Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Kaleidoscope

I still do not have my long arm machine so cannot do any quilt tops at this time. This was the perfect time for me to get caught up in all the other things that needed to be done.  Such as I had 3 quilts that needed labels, and also am getting my Memory Book up to date.  Seems as I am always behind on that one.

I have decided on exactly what and how I am making my Kaleidoscope Quilt and thought that my friends would like to either watch as I make it, or perhaps join in. I will  be blogging step by step instructions as to what I am doing.

First you will need your Kaleidoscope ruler, a corner ruler and of course a straight ruler.  Always start with a straight edge on your material. Then pick the material that you would like.  I picked these:


I have picked material that I have, each being between 1 1/2 yards and 2 yards each.  I have decided to make a Kaleidoscope with three parts, I am going to divide it with a one inch strip of burgundy.  So now it is time to cut.  My kaleidoscope ruler will make an 11 inch block.  So I am going to make this quilt with 36 blocks, 6 down and 6 across.  Knowing this I know that my blocks will measure 66" X 66".  My first cuts are going to be my boarder.  I like to cut the boarder out first if I can, that way I know that I will have enough material.  I would like to put a 1 inch boarder of Burgundy around the outside of the blocks to look like a frame, then 3 inch boarder on the outside of light tan that will match the small corners of the Kaleidoscope.

So I cut 2  - 1 1/2"  X  66 12"  strips  and   2  -  1 1/2"  X  68 1/2"  strips of the Burgundy and set them aside. Then I will cut 2  -  3 1/2"  X  68 1/2"  strips and  2  -  3 1/2"  X  74 1/2"  strips of the light tan print and set them aside.

NOTE:  I know the size of my finished quilt due to my quilt blocks, if you are making the same, you will have to adjust according to your size blocks.

Next I cut a strip 3 1/4"  X  WOF  of the Dark Brown print, a strip 1 1/2"  X  WOF  of the Burgundy, and a strip 3 1/2"  X  WOF of a Brown print.  I will sew the three strips together in the order they were cut.

Above shows the oder to sew the strips and also how to cut the Kaleidoscope out.  I cut each different Brown print into stips like this then cut the Kaleidoscope pieces out of it.  I need a total of 144 pieces.  So after those strips are cut I had 72 Dk. brown tips and 72 Lt. Brown tips.)

Then I cut 144 Kaleidoscope pieces of the plain tan fabric, and also 144 corner pieces. (these I made of the tan print that I will have as outer boarder.)

I now have all my pieces cut, so am ready to make my Kaleidoscope blocks.  I will keep posting each step as I have them completed.  Please come back.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

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