Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Today is my day to show what I made.  I did something different this year.  Which, I must say, I think it turned out OK.

But first I want to give a big "THANK YOU" to our Hostess's.  Marian for coming up with this great hop idea.  I wish you all the luck and happiness in you new home in Colorado.  And to Amy Warner, for helping Amy when she needed it most.  

It all started when our Quilt Guild went up to Paducah, KY to see the National Quilt Museum.  (Which was so much fun.)
Anyway, it was right after I signed up for this hop.  At this time I had no idea as to what to make.  Well, on the way home we stopped at a couple of Quilt shops.  In the one shop, the owner was making a unique wall hanging with a Fall panel.  THAT'S IT!  That is what I was going to make.  
So I bought this cute panel,

And matching fabric.

I layered all the fabrics.  Yes all the fabrics!
I put the purple down first, that will be my backing.  Then I layer the black and orange on top.  Smoothing it all out as I went.  I carefully laid the panel on top.  I then drew an X from corner to corner with a large ruler.  Then carefully pinned the fabrics all together and sewed a straight stitch on my drawn lines.  
There is no batting in this.  The layers of fabric will make it dimensional.
Next, I drew lines 1/2 inch from each other throughout the top panel.

After the lines are drawn, I sewed a straight stitch on each line.

Backing (it is actually a brighter purple than the picture shows)

OK, it is all sewn.  I did it in sections, seemed to go better for me.

Here comes the fun part.  Using a very sharp scissors, carefully cut between ALL the seams.  BUT DO NOT CUT THE BOTTOM (BACKING) FABRIC.

Cut all the way to the edge.

Now the binding goes on.  I made it purple like the backing.  I also sewn my sleeve on at this time.

Ok, here goes.... I got a large bath towel and made it real wet (don't wet your quilt for then it will fray and get fuzzy) and threw both the quilt and the towel in the dryer on fluff.  This setting takes longer but you get good results.
Ready to see???

Here it is:

Ok, now go grab a cup of your favorite brew and lets go see what others are showing today.  I know I can't wait to see.

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Please leave a comment to enter.  Make sure I or someone, can contact you.

Hope you are enjoying yourself with this hop as much as I am.



Saturday, October 15, 2016

Our October Guild Meeting in West TN

Can you believe it, it is October already, and it is half over!  The leaves are slowly starting to change, the squirrels are gathering their nuts but the best thing, the humidity is gone.  Yeah! But for me, I think Fall is my favorite season.  The Apple Pies, Pumpkins And don't you just love the colors that Fall brings?

We had a fun meeting this month at our Quilt Guild.  Linda Arant showed us how to make cards...

She uses card stock and gets envelopes to match.  Then uses fabric or other card stock to makes a boarder for contrasting color.

Then digs into her scraps to find a design to match the theme she wants.

Its one way to use those cute designs on fabric that you have.  Then embellish them with anything.  Use your imagination, ribbons, felt, beads, tiny buttons.  Just keep mind flatness if going through the mail.

Birthday, Christmas, any holiday.

Some she took white fabric and sewed her design in.  These she did by hand.

She even did small blocks and glued then to card stock.

She brought in a wide assortment for us to see.  It is something to let your imagination go wild, and looks fun to do!

Then Nancy Biggs showed us how to make needle holders.  They were small and folded in so you could take your needles or pins anywhere to do hand work.

She used Velcro as a closure then decorated
It with a button but said how a fancy ribbon or string to tie it together could be an alternative closure.


After our lessons we had "Show and Tell".  Check out what beautiful quilts that were brought in.

Joyce Fratini found an old embriderd cover at a yard sale.  So she cut what she wanted, added a boarded and did sine beautiful quilting to it.

Close up of embroider work.

More quilts brought in:

Linda Arants:

Even Flannel!

I want to remind everyone of the up coming hop "Eerie Nights"
Starts on October 20th
You will not want to miss this
Scary Good Hop.
For the schedule, hop on over to "Seams to be Sew" on October 20th and you will get the full schedule. 

Lots of fun and prizes!

OK, Lots going on here.
So, back to my room I go...
Till next time,