Friday, April 22, 2016

Paducah Quilt Show — 2016

                   Oh what fun we had!

This past Wednesday was the first day of the Paducah Quilt show in Paducah, KY. 
 Seven of us Quilter's went together to see all beautiful quilts.

The designs, the techniques, the stitching, imagination, the quilting....

I could go on and on explaining how beautiful they all were.

Instead,  I am just going to share a few with everyone!

Check out closely, all the details in each room..amazing! 

I just loved the colors of the Sunflowers.   (I bet it was only 20 X 20")

Each circle was appliqued on by hand.  Then quilted with small circles throughout.  

I loved these colors and the quilting was unique in this one.

All those little pieces!

I hope you can see all the detailing in these quilts and the beautiful quilting. Even the log Cabin was brought to life.

A "Dear Jane" Quilt, perfectly done!

Picture perfect! 

"Liberty" from the right & left.

Oh, those pieces!

Great idea using the "Dresen Plate" 

This quilt, I thought was so cool.  It was called "Sleep,  Pray, Scream".  Oh, and that is not a frame but a boarder on the quilt.  This picture was taken looking at it from the right side.

Same quilt but the picture was taken straight on.

Same Quilt but the picture was taken looking at it from the left side.

We were told the were over 500 venders.  All I truly know is there was a lot!  I seen quite a few new products this year.

We also met John Flynn, Ricky Timms  and Pat Sloan. 

How exciting the day was.  We made lots of memories, met a lot of interesting people,  and made new friends. 

Thank you for joining me and my many pictures of the quilt show.  I hope that you enjoyed seeing them.   Also I hope you got to see the detailing, stitching and beautiful quilting in each.  

Till next time....