Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quilt Guild, Weakly Co. TN

This month our Quilt Guild had a table turning by one of our members,  Marguerite Branch.  Her quilts were beautify done and I wanted to share them with everyone.  

 (Marguerite is on the left)

She did ALL of her appliqué by hand.

Most of her quilts she quilted by hand also.  Her stitches were all perfect.  She was telling us that she insisted on 10 stitches per inch, or she would rip them out and start over.

These Hummingbirds were adorable.  She said she never bought a pattern.  Just drew her own.

She also told us that most all the quilts she made were at least queen size.

(I hope you can see the details in these quilts.)  This is a Scrappy  Cathedral Window.

After the table turning, we had show n' tell.  Here are a few.

Next hop is coming fast....
"See you in September"
Starts September 3rd.

Hope to see you there.  
I don't know about you, but it was nice having the summer off....although I missed the hops too.

Till then.....


Friday, August 22, 2014

Stop and Smell the Roses

Here it is, mid-August already.  I can't believe how time goes so fast and you don't realize it till its gone.

We had such a busy summer this year.   Preparing for our son and daught-in-law's wedding, traveling to PA, seeing family we didn't see for years, our Nephew's wedding, etc.  Well, this past week I just sat back and said Ahhhhhh!

Tamo and I just enjoyed sitting on our porch and enjoying nature. 

Sometimes I tend to do too much and well, my body said "Knock it off".  So this week I spent time outside, enjoying my flowers, watching the birds, etc.

I am glad they survived while we were gone.  I placed water bottles in each pot before leaving.  The bottles were all dry, ground was dry but flowers were okay. 

I got a lot of my hand sewing caught up while relaxing on my swing.  (Something for "See you in September")  It was the perfect spot, that is early morning and evening.  

These last few weeks have been really hot.  In fact this week is to be the hottest so far this year.  (Time to get caught up with wash, unpacking and get back in my sewing  room, lol)

Oh, and our son and his wife got in some fishing in our pond this week.

Yeah, we do have some fish left.  My husband was afraid the neighbors would fish us out while we were in PA.  We ask that no one fish without our premission.  Ever since we were broken into, my husband does not like anyone on our property while we are not home.  (some people just don't understand or care.)  Anyway, all is well and we have fish.

I sure hope you are all enjoying your summer also.  It is going fast, so stop and smell those roses....and have fun!

Next hop,  "See you in September".
Starts September 3rd

There are going to be sooo many 
GREAT projects, plus

Hope to see you all there!

Till then,


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What a Ride!

What a Ride!   From our house to Hershey PA is aprox. 932 miles.  When we came home after the weddings we were all tired, relieved it all went well, and ready to go home to our own beds.  

As driving through Hershey, I did notice that they added quite a few new rides in their park since we were there last.
Including a large Roller Coaster that carries you upside down.

The Ferris Wheel is still at the same place. 

Unfortunately,  the traffic was heavy so my hubby took another route to Harrisburg.  I missed some good pictures but was told that next time we go to Hershey we will stop.

12 hours later, we were on the bypass around Nashville.

After driving all that time and through the night, some of us just couldn't stay awake no longer.

(This is Wayne, one on our son's friends that came along back to visit.  We teased him cause he couldn't wait to see Nashville and here he is sound asleep.)

All went good.  We were all glad to be home and in our own beds that night.

Wayne got to visit all around West TN for the rest of the week.  Then the day before he flew home they went to Nashville.  From what we were told, they had a blast.

Vincent playing his harmonica with another guy while waiting to get in the "Wildhorse Saloon".

Not sure which Honky Tonk they are singing in here.

My husband and I sat this one out...I got caught up on wash, putting everything away and he did yard work.  Then just kinda recovered from the trip and all the relatives,  lol.

Now, time to get back to quilting.  I was being teased that I was going through withdrawal,  :)

Till next time,


Monday, August 4, 2014

To Have and To Hold

Such a busy month.  I ended up making 27 small toppers, 9 each of yellow, pink and blue.  These were the colors that my son's fiancé picked for their wedding.

Then I made a special one for the bride & groom's table. 

(Please excuse my picture,  I forgot to take one till it was all packed away)

Then instead of a bag to carry and put envelopes in, she wanted a basket for on their table..  So I made a liner to match her dress.

But this past week was exhausting, fun, exciting, well I think I actually had all emotions hit me at one time or another.

Well, we packed everything up and we had a full truck full headed to PA.  We left on Tuesday evening and drove straight through.  Took us 15 hours but we had so much to do.  Wednesday we picked up the rest of what we needed,  paper plates, table cloths, etc.  Then visited my mom & dad and my husband's mother.   It was another long day but that's okay.  (Oh, our little neices came over and wanted to fix my husband and make him look good for the wedding.)  

Then Thursday the rental company came with the 30' X30' tent with sides, tables, chairs, and the port pottys.  We were having the wedding in her father's back yard.   So we needed to set it up, make our centerpieces,  decorate, etc.  But by 7 pm a lot of their friends started coming.  See, my son did a lot of DJ gigs and singing up there and met a lot of people.

Need less to say it was another long night.  

Next day we worked on food all morning, then went to get out hair, nails and makeup done,

We got back and wouldn't you know started pouring down raining.  That got us all scrambling to get everything under the tent.  I told Missy to stay inside so her hair wouldn't go straight again.  Which is just what mine did!  All in all it ended up fine.  It stopped raining but most all the people were tgere.  So I grabbed every man I could and had them caring food out.  It all ended up fine, we were about a half hour behind schedule but that didn't matter.  One thing, the rain cooled things off for us.

Didn't they look good?

(Guess you can tell I am a proud mom)

See, due to time, cost, and their wishes, they were married the Friday before.
So they wrote their whole wedding ceramony with their vows.
They were together for a little over 13 years so they had a lot of time to plan this out.  It was Beautiful!  I was never the type who cried, but they sure did get me.

(from the left)
My oldest son Wes, my daughter Cyndy, then my oldest grandson on the far right, Matthew.

Her bouquet. 

Another long night, we went to bed and I looked out the window...gee, the sun was coming up.  

The next day we had lots to put away but also another wedding to attend   our nephew was getting married.  I was never at a Mennonite wedding,  so this was going to be a first for all of us.  

After the bride walked up the isle there were 3 people come out and a screen came down.  We sang 5 "long" songs,  then an elder from their church spoke on how women should submit to their husband.  (My husband said it was enough for them all to turn an run, lol)  Next the paste gave his sermon,  then 3 more songs.  Then another pastor came out to do the ceramony.  It lasted almost an hour.  

It was very nice.  I gave them the green "Buzz Saw" quilt.  They did not open their gifts at their reception, so I hope they like it.  Oh, their reception,  that was really different also.

My parents

Our nephew and his daughter.

We are now on our way home, I can't believe it is over already.  Our oldest son lives in the state of Washington.  We put him on the plane before we left.  It was so good seeing him again.  Our daughter and her husband live in York, PA.   Goodbye can be so hard.  Especially to my parents.  Neither are good health wise.  My dad just turned 87 and my mother will be 89.  I miss them already.

Ahhh, but on the other hand, there is nothing like your own bed.

So on that note,  

(you can tell I am tired) I am saying goodbye.