Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flowers, Oh, so Beautiful

"SAY IT WITH FLOWERS"  Oh, it is my day, YEAH!!   I truly want to thank Carol and Madame Samm for their hard work.....and for coming up with the idea of a Flower hop.  I am enjoying it sooo much.  Everyones flowers are all so colorful and pretty.   I always had flower beds all around my house.  I would love going out and tending them.  But due to health reasons, I cannot go out anymore. So I have large pots on my porch and patio, and also some hanging baskets.   (it is so much fun going to the green house and picking them out)

  (My husband made me a special watering system to make it easy so I can still enjoy some flowers, so all I need to do is turn the right switches.) 

Well, when I heard about this hop.....I had to join in.  I grabbed my graft paper and pencil and came up with this:

I decided to use my yellow rose printed fabric.  Since I knew it would be all yellow and green, I  decided to add some rose applique in the center.  

Then I drew my rosed that I wanted.  I  started with an 8 inch square on my paper.  Then  I drew my roses where I wanted them placed in the block.  This way I can cut my applique pieces out, lay the white block on top of the pattern and place the pieces where I drew them.  Now all the blocks will be exactly the same.

Then I started making my blocks.  I just loved this fabric.  The roses are so dainty and neat.  I added some dark green here and there to set the quilt off.  

I made 4 of these blocks:

I made 12 of these blocks and fussy cut the center:

12 of these blocks:

Then 12 of these blocks, again I fussy cut the centers.

Then I made my applique blocks, 4 blocks of roses with a butterfly:

Then I made 5 of the circle of Primrose.  I appliqued them all on with 
my machine using monofilament thread. 

After all 9 applique blocks are sewn on, I added some embroidery 
to each block to help show off the flowers.  
Then squared them an 8 1/2 inch block.

Time to put all the blocks together in the order I wanted them.
Oh, then the boarder...wanted to do something different.
I came up with this.  I made 4 of  these:

I added them to the center of each boarder to look like
the blocks flow into my boarder.
I did put a 3 inch green boarder all around the outside.


Total size is 70" X 70"

Then I decided to draw some different rose buds.  
Every Anniversary since we were married (38 years) my husband would get me a dozen of red roses.  (He is the best)  So I made a small wall hanging:

I didn't stop there....I made a large bouquet of different colored roses:

I also made a special bag for a special little girl. 
 Our niece and her family are coming down here to visit us in June. (can't wait)
 Their daughter is 11 and would like me to teach her how to quilt.  
So I got special fabric and have a cute little quilt pattern she will like.  
But to put it in, I made this tote for her:

On the front pocket I put a flower, bee and her name.

Oh, what fun this hop is, I just love seeing all these beautiful flowers. I am now going to pour myself a cup of coffee, and one for you, Cause I hope you come along and join me in checking out all the beautiful flowered projects.    Here is todays list:

May 31st


What?  A giveaway?  Oh, why of course!    
I am have this DVD from The Electric Company with over 800 patterns and designs to complete your quilts for one lucky person:  

Just be a follower and leave me a message.  "What is your favorite flower?"  Mine...Roses, could you tell?

This giveaway is open to everyone no matter were you live.  Just make sure I can contact you.  The winner will be announced on June 5th.  So I wish you ALL luck.  I have this program and I use it a lot, it is great!  I enjoy picking out different patterns from it for my quilts.

Till then

HAPPY QUILTING EVERYONE  and don't forget to check out the rest of the hop.  I promise you will enjoy it.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flowers are Blooming, Spring as Sprung

My flowers are blooming all over the house.    YEAH!!   I love sitting out on my porch and just watching them.  With the spring rains, the dark green grass...everything looks so fresh and clean looking outside. It can really get the creative juices flowing.

I found some really cool fabric at a yard sale the other day.  Normally I will only buy from a quilt shop but for some reason this just caught my eye.

When I got home I drew this:

Oh, I was going to have a little fun with this print.  First I cut my white background to the size that I wanted.  Then cut out my green grass and added it to the bottom with steam a seam.  Then sewed on my bottom boarder.

 Next I added the remaining three boarders on.  Then I added the flowers and the bumble bee.  Oh, I thought he was cute, reminded me of the one with the Honey Cheerios commercial. 

I machine appliqued them on with Monofilament Thread so not to be seen.  then I quilted my little hanging.  Oh, check out my bee now that I painted his wings and face on:

OK, here is the finished project.  This didn't take me long at all today and I had a lot of fun.....

 Speaking of fun.....Don't forget the next Hop coming up:

Starts May 27th..
Sponsors are:  
Carol from   Just Let Me Quilt
Madame Samm from   Sew We Quilt

Now don't forget, I want to see you all there.  I can't wait to see what is blooming.....  
Check either for the complete schedule.
Oh, my day is the 31st.   AND WAIT till you see what I made this time!!  (Oh, and I have a great Sponsor that is giving away something you all will want.)

Don't forget to mark your calendars........Starts MAY 27th.



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Thursday, May 16, 2013

May....Great Month.....Winner Announced

May is a GREAT month, for there is:
Mothers Day
Memorial Day
My nephew's Birthday
My Birthday
My Anniversary
My Brother & Sister-in-law's Anniversary
AND don't forget Spring is HERE!   We get to see all the
bright green again and all the beautiful flowers
Our son and his fiance are moving from PA
down here to TN near us!!!   YEAH!!!

So needless to say....we are VERY busy at my house,
We have been helping find a place, doing some of his running to 
make his life and her easier.  Since we are 906 miles apart, it is
way to hard for him just to fun down here to do the little things.

Settlement is May 30th!!!  The rest is up to him!!!
Hopefully, next thing is the WEDDING!

After The Wedding Bells
Now, also before I announce the winner of my 2 giveaways....
I want to remind everyone of the next hop:


Oh, wait till you see what I made this time!! 
Starts May 27th, so mark your calanders.

I want to thank everyone that commented on my blog during the 
last hop.  I appreciate all your comments, I love reading them
and I try to answer every one of them.  Sometimes I am a little
slow depending on my server, so please be patient with me.

I was sooooo happy, I got 101 comments!  
I went to and had them pick my first winner.

First winner will receive this book, "Wonderfully Whimsical" by:  Carol Burniston

And that person is:    

Mary P.

ALSO, I have 33  5 inch squares of Nancy Drew to giveaway,

And that lucky person is:  



congratulations kitten

I will be contacting both of you shortly to verify your winnings.

Don't forget to mark your calenders for the next hop
It starts on May 27th
Please go to Madame Samm for the full schedule.

Until then....


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'ts for the Birds & Giveaway Too!!!

"Its for the Bird's"  Blog Hop is on it's way.  Did you see all those Beautiful Birds so far??   Oh, we must give a GREAT BIG  Thank you to Mary Winegar and Madame Samm for all their hard work and for doing such a good job!!

Well, today is my day to let my birds sing for you.  And let me tell you they have a lot to sing about, for today is our 38th Wedding Anniversary!!   


Let me show you what I made first:  I call it  "Birds of a Feather".   I drew each bird to fit an 8 1/2" block.  There is a Robin,  a Hummingbird, 2 Chickadee's, a Cardinal, a Blue Jay, a Finch, and a Wren:

(the pictures were zoomed in, and got a little blurry, I am sorry)



Unfortunately....NO, actually it was Fortunately ....I sold the wall hanging just as it was completed, so in haste to get it in the mail I did not get other pictures.  (It now resides in Maine)

I used different shades of Green Bali's, and appliqued them on with my machine.  I then Machine quilted in an all over random pattern.  Total size was  37 1/2" X 37 1/2"

Then I made a table topper for on a folding table which I keep my houseplants.  I drew my picture, cut out my applique and arranged it where I wanted on my white block.  After I pressed it all in place where I wanted it, I put another white block on top (So I could see through and have the opposite side exactly the same:


I then made a center block out of my scrap Tonga Treats:

Since I wanted it wider to fit were I was placing it.  I added a 1 inch boarder on each side.

 OK, Here it is:

I painted eyes on the birds, and a hanger for the birdhouse, and also embellished the flowers with paint.
And, here is where I placed it:

Fits Perfectly!!

Here is my Bird Feeder that I watch in our yard:

AHHHH BUT LOOK WHAT THE BIRDS FLEW IN WITH THEM.....  YES.........A Giveaway, I am celebrating my Anniversary with a Giveaway.  I have a Sweet, book called:

Carol Burniston

There are 10 Playful projects to make.  All are soooo Sweet!    It will go to one lucky person.   All they have to do is leave me a comment.  I am not even going to ask you to follow me.  (even though I hope you do)  Just leave me a comment!


SOOOOOO, how about something else?   

I have 33  -  5 inch squares of NANCY DREW by Moda
                                        for the second lucky person that leaves me a comment.  

Yes, two giveaways and ANYONE can enter, I will ship to ANYWHERE.  But midnight (Mountain time) is the deadline.  Early on, May 16th, I will go to and pick two lucky names.  Gee,  That is my Birthday...LOL Did I mention that this is my favorite month??

NOW........  Stop reading and join me while I go see all those Beautiful Birds just Singing away just for you:

And I don't want you to miss a one blog.... here are the rest:

Friday, May 10

Monday, May 13

Tuesday, May 14

Wednesday, May 15

Thank you all for stopping by,  Oh, one more thing....As some of you know, I am Pennsylvania Dutch.  I was born and raised in Lebanon County, PA.  In fact, only a few miles form Lancaster County.  In that County there is a very cute town there that has MANY Amish Quilters....It's name:  "Bird in Hand".    No, kidding!



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Monday, May 6, 2013

My Quilt Room - Makeover

What can a few shelves, screws and touch up paint do for you?  Well, it did a lot for me this past weekend.  My wonderful husband got me FOUR new shelves for my quilt room.  (It is also considered our office but I prefer quilt room)  I just had to share with everyone.

This month we are having our 38th Anniversary, plus my birthday.  So the first thing he wanted to get me was something special that I really needed.  

Anyway, I had a book shelf, small plastic shelves for my things.  Then we have a large corner desk.  Half the desk was for writing, computer, etc.  The other half is my cutting table.  Then above it I had one shelf on each side in the corner.   This is what my corner use to look like:

Well, he put up two more shelves above the  one side where I cut my fabrics.  Each are eight foot long.  On the other side he hung two five foot long shelves.  Then he touched up the paint on the walls (I had pictures, etc. so there were many little holes.)

Don't it look good?   I love it!!    I spent all day yesterday organizing my shelves.  I got to spread things out and put everything in it's proper place to find easily.

I even took each piece of my fabric out and refolded and put them all back in stacks of 1/4 yard, 1/2 yard, etc.  all the way up to 5 yards.  Then separated my Bali and my Batiks.  Stacked my totes with strips, scraps, etc on the shelves.  Oh and I now have 4 large totes full of Fat Quarters that I can see easily.  This is that same corner now:

So much neater.......I LOVE IT....I just had to share with everyone.  I don't have a big room but with some organization, it is perfect.

Oh, the small cover on the floor in the corner is my partner's bed.  She was very upset with me yesterday and stayed on the other side of the room.  I guess I was just in her way of her nap. LOL

She was so mad, she didn't even want her picture taken,

But she will get over it.

Oh, I did leave space for the so called office part of this room.  (Not that my hubby comes in to use it, he claims he is afraid he will mess up my stuff)  LOL  He is soo sweet!  He said that this month has just started....I love my life, my dear husband and can't wait to see what is next!

HAY,  New blog hop coming up......Starting tomorrow.....

"It's for the Birds"

 PLEASE go to Mary Winegar's blog or Madame Samm's and see the full schedule.  It is going to be so much fun to see what is flying around.   While you are there, give them a big thanks.    So, I will see you there, right??

Till then....I am heading to my room, it looks to neat.  Time to mess it up and start a new quilt, LOL


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