Thursday, January 22, 2015

Beautiful Show & Tell Quilts

I know this is a dreary day in January, So I thought I would share some Beautiful quilts that I have seen.

This month at our Quilt Guild, (here in Weakly County, TN)  we had some beautiful show and tell items.

This was pieced and quilted by our president, Joyce Fratini 

This one was pieced and quilted, by
 Nancy Biggs. 

Nancy Biggs topper she is in the making for her door, for next Christmas.

Above is a very soft flannel quilt pieced by Gail Young and quilted by Jane Capriotti. 

A Shadow box quilt, pieced and quilted by Monica Elling.

This one was pieced and quilted by
 Linda Arant. 

Another one of Linda Arant's quilts

Above is a Tree skirt that Tillie Merwin, pieced and quilted.

Linda DeBoard's mug rugs.  She made quite a few and gave them away with matching mugs, for Christmas. 

Ida Webb is making a "Fun and Done" quilt.  She brought in a sample of 4 blocks she had made.  Next month she will be demonstration to us all, as to how it is done.
(Quilting as you go) 

We were also blessed with one of the cutest guests.  Monica Elling brought along her grandson.  He was all smiles throughout the meeting.

I hope you enjoyed seeing everyone's creations.  I myself love seeing what others do and their techniques.   It is a great way for me to get ideas and get my juices flowing

Before I leave you....I want to remind everyone of the next up coming hop.

"We Support You"
Starts Thursday,  January 29th
I myself can't wait to see what everyone had made.  Hope to see you there.

Oh, and it may be a dreary morning, but I was outside yesterday walking around our property, and I noticed my Roses are starting to grow.  So..... I have high hopes, Spring will be here soon!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bringing Spring in with Tammy

While living in Virginia,  our good friend gave me a beautiful Counted Cross Stitch picture of the Saturday Evening Post.  I always admired it for all the time and work that went into it.
Thank you Jeanette!!!

Each and every detail is beautifully done.  This is a big picture and will be cherished forever!

In November I signed up for this hop.  I picked Spring because well, I liked it.

I gathered all my stuff together, including my new Beam n' Read (which lighted everything up, just where I wanted it).  My husband even got me these cool clip on magnifier lens to go over my glasses.  (I could see every little hole now) 

At first all went well, I started with her dress and did all the blue first.  I learned quickly that I could not do more than a half hour at a time.  More then that and I would get a hurendious headach.   It was just too much strain on my eyes.  
BUT I did get her done....

I never made a Tammy bag before so I didn't  realize till after it was together, that I should have cut more off the top of the design and less off the bottom.  Hey, I know now for next time.

On the back I put a large pocket...but please, don't look too close, I sewed the handle on a little crooked.   I ripped it out 4 times, and sill crooked, ugh!  

Next cane my Penny....oh this was fun:

The front is, well just plain cute....

The back will hold your needles, sissors, and  a pocket for threads. 

I am proud to say my husband bought me a new (new to me) sewing machine for Christmas this year.   My Penny was the first thing I made on it and I promise that I will get lots of use put of both.

Here is both my Penny and Tammy bag....

Now when I was hunting for a handle I found this cute big handle.  Although it looks big, it is still the same diamiter.  So I decided to make another Tammy bag.  (Actually I should have made this one first so I knew what I was doing, oops.)  I want to share this one with you also:

I put a large pocket on the front.

Now, this one is not crooked, I just could not get it to stand up.  Seems as my big handle, even though the size was correct, is too heavy.   :(      

Seems as I can't win.  That is ok, I have plans for them both.

I want to thank 
for all their hard work with this hop.  I did have a lot of fun, learned a lot also.  I must admit I wanted to give up amany of times.  But my mother always said that can't should never be in my dictionary.  So I could not say "I can't  do it".  Hey, I did and I praise anyone who does counted cross stitch.  But I must admit, my eyes say it is not for me.  I think I will stick to quilting and my appliqué.   lol

Now, let's go see what others have made with their "Tammy for all Seasons".  

Leslie Schmidt will post to Ipiece2-Mary

Wishing you all a great hop...and


Monday, January 5, 2015

Time Marches On

At our house we celebrated Christmas on New Years day.  You see, my husband has a 15 passanger van and drives for the local Amish.  You would be suprised how much they travel.  This year he went to quite a few  "Amish Weddings" (in multiple states)
And quite a few Funerals.  It seems as when an Amish family  has a wedding, all the relatives come, no matter where they live.  Same goes for funerals.  Anyway, this Christmas he took a family back to their home town in MO for Christmas.  So he was not home.  We have no little ones anymore and well, we all know you got to make the money while you can.

While he was gone I got a lot of quilting done,

(Lots of stockings made and a Snowman topper for our neice.)

(Our neices daughters)

(A flannel Snowman quilt for my daughter-in-law)

lots of cookies made, and spent time with my son and his wife.

Christmas was great at our house....especially for me.  Look what I got from my wonderful husband got me:


And my son and his wife got me lots of fabric:

My son also put in 3 extra shelives in my closet which gave me more room to spread out.

Oh, what to make first?  
I am thinking of making a special cover for my new machine. 

I hope you all had as happy of a Christmas as I had.

Oh, I also want to remind everyone of the "Tammy for all Season's" hop coming up.

Starts January 9th.  I am almost completed with mine.  Hope to see you all there.
For the full schedule go to:
Madame Samm