Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Flower Shadows

 "Flower Shadows"   That is what I called this one.   I started this quilt 2 months ago and finally got it finished.  Some how got side tracked .  (I seem to do that a lot lately, lol.)

It was easy to make, course I love doing applique.  
First,  I dug into my stash of Batiks and made 3 1/2" X 6 1/2" strips.  For each strip I made 3 flower petals of the same fabric.
Then cut the same amount of white strips (same size) as I had Batiks.

Next, I sewed a white strip to each Batik.  Then sewed 4 together to make a block.  I then arranged my flowers onto the block, trying to keep them all even, and machine appliqued them on using Monofilament thread.

Next I arranged my blocks and sewn them all together.  I added a multi colored Batik boarder.

Then quilted it in an all over random pattern.

Total size is,  66" X 78"

I am trying to get some of my UFO's finished.  I have this problem of coming up with too any idea at one time.  Course, how many is too many, right?
To me,
It's all in having fun!