Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Perannial Bag

Check this out.....I had extra fat quarters left over from my Perannial Collection that I made my Perennial quilt top with.  Sooooo, I decided to make myself a small bag. 

It is 11" X 11" and because I was making it for myself, I made three pockets on the inside instead of just one.  The first one measures:  3 1/2" X 7".  This one is for pens, or crochet needles.  Then I made a small one beside it that measures:  3 1/2" X 4".  I figure for smaller items, such as scissors, pins, clips etc.  Then on the other side a large pocket measuring:  6 1/2" X 9".  To hold, well, whatever.

I had made my first bag when we were living in FL.  We went down there to see our second grandson be born and to help out.  Anyway, I had only been quilting for about 1 year and was picking up quilting magazines and reading whatever I could to learn more.  I ran into a magazine with this pattern for a large tote and decided to give it a try.  There were 3 quilt shops where we were staying that were to near us.  So off to the stores I went.  I found this bright Florida print and knowing I would not be staying in FL, I thought it would be a reminder of different things we did while in FL.  I found making this bag was easy.  The total measurement is:  15" X 14" with only one pocket, that was on the outside.

I have now made a total of 10 different size bags.  All were made of different fabrics, patters, and all are unique in their own way.  I  made one of stirps, some were of squares, some diamonds patterns, different blocks I had left over, etc.  I even made a real neat one in spots for a good friend of ours in VA.  She collects anything that has spots.  My mother likes the pinks and greens.  Below is a picture of the one I had made my mother and another friend of mine.

Unfortunately, I did not get to take pictures of the other bags that I had made  Sure wish that I did. Sometimes I just get so involved I forget the little things.  NOT GOOD!!

My anyone that would like to make a quilt bag but is unsure.  I say "Go for it"  you will be glad that you did.  They are fun to make and there are so many different patterns and themes to choose from.  So go ahead and give it a try.  BUT...DON'T forget to take pictures!!!!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Part 4 of the Kaleidoscope

OK, here it is,  the final part of my kaleidoscope for a little while.  I have gotten all 36 blocks together.  Each of them went together nicely and all points are matching perfectly.

Next it was time to put the boarders on.  I started with the burgundy.  I put the 2 shorter strips on first.  I sewed one on the top and one on the bottom, pressing the seams as I went.  Then the remaining two strips I sewed on either side.  Again pressing, I found it best to press each seam as they are sewed.

The larger 3 1/2 boarder strips goes on the same way, shorter ones on the top and bottom and the longer ones on either side.  Don't forget to press.  But, since I am not making this for anyone in particular, I have decided to modify my boarders.  I did them this way:

First I measured two opposite sides of the quilt (since it is a square quilt they were the same).  I then cut my 4 3 1/2" boarders to that length.  I then cut 4  -  3 1/2 inch squares of the plain tan I used in making the Kaleidoscope blocks, and set them aside.  Next, I cut 4 small Kaleidoscope pieces out of the Dark Brown fabric (that I used the same fabric as in the Kaleidoscope block).  I then pressed under 2 sides of the Kaleidoscope as shown here:

I then pinned each piece to a 3 1/2" square keeping the point in the corner, 1/4" out from the edge.  This is my seam allowance.  I cut off the access, making sure that I kept the 3 1/2" square, and hand appliquéd each one at this time.

I sewed 2 of the 3 1/2" boarder strips onto my quilt top.  One on the bottom and one on the top.,  Next, I sewed 1 of the 3 1/2" squares to either side of both of my remaining 3 1/2" boarder strips.  Next, I sewed one of these strips to either side of the quilt top, matching the seams.  

This is a picture of my quilt top as it is now, ready to quilt.

Here is a close up picture of one of the corners, completed:

Backing...I took 4 1/2 yards of plain light tan fabric and cut it in half.  Pressed both half's and then sewn them together using 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Then I pressed the seam open.  I now have an 81 inch square for the backing of this quilt.  It is ready to be put on my frame and quilted.

Unfortunately, I still did not get my long arm machine.  It is on order, but, you know how that is.  So I will set it aside with the Perennial top that I had made before this and quilt them both at a later date.

For those who are quilting along with me, layer and quilt as desired then bind as you feel comfortable doing.  I hope you had as much fun as I did making the Kaleidoscope.  When I get my machine and get it quilted (hopefully soon) I will post a picture for all to see.  

I would love to see and hear your stories on quilts that you have made.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Part 3 - The Kaleidoscope

Well, here is part 3 of my kaleidoscope.  It is being made of 36 - 11 inch blocks.  The blocks were fairly simple to make and all went together nicely.

I have now gotten all my blocks sewn and squared to the 11 1/2 inch.  I arranged them on them all on my design wall. the way that I would like them when the quilt is finished. I put 6 rows across (3 light and 3 dark) and 6 rows down, trying not to put two alike beside each other.  I then started putting them all together keeping them in the order I wanted them.

After I had sewn all 6 rows together and neatly press I started pinning them together, one row at a time.  So, starting with the bottom two rows (don't know why but I always start at the bottom, just a habit of mine)  I pinned them together and started sewing.  After I have sewn together rows 5 and 6, I press them and pined on row 4 onto row 5.  Pressing the seams good after it is sewn, I pin on row 3 to row 4.

Today I plan on pinning row 2 to row 3, then sewing and pressing.  Then I will pin row 1 to row 2 and sew them together.  I will have the top completed and ready for the boarders.  Hopefully this will be done today and I can go on to another project.

Have fun sewing.................

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sho Fly Cake

Everyone knows how the PA Dutch and Amish make the famous Sho Fly Pie, well did you ever here of a Sho Fly Cake.  I got this recipe from my aunt years ago.  It is a cake but is very, very moist and easy to make.  It does not have the goo like a pie.


4       cups  Flour
1       box  Brown Sugar
1/2    cup  melted Butter

Mix all three together until crumbly.  Put one cup in small bowl for top.  To the rest add:

1      cup Molasses  (Table syrup type molasses)
2      tsp.  Baking Soda
2      cups  Hot Water

Mix all throughly, batter will be thin.  Pour into greased pan and sprinkle the crumbs on top.  Bake at 350 degrees for aprox. 35 to 40 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

This cake is easy to make, great to teach a child and a great last minute desert to make.   Best part is you don't have to icing it.  My husband likes this cake better than the real Sho Fly Pie.  (Course he is Italian, not Dutch)

Try it, you will like and please comment to let me know what you think.  Thanks everyone.

As far as the Kaleidoscope Quilt.  I am putting all the blocks together and squaring them off.  After they are all squared, I will put them on the design wall to organize them to where I want them on the quilt.  When I get them all sewn together  I will post a picture for all to see.

Till then,   Happy Sewing,   Jane

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Second half of the Kaleidoscope

For those of you following along with the making of a Kaleidoscope Quilt here comes the next steps.  I have now got all my fabric cut and am starting to sew the pieces together.  

Going by the picture above, I alternate each piece with a striped then a plain tan.  First join two then sew those two together.  When you have two sets of four, then join them.  I have found in doing these, to clip the points and keep the seams pressed toward the striped piece, neatly.  I am pressing all the time.  When the eight pieces are all together, it should lay completely flat.

Shown below are two completed, one light and one dark:

Next I will add the corners on each and then squared them to an exact 11 1/2" square.  See next diagram:

The one on the left has the corners just sewn on, and the one on the right was squared to a perfect 11 1/2" square.  Now, I need to sew 36 of these all together.

My next blog I will have them all sewn together, and add the boarders.  Hopefully this will not take long.  If there are any questions, please feel free to ask me.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Kaleidoscope

I still do not have my long arm machine so cannot do any quilt tops at this time. This was the perfect time for me to get caught up in all the other things that needed to be done.  Such as I had 3 quilts that needed labels, and also am getting my Memory Book up to date.  Seems as I am always behind on that one.

I have decided on exactly what and how I am making my Kaleidoscope Quilt and thought that my friends would like to either watch as I make it, or perhaps join in. I will  be blogging step by step instructions as to what I am doing.

First you will need your Kaleidoscope ruler, a corner ruler and of course a straight ruler.  Always start with a straight edge on your material. Then pick the material that you would like.  I picked these:


I have picked material that I have, each being between 1 1/2 yards and 2 yards each.  I have decided to make a Kaleidoscope with three parts, I am going to divide it with a one inch strip of burgundy.  So now it is time to cut.  My kaleidoscope ruler will make an 11 inch block.  So I am going to make this quilt with 36 blocks, 6 down and 6 across.  Knowing this I know that my blocks will measure 66" X 66".  My first cuts are going to be my boarder.  I like to cut the boarder out first if I can, that way I know that I will have enough material.  I would like to put a 1 inch boarder of Burgundy around the outside of the blocks to look like a frame, then 3 inch boarder on the outside of light tan that will match the small corners of the Kaleidoscope.

So I cut 2  - 1 1/2"  X  66 12"  strips  and   2  -  1 1/2"  X  68 1/2"  strips of the Burgundy and set them aside. Then I will cut 2  -  3 1/2"  X  68 1/2"  strips and  2  -  3 1/2"  X  74 1/2"  strips of the light tan print and set them aside.

NOTE:  I know the size of my finished quilt due to my quilt blocks, if you are making the same, you will have to adjust according to your size blocks.

Next I cut a strip 3 1/4"  X  WOF  of the Dark Brown print, a strip 1 1/2"  X  WOF  of the Burgundy, and a strip 3 1/2"  X  WOF of a Brown print.  I will sew the three strips together in the order they were cut.

Above shows the oder to sew the strips and also how to cut the Kaleidoscope out.  I cut each different Brown print into stips like this then cut the Kaleidoscope pieces out of it.  I need a total of 144 pieces.  So after those strips are cut I had 72 Dk. brown tips and 72 Lt. Brown tips.)

Then I cut 144 Kaleidoscope pieces of the plain tan fabric, and also 144 corner pieces. (these I made of the tan print that I will have as outer boarder.)

I now have all my pieces cut, so am ready to make my Kaleidoscope blocks.  I will keep posting each step as I have them completed.  Please come back.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hershey's Chocolate Cake

You asked for it, here is the recipe for Hershey's First Chocolate Cake.  My mother got this recipe at the Hershey Chocolate Factory, PA in 1946, way before I was born.  I guess you could say that I grew up with it.  It is a very moist milk chocolate cake that can decorated and used for any occasion.  I made this for the Pocomoke Fair in MD, and it won first place.  Not long after the baked goods were judged, they were auctioned off to make money for the cost of the fair.  When this cake was auctioned off, it brought $ 38.50.  So you just got to make it.

Special Chocolate Cake     (the first Hershey’s Chocolate Cake recipe)

2       cups all purpose Flour
2       cups Sugar
½      cup Crisco
1       tsp. Salt
1 ½   tsp. Baking Soda
¾      cup Milk
½      cup Hershey’s Cocoa mixed with ½ cup hot water

Mix all ingredients thoroughly then add:

½      tsp Baking Powder
½      cup Milk
3       Eggs
1       tsp. Vanilla

Mix together thoroughly and put in pan that was well greased and floured.
    Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. (when toothpick come out clear)

For cup cakes, bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes, makes 30 medium cup cakes.

NOW, as for my Perennial quilt that I am making, well, it will have to be put on hold temperately.  I am having problems with my long arm machine and I am happy to say that the company I got it from is replacing it with a new on.  So, I cannot quilt my Perennial Quilt until it arrives.  I am at their mercy and hope it comes soon and works good.  I did get the backing (using plain light beige cotton) all pressed and my batting cut.  Everything is ready to put onto the frame.   So will work on the Kaleidoscope.

Hope you enjoy the cake, it is too good of a recipe that has to be shared with everyone.  Please let me know when you tried it, and how you like it.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Perennial Top

I finally got the top together and completed, ready to quilt.  Tomorrow if all goes well, I plan on pressing the back, cutting my batting to fit, and pinning it all to my frame to quilt.

As for the Kaleidoscope quilt, I have all the pieces cut and ready to put together.  I sewed various material together in strips for half  and the other half will be plain light tan to match in with all the strips.  I needed 144 pieces of tan, but unfortunately, I am short 19 pieces.  So my plan is to start putting what I can together until I have the chance to go and get more tan material.  

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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Perennial Quilt

OK, so I got a little sidetracked and started another quilt while I was hand appliquéd the patches onto my squares.  They took a little more time than I realized.  So I started a Kaleidoscope quilt.  All is going good with that one.  I started it a few days ago.  Got almost half of the pieces cut.  I decided to get a light tan to go in between my striped pieces to form the Kaleidoscope.  Meanwhile, I got all my hand appliqué finished form my perennial quilt.  So yesterday, I  was putting all the little squares together.  I have a total of 36 - 18 inch blocks. I made 6 strips of 6 blocks.  Rotating every other block with a building block that I made earlier.  I must take my time putting them all together to match the points and get them perfect.  So far so good.  I could not sew as long as I wanted to, so only got my six rows done.  But I did cut my strips that will go around them and now have them ready to sew on.  As for the boarder, I have a couple different ideas as to what I want to make.  Guess I will go back to the kaleidoscope and keep thinking of my boarder.
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