Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hershey's Chocolate Cake

You asked for it, here is the recipe for Hershey's First Chocolate Cake.  My mother got this recipe at the Hershey Chocolate Factory, PA in 1946, way before I was born.  I guess you could say that I grew up with it.  It is a very moist milk chocolate cake that can decorated and used for any occasion.  I made this for the Pocomoke Fair in MD, and it won first place.  Not long after the baked goods were judged, they were auctioned off to make money for the cost of the fair.  When this cake was auctioned off, it brought $ 38.50.  So you just got to make it.

Special Chocolate Cake     (the first Hershey’s Chocolate Cake recipe)

2       cups all purpose Flour
2       cups Sugar
½      cup Crisco
1       tsp. Salt
1 ½   tsp. Baking Soda
¾      cup Milk
½      cup Hershey’s Cocoa mixed with ½ cup hot water

Mix all ingredients thoroughly then add:

½      tsp Baking Powder
½      cup Milk
3       Eggs
1       tsp. Vanilla

Mix together thoroughly and put in pan that was well greased and floured.
    Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. (when toothpick come out clear)

For cup cakes, bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes, makes 30 medium cup cakes.

NOW, as for my Perennial quilt that I am making, well, it will have to be put on hold temperately.  I am having problems with my long arm machine and I am happy to say that the company I got it from is replacing it with a new on.  So, I cannot quilt my Perennial Quilt until it arrives.  I am at their mercy and hope it comes soon and works good.  I did get the backing (using plain light beige cotton) all pressed and my batting cut.  Everything is ready to put onto the frame.   So will work on the Kaleidoscope.

Hope you enjoy the cake, it is too good of a recipe that has to be shared with everyone.  Please let me know when you tried it, and how you like it.

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gruvyteacher said...

Look at you, you have a blog. That is fantastic! I wish we lived closer together so I could learn how to quilt from you! Do you remember teaching me how to crochet, oh so many years ago?
Sounds like you are busy! I am totally going to try this recipe. I have fond memories of our trip to Hershey, PA. Those hershey kiss streetlights...

Jane's Quilting said...

Thanks for the comment.....I am trying to remember you, I taught a few women to crochet. Please bring back my memory. (I cannot find your blog) Did you try the recipe? You will love it. Let me know.

gruvyteacher said...

Hi Jane, (it's Margo)
I haven't tried the recipe just yet. We will probably have a group over to our house for bible study in the next couple of weeks and I will use it then. I can't remember anything specific to crocheting with you I just remember you teaching me how. Have a great week.