Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Flower Shadows

 "Flower Shadows"   That is what I called this one.   I started this quilt 2 months ago and finally got it finished.  Some how got side tracked .  (I seem to do that a lot lately, lol.)

It was easy to make, course I love doing applique.  
First,  I dug into my stash of Batiks and made 3 1/2" X 6 1/2" strips.  For each strip I made 3 flower petals of the same fabric.
Then cut the same amount of white strips (same size) as I had Batiks.

Next, I sewed a white strip to each Batik.  Then sewed 4 together to make a block.  I then arranged my flowers onto the block, trying to keep them all even, and machine appliqued them on using Monofilament thread.

Next I arranged my blocks and sewn them all together.  I added a multi colored Batik boarder.

Then quilted it in an all over random pattern.

Total size is,  66" X 78"

I am trying to get some of my UFO's finished.  I have this problem of coming up with too any idea at one time.  Course, how many is too many, right?
To me,
It's all in having fun!


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Guild Meeting in September

This month at our Quilt Guild we each brought in a baby quilt and donated it to the "Agape' House" in Martin Tennessee.  The Agape' House is a place where pregnant mothers can go for help, advice, and guidance during their pregnancies.  Linda DeBoard, one our members, volunteers there on a regular basis.  She shared some of her personal experiences.

Some of the quilts:

Different sizes, designs, etc.  
Even flannel.

Then we had our annual auction.  Where you clean out your room and bring in anything quilt related item.  Then we auction the items off.

As you can see, we has a table full.

From patterns, fabric, 


Even wall hangings!

While the items were being shown, the rest of us sat watching to see what they were going to hold up next to bed on.

We had a great day bidding and purchasing (new to us) items.  The money made went in out Quilt Guilds kitty.  

Last month we all went to "Back Yard Fabrics" and took a lesson on making a Bargello quilt.  
One of our ladies finished her top and brought it in to show us:

As for me, unfortunately I did not get to attend the class.  But they did get a pattern for me.  So as soon as I get a couple of my UFO's completed and go shopping for fabric, I am going to start mine.  Until then..... 


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shool Bells are Ringing

Wow, summer is over and school is starting already.

August was a very busy month for us.  My husband and I sure had fun but also it really played us out.  Our grandsons flew in from WA to spend the month at the end of July.   (They are ages 9 and 11 and definately all boy)

Then the middle of August our sons friend and her family came to visit from PA, they had 2 boys and 2 girls.  They spent most of their time at our sons house.  Until the grownups decided they wanted to go to Nashville for 2 days.  We were brave and volunteere to watch the children.  Yup,  we had 6 for 3 days. 

We had lots of fun.  We watched movies, went fishing in our pond, rode the Go-Cart,  played games, etc.  

At night,  my husband pitched the tent and the boys slop outside and us girls, inside.   I must say, none of us got much sleep.  

Then the day before they left for home, my son and daughter-in-law flew in from WA to pick up our grandsons.

These pictures were taken in Nashville.   Above, our oldest son and his wife.  (Our grandsons parents)
Below is our youngest son and his wife. 

Daniel, 11 years old

David, 9 years old

And Tamo, he got sooo much attention. 

Needless to say I did not do too much sewing in August.   I had to break down my long arm and stored it in my bedroom, the frame was pushed up against the wall.  This became the boys room while they were here.  
I did have my sewing room though.  The first week they were here I made a pillow for my stool.  
I took assorted Batiks and made two large Dresden plates.

Then with another Batik fabric, I cut a 3 inch wide strip, long enough to go all the way around my Dresden Plate.  I pined it carefully and sewed it to both sides.

I stuffed it with Polyester pillow filling.  

Wal Lah!  I got a pillow for my stool for my next quilting project.

Needless to say that is all the sewing I did all month.  I did design two quilts while watching them fish, lol.

Well, the boys are home now and all is VERY quiet here at our house.  (Poor Tamo has slept for 2 says straight.  He sure had fun trying to keep up with those boys though.)  My dear husband put my machine back on its frame and my quilt room is all back together again.

We made lots of memories this summer and I enjoyed every minute with them.  The time with them went sooo fast!

It is now time for me to start sewing again.  And I know just what I am making next.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer.   I know we sure did.