Thursday, June 23, 2011

Part 3 - The Kaleidoscope

Well, here is part 3 of my kaleidoscope.  It is being made of 36 - 11 inch blocks.  The blocks were fairly simple to make and all went together nicely.

I have now gotten all my blocks sewn and squared to the 11 1/2 inch.  I arranged them on them all on my design wall. the way that I would like them when the quilt is finished. I put 6 rows across (3 light and 3 dark) and 6 rows down, trying not to put two alike beside each other.  I then started putting them all together keeping them in the order I wanted them.

After I had sewn all 6 rows together and neatly press I started pinning them together, one row at a time.  So, starting with the bottom two rows (don't know why but I always start at the bottom, just a habit of mine)  I pinned them together and started sewing.  After I have sewn together rows 5 and 6, I press them and pined on row 4 onto row 5.  Pressing the seams good after it is sewn, I pin on row 3 to row 4.

Today I plan on pinning row 2 to row 3, then sewing and pressing.  Then I will pin row 1 to row 2 and sew them together.  I will have the top completed and ready for the boarders.  Hopefully this will be done today and I can go on to another project.

Have fun sewing.................

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