Saturday, February 22, 2014

What are you up to??

Ahhh, does the Dreary Winter Blues got you down?  Don't let the cold weather get you...find warmth in your room sewing and getting all those UFO's finished.

                                 I just want to go and hide.

Last year our Quilt Guild here in Martin, TN, had done a "Block of the Month" together.  Oh, what fun we had.  January we were given an example of what the quilt could look like.  The blocks were given either one or two a month.  The center one was first.  We also were given the pattern to make a 12 inch block.  Now, we could do whatever we wanted with the blocks, make them any size, add any extras, change boarders, etc.

Well, I got my blocks finished along with everyone else, each month.  But come November we got our last blocks to do.  Since the holidays were approaching and everyone was busy with family, etc.  I just got overwhelmed this year with the Holidays.  I was making all kinds of things and they just got left go.

I got them out the other day and put a boarder on to look like ribbon, with a block in each corner.  I also shrank my blocks to half the size.  Mine are only 6 inches instead of 12.

Close up of corner, I did an all over Curly pattern with Butterflies:

Here is one that is sewn together but not quilted. Made by one of our ladies in my Quilt Guild:

And a finished one from another lady:

What fun a block of the month can be.  We laughed and shared our fun and problems with each block.  

Speaking of fun....
And something that will definitely help you with the Winter Blues
Come join us in the "Think RUFFLES" Hop.

Starts March 5th...So mark your calender..
are working hard on this one, and you can find the full schedule there.
So, come Ruffle your is the first day's schedule:

March 5th 

Until then.....


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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hugs and Kisses, How Sweet!

So what is your first thought when you hear the words "Hugs and Kisses"?  I bet you don't think of what I am thinking!

Before I tell you mine, I want to give a big "Thank You" to Soma from "Whims & Fancies" and Madame Samm for all their hard work and to let them both know how much fun it has been for me.

When I first seen your post on "Hugs and Kisses", I knew exactly what I was going to do.  I quickly blurted out to my son, and he started laughing.  He said he knew what I was thinking.  "HERSHEY"!!! 

Oh, yeah,  I lived there most my life.  I sat with the security guard when I was young.  My mother worked 2nd shift, and she sat me with them till my father came out.  He worked 1st.  Most of my aunts, uncles, even my brother worked there.  Eventually, so did I.

Well, before I show you my guys....let me tell you I also had a "Love - Hate" relationship with this.  I Love doing Applique, that is part of what I was thinking....but as I read on, I seen it was Paper Piecing, Which, I Hate (only cause I am not good at it)  That didn't stop me.....

So here is my Kiss......

Hershey Kisses were introduced in 1907 by Milton Hershey.
He dedicated the Plume (paper pull) extending out of the wrapper in 1924.

And here is my Hug......

Hugs were introduced to the Kiss family in 1993.
They are a delectable combination of Hershey's Milk Chocolate hugged by sweet white cream.

Together they make a great combination of sweet treats.
The name Kiss, came from Milton.  The machine dropping them on the conveyer belt, makes the sound Kiss.  He also said that they taste so sweet...just like a Kiss.

The first Kiss made was 2 inches tall. That didn't last but a month.  The Kiss also became the first automated candy made in the factory.  As of 1921, no human hands touched the kiss till they were in the bags themselves.  Those that were unwrapped, or missed, were melted down and put in Milk Chocolate bars.  

1,300 kisses are wrapped in a minute, and there are a total of 90 kisses in a 1 pound bag.
The Large Kiss was discontinued in Hershey, PA and sent to Mexico to be made in 1994.
The rest of the Kisses and Hugs were then transferred to the West Hershey Plant. 

All the Main Street lights are Kisses.  Every other one is wrapped in Silver.  
They especially look good in Winter with snow on them.  

I must say that I started my diet the first week of January.  So I must give a special thanks for this hop...It also gave me.........

(Well, I had to buy these.  I needed them for a picture, LOL)

Sad to say...the original factory was sold 2 years ago, and was torn down.  The only thing remaining are the large smoke stacks that say "Hershey". 
(but don't listen to the rumors, the candy was not shipped to Mexico, they are still being made in Hershey in a new plant that was built on the West end of town. 

I hope I didn't bore you too much.  I seem to get long winded.  
Here it is, now hanging in my kitchen:


Now, lets grab a handful of the kisses, and hop on over to get more
"Hugs and Kisses"

Feb 17th

Lady Mary

Lady Vickie

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Lady Selina

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Feb 19th

 Lady Bente

Lady Kristen

Lady Linda

Lady Marcy

Lady Susie

Mdm Samm

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day....I sure did....I got a dozen Yellow Roses from my husband.  (he has gotten me either yellow or pink roses every year since we were married...and that will be 39 years this year)

I must show you my card.  

And the inside:

Fits me to the tee.....LOL....

Till next time,


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