Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Put your Stamp on it!

It is my day to show my stamp.  I am not sure my stamp will hold up to all the other beautiful stamps I have seen.  I have been so busy, my mind kept coming up with blank ideas.  But before I show you my stamp,  I want to thank Madame Samm and  Thearica Burroughs  for all their hard work.  There is a lot of hard work and time goes into a blog hop.  And I know WE all appreciate all that you do.

Now it is time to show you what I did. (or should I say, tried to do)   I had a tough time deciding what I wanted to put onto a stamp.  My first thought was to make a Photo type quilt for our son and his fiance.  I wanted to make something special for their new home, and thought perhaps, I could incorporate it in.  It almost worked. I took lots of pictures of them from moving to playing with their dogs in their new yard.   I took some really good pictures. My thought was to make a collage type and have two stamps so it looks like it was mailed to them.  Here are the two pictures that I wanted for my stamps:



After I downloaded all the pictures I did some fancy photo adjusting, and got my fabric sheets ready for the printer.  First, I cut my white fabric,

Then, carefully, I glued it to my paper for printing. 

I know....I am cheap, I always use quality white fabric and heavy paper so it will glide through my printer with ease.  But you can always buy your fabric sheets.  Here are some that I have purchased a while back.  I didn't want to use these for they were an off white fabric and would not match what I had in mind.

Well, to my printer DIED!!!  Of all times!  I tried everything.  I cannot copy, nor print.  (But, I did find out that it will scan pictures into my lap top yet.  Wow, that is no good to me.)  Guess I need to do some research and find out what is a good printer, I definitely need to get one.  Any ideas as to which one is best?  

OK...Plan B.....I need to re-think my stamp....So I drew the truck that my husband is dreaming of buying some day.  He would love to purchase a 1930 Chevy, one that needs a lot of work, for he wants to restore it his way.  I could not draw exactly what he wanted.  So I drew this:

I decided to make it RED.  Now when my husband gets his truck, he wants to make a Street Rod out of it.  To make it all original is time consuming and VERY costly.  Trying to find all the original parts and all.  He says he wants to get it up, running and looking good, so we can go cruising together in it!  I know it is not quite what he is thinking of but this is what my drawing turned out to be.

He seen it and just laughed.  He said it won't look quite like this but he would take this.  LOL

OK, next I appliqued it on very carefully with tiny stitches on the machine.   Then I cut it a little larger then the size that I wanted my stamp.  I added the lines on the truck to show the hood, door, wheels, etc.

I made it larger for I wanted to cut it with my Pinking Shears.   Gee, I didn't use these for a long time.  My mother got these before I was born.  But surprisingly they are still very sharp.   

Now that I got them squared and cut, I found a fabric that I liked for a background.  I wanted to make it look framed on a board.  I layered and quilted it along the pinking cut edges then around the truck.  I also did the binding different.  I turned it under and to the back and hand stitched it down.  I painted the 12 cents on and then carefully drew the postage seal on.    

OK, so it ain't perfect...but I tried.  

 Thank you for stopping by and seeing my stamp, now, lets go see what everyone else made.  After seeing all the beautiful stamps yesterday, I can't wait to see today's.  Ready?  Grab your coffee and lets go:

BUT don't stop is the rest of the schedule.......
You will not want to miss a one, believe me!

June 28

July 1

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July 3

After you have seen todays Stamps....come on back....I have a great Giveaway that you will want to check out.

I am so proud to be able to give this away to one lucky winner.  It was given to me by a special person that wants to be kept anonymous.  I can do that.  Anyway, It is a great quilt book called:  "Wonderfully Whimsical Quilts".

Written by Carol Burniston, you will get 10 adorable projects to make.  Enlarge them, shrink them, it has great patterns and directions with each project.  They are all  color-splashed quilts with a sense of humor.  Come on....We all love that, right??

All you need to do is be a follower and leave me a comment.  What kind of printer do you have?  Which one would you recommend to buy?   (I truly need one bad!)

The last day to enter will be the last day of this hop, July 3rd.  I will post who won on July 4th.   Also, please make sure I can contact you.   

Till then........


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Friday, June 21, 2013

Ready for the Beach???

Summer is finally here and vacations are on their way.  One of my favorite places to go was on the lake.  (I am definitely a water bug, love the water)  When our son was young we had an open-bow boat called "Sorry Charlie".  Then we traded it in for an 8 cylinder closed bow.  Named this one "Lady Jane"

This one we stored in a friends yard near Raystown lake in PA.  Oh, every Friday night when we got home from work....we headed for the boat for a weekend on the water.  My husband and I slept on the boat and the kids in tents on land.  Then we would tow them all over that lake, on ski's or the tube.

BUT, when our vacation came......We headed to the beach, Chincoteague Island, VA.    My husband would tow the boat down along with us.  We would fish, swim, etc.  So much fun, made lots of memories.

That seems so long ago.  We since, sold the boat and moved to TN.  But the memories are close to us!

Well, I was given this cute pattern:

Bountiful Beauties designed by Amy Bradley.  Oh what fun it was to make.  I just love digging into my stash bin and hunting for just the right pieces.

Then taking my time to put them just where I want them.  I then appliqued them by machine using my manofillment thread.  When all was done, I did some embrodering for the faces, etc.

Then I quilted it.  I made circles and lines in the sky to represent a sun shining.  Then the bottom half I did ripples.  I wanted it to resemble sand.  

When I was finished, I added glitter paint to two of the sunglasses, and a red button in the one's hat.

I also added reddish buttons on the flip flops, and little pearls on the shoes of another.

It was a lot of fun to make and it was nice to change things up a little.  I am always doing piece quilts and every now and then I like to have fun.   Total size is:  26" X 26 1/2"  (as usual, I customized the pattern to me)

Hay, I also want to remind everyone of the next hop, starts June 26th.  

I sure hope to see you all there. 

 I am making something special for this one.  Talk about thinking out of the box...........I need to find mine,  LOL    

Till then,


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Monday, June 17, 2013

Learning to Quilt

I was never so proud as I was this past week.  Our niece and her family came to visit with us.  She has 3 beautiful girls.  The oldest is Noel and she wanted to learn to quilt.   Well, when I heard that, I got her this beautiful fabric:

Her favorite color is purple and she loves butterflies.  When I found this I knew it was perfect for her.

Her mother, father and great-grand mother, great-aunt and 2 little sisters were also coming.   I knew that they were only going to be here a week and that she would want to go sight seeing, swimming, etc. with the family.  That means not much time to sew.   So I pre cut all the fabric to 5 1/2 inch squares.

I cut equal amounts of each so she could lay them out in whatever design that she wanted.  Then I rearranged my room so that I could be right there with her working on my quilt at the same time.

What fun we had sewing together.  She was so proud and tried to hard to get all the seams perfect.

After her rows were made....time for Dinner and we all went fishing in our pond.  Here are her two sisters:

We had soooo much fun with these girls.  Noel even caught the biggest Bass. 

The next day was another busy one.  Then that night after dinner our son set up his Karaoke machine.  Those little ones just did not want to let go of the mic.  Tooooo Cute!!

Photo: Having fun sitting on the porch and singing

The next day, we had a  little more time to work together.  

She tried hard to get it done.  But I kept telling her to take her time.  She got all 10 rows finished.  Then laid them out and marked them as to which goes where.  She did a GREAT job.  She got all but the last 2 rows on.  

 Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to finish.  I cut her backing and batting and wrote notes for her to remind her how to finish it.  She is going to tie her blocks together instead of quilting it.  I am soooo proud of her.  She did GREAT, and was soooo careful to make perfect 1/4 inch seams.  She sure was the perfect student.  Who knows....maybe her quilts will be "Famous" someday!

What a good summer project.  We were sorry to see them all head home.  We are going to miss those girls. They take after their mother, beautiful, smart,  nothing gets in their way of what they want to do.   We will always be there for them all.

Well, off to my next project...


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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY...Summer is Here!!

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, That is what I am anyway.  Our son has moved from Hershey, PA down here close to us in TN this weekend.  YEAH!!  Oh, I forgot what a mess, confusion, boxes, etc.

He rented the largest truck he could, loaded it in one day, then the next morning headed down.  He and his fiance drove 22 hours striaght to get here.  They came straight to our house, ate and had to meet the realtor for settlement.  Then fell asleep till the next day.  

I was told that  their 2 dogs, Deliah (a St. Bernard) and Morgan (a Pit Bull) rode in the back seat of his fiance car.  She said they were no problem at all, stayed laying down as long as the car was moving.  They stopped regular to let them out, run, give them water and eat.    I thought they looked so cute...this is when they got back in to go to their house.  They just sat so patiently till we were all ready to go.

What a weekend.  Monday, I went with to take the truck back to Jackson, then to put the electiric in their name, post office, etc.  

Yesterday I got caught up on the "Say it with Flowers" Blog hop.  WOW, did you see all those beautiful flowers??  I was total amazed at all the beautiful projects everyone had.  The creations and ideas, well, I was truly amazed and I enjoyed reading each and every blog.  

A  GREAT BIG thank you to CAROL at Just Let Me Quilt  and MADAME SAMM  at Sew We Quilt  for all their hard work and for making another great hop for all of us.  

Well, unfortunaltely I did not get any quilting done this past week and half...but I got this great pattern from a friend and I can't wait to start it.

Before I do...
I want to announce my winner for the 
CD  from Electric Quilt company...."Quilt Designs".  

Here I go to and it says..........


I will be e-mailing you shortly to verify your winnings. 


As soon as I do.....I am off to my quilt room digging into my scraps and starting "Bountiful Beauties".

Till next time..........


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