Thursday, June 16, 2011

Second half of the Kaleidoscope

For those of you following along with the making of a Kaleidoscope Quilt here comes the next steps.  I have now got all my fabric cut and am starting to sew the pieces together.  

Going by the picture above, I alternate each piece with a striped then a plain tan.  First join two then sew those two together.  When you have two sets of four, then join them.  I have found in doing these, to clip the points and keep the seams pressed toward the striped piece, neatly.  I am pressing all the time.  When the eight pieces are all together, it should lay completely flat.

Shown below are two completed, one light and one dark:

Next I will add the corners on each and then squared them to an exact 11 1/2" square.  See next diagram:

The one on the left has the corners just sewn on, and the one on the right was squared to a perfect 11 1/2" square.  Now, I need to sew 36 of these all together.

My next blog I will have them all sewn together, and add the boarders.  Hopefully this will not take long.  If there are any questions, please feel free to ask me.

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