooo pleased, I got 91 wonderful comments.  I  enjoyed reading everyone too.  So anyway, I went to random.org and it picked out a winner for me.


I will be sending you an e-mail shortly to verify your winnings.

Hope everyone is have a great weekend.


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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pin - It...Hop...& Giveaway

Well, today is my day to post and show what I had made.  I was checking out all the other pin cushion, oh such creativity I seen.  So many great ideas and beautiful projects.  I am in total ahhhh reading them.

Lets give a BIG thanks to   Kristen King and Madame Samm for all their hard work.  It was very much appreciated, believe me!!!

I made a few different projects.  First, I got this pattern from Connecting Threads.  I thought it was sooo cute.  I not only got the pattern, but this time I actually broke down and got the fabric also.  I had a gift certificate and figured, why not.  The fabrics were great prints.  And I got extra so can easily make another


The pattern was sooo easy to read and it was a lot of fun to make.  My only difference was that I did not have Walnut shells for stuffing.  I had to go with sand.

Is't it cute?   This is going to be its home, for now.  I have been using it and it really has come in handy already.

Pin Cushions are so much fun to make.  I had to make some more.  I seen a picture in a magazine, but someone stole the full article and instructions :(    But I took a picture of the picture with my phone and decided to make my own pattern.  It was easier than I though, course I am not sure if I got the measurements correct, but did it anyway.  So I made my own pattern and this is what I ended up with:

They work perfectly on the wrist and have pins handy at all times.  They make great Christmas presents.  So I made enough for my nieces and a few cousins.  

Then I drew cats and dogs......OH YEAH!  I couldn't resist.

I just couldn't resist with a little fabric paint and some buttons and a bow.

Oh, now that you have seen mine....lets all go and check out the rest the the beautiful creations of Pin Cushions that also posted today:
September 16

Oh so sorry to say, but only one more day   :(  

OK, I know everyone is wound up making pin cushions...I know I am.  I have seen so many beautiful designs that I feel I just must make.  Well, I have a giveaway for you....

This is "The Abbey Bag"  pattern.  When I got mine, I got a second just for you.  I  am giving away this  pattern by Abbey Lane Quilts.  It is an easy fun pattern to make.  And ANYONE  can enter as long as I can contact you.  All you need to do is leave me a comment.  I will continue taking comments (entries) thru Friday.  Saturday, September 21st, I will announce my winner.  I do go to Random.org and let them pick my winner.  

So, good luck to you all and till Saturday,


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Monday, September 2, 2013

Best Friends House Rules

Did you ever make a Picture Quilt?  You can put anything on fabric sheets.  Letters, Signatures, Labels, Flowers, oh and PICTURES of ANY kind!

As many know, my son and his fiance moved down here to TN near us.  (we were ecstatic) anyway, I made them a special wall hanging for their new home.  You see they have two adorable dogs.

Let me introduce you to Delia:

And Morgan:

They are definitely the best of friends. I just had to make something special for them all.

I had taken lots of pictures and had to pick the best 2........now everyone knows a dog will not exactly sit still for you to take there picture, much less that perfect picture you are hunting for.  But I think I got them.  I cropped, sharpened, edited, etc. and then put the pitcures on a frame.  

Then drew what I wanted to make and the size....and made patterns:

I found the rules from one of my "friends" on facebook.  not sure which one....but I thought they were cute,  So I took each of their pictures and added 2 rules:

I added the letters and bones with Steam a Seam II and then machine appliqued them on using monofilament thread so not to be seen.  Being on a white background, I used a beautiful multi colored batik for the letters. 

Don't they look so innocent?

After I got all my applique sewn on, I added my boarder, layered and quilted.  I outlined all the appliuqe and then the pictures.  Then quilted in the ditch around the frame.  

 Total size is:  25" X 28"

Picture quilts are great.  I love designing them.  Hunting for the right picture, the perfect frame for it, the background, etc.  You can do so many different things.  With some imagination....Anything is possible!!



Until then:



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