Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tis "'wickedly" Good!

Yes, it "Tis Wickedly Good" and it is Friday and my day to show you what "Wicked" things I made.  I was sooo happy when Madame Samm had posted to sign up for this Hop.  I couldn't wait!  Not only to make something "Frightful" but to see all the other projects that were stirred up.   So let me give a BIG thank you to both Madame Samm and to Wendy  for hosting this great hop.  I can imagined that it is a lot of work.  And we all do appreciate it.

Oh, I had so many ideas for this hop.....Then all of a sudden I got bombarded with a lot of other things that had to take priority.  UGH!!  
Then I decided to do a silhouette wall hanging.   So I drew this:   (ended up making 2.)

I was starting to get carried away with my pumpkins and it didn't look right to me to have a dog standing on them.  Then again, some say that it is not a dog but another cat??  Spooky, huh??


Now my son said that my phone will take better pictures than my camera.  I can read that there are more Pixels and with my camera I sometimes have a hard time keeping them clear.  I guess I shake the camera too much.  He said that phone will always take clear pictures for me.   Well, I somehow can still get blurry pictures.  He just laughs.

Then these came to mind.  Gee, I got Christmas, and colors to match my decor, so why not "Halloween"?

I got all sizes:  9 1/2 inch round,  6 inch round, and 4 inch round.

T'was the week before All Hallows Eve
My nose was so stuffy that I couldn't breathe.
The beasties and ghoulies all were creeping,
(It was late at night, I should've been sleeping).
I heard their sighs, I heard their moans,
Their rattling chains and creaking bones;
But I didn't get scared, didn't wish them away
'Cuz I like to hear ghoulies and beasties at play.
These creatures, you see, were very polite
Each time that I sneezed they'd say "Gesundheit"

With Cider in hand, I am ready to Fly over to these other "Wickedly" great project...come join me...

       October 25th

And here is next weeks schedule:

       October 28th
I Piece 2-Mary

             October 29th

           October 30th

           October 31st

Now for my "Treat".   I purchased this cute Halloween fabric and did not get a chance to use it.   I know someone will have a lot of fun with it.   It is 1 yard, not cut, not washed.

To enter is easy.  Just leave me a comment.  I will run my giveaway through the hop and post a winner on November 1st.  It is open to ANYONE! Just make sure I can contact you.  I will go to the to pick my winner.  

Oh, and don't forget the giveaway for the EQ 7 will end on the 28th.  To enter please see my post below.

Now I must fly, I got lots to do........


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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Autumn Appliqued Animals with EQ

Today is day 1 of the Autumn Appliqued Animal EQ Blog hop and I am all excited for I get to go first.  Gee, I think I am.  Sometimes it is good to go first, but then other times it is better to see what others are doing.  

I want to give a big Thank you to Bee Lee for inviting me to join in with this hop.  I was very excited and happy that she had asked me.  Thank you.

Now, it was also perfect timing also.  I was just starting to make a table topper for my folding table where I keep my one plant in the winter months.  So I got out my paper and pencil and drew my pattern that I wanted to use.

Next, I went to use my EQ  and design the size that I wanted.  Because it is a folding table, I want it to just cover the top width.  I also wanted a block for the center where the plant will lay and the applique to drape down on either side.  So I figured an aprox. 18" wide X 42" long.    The top I wanted an aprox. 18" X 16".

Now I must apologize for I had problem with my lap top.  I had to use my EQ on my office computer but that computer is old and well got lots of problems.  (It works enough for me to design with though) Anyway, I took pictures with my phone to show the best I could for you.

On EQ you can design any size, or shape you want.   For my quilt I wanted to do what is called a custom set quilt.  You should find that here:

Well, I  then went into the "Library" (on the top tabs) and clicked on the blocks.  I decided to use an easy 4 square block  (the Hourglass)  but make it my own.  To do that is easy.  When you decide what you want, you save it.  Then go to the sketch book and make it however you want.  Draw extra lines, or like I did, erase some:   

Hay, I am on my way.  Here is a picture of the diagram of the 4 blocks, (actually 4 blocks):

But I needed it to be wider than just what you see, so I ended up adding a 2 inch boarder on either end and a 1 inch scrappy boarder on the other 2 ends 

Are you with me so far?  OK, next I cut out my applique and placed it where I wanted.  I machine sewn it on and then cut my block to a 14 inch square.  I did a mirror image for the other side.  

Whew!  I then put a 2 inch boarder around it all and quilted it on my machine using variegated thread. 

 After it was quilted I did a little hand embroidered in the leaves to show it off a little. 

And here it is:

(wow, I am sorry these are really bad pictures)

OK,  now that you seen mine I want to give you the rest of the schedule so you can see everyone elses:

 Today - October 21st

October 22nd

October 23rd

October 24th

October 25th


Electric Quilt Company is sponsoring this hop and is giving away  ONE of their EQ 7 program  to ONE lucky person.  To enter is easy, just comment on our blogs.  Yes, each and every comment of all of our blogs in this hop will be an entry.   


Thats right!    Each day this week you will see a beautiful projects made from this program and for each one you comment on (including mine) you will have a chance to win.  On Monday the 28th go to Bea Beaquilter for she is going to announce one  winner from ALL the comments in this hop.  So good luck!


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Saturday, October 19, 2013

ATTENTION, BIG Week coming up.....

                           ATTENTION,   YEAH THAT'S YOU........


get in the spirit of the Season and join us all in two....YES TWO.....Great Blog Hops this week.  

First the one (I will be posting on Monday):  

October 21st thru 25th

These cute Animals will definitely help get you in the Spirit of the season.


October 22nd thru October 31st

There are 85 "Wicked" hoppers that joined in.


Please be sure to thank them for sharing their treats with you by leaving the treat of your comments which will surly inspire them.

So come join us all, I know you will have a "Wickedly" good time!

There are going to be some REALLY great Giveaways going on.  (Or should I say lots of "Treats")

See you there,  


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