Tuesday, November 29, 2016


 Yesterday and today, I spent decorating for Christmas.   🎅      I had my music going and having fun.  This was always my favorite holiday.

Each year I make it a point to make a new decoration for myself.  Well, this year I kept seeing this table topper all over Facebook.  I seen it in fall colors, summer and even Christmas.  Now, I am not one to buy patterns (some may even call me cheap).
Anyway, I made my own pattern.  Because of this, I cannot give out complete details as to how I made it.

I made 12 squares of light and dark fabrics.  The light was going to be my top, so I made a dark green boarder all around it.  
With right sides together, I sewed all around them keeping a small opening for turning around.  

I then sewed 1/4 inch all around to close my hole and to add strength.
(Oh, I also have a heavy batting inside my squares)

Next was the tricky, but the fun part.  I made myself a template so I could attach each one to another to form a perfect circle.  Marking each square, I sewed them together.

After they were all sewn together, I hand sewn a pearl bead on each point.  It opens the flaps plus I felt it added a little to it.

Here is the back...

And now the front...

I can put a candle or whatever in the center.  I even seen one hanging on a door.  I myself am going to use it for a centerpiece on my table, with a candle.

These don't take long to make, very easy and fun, and you can make them for any occasion/holiday.  They would make great Christmas presents.

OK, got lots to do and time is starting to run out.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Our Novembers Meeting & Patty's

This month our Quilt Guild here in Weakley County, TN, went on our yearly trip to "Back Yard Fabrics".    It is the closest quilt shop which is located on the back roads outside Mayfield, Kentucky.

This year there were 18 of us that went.  We seen some new fabric lines and some beautiful quilts made from them.
(Above are the ladies that rode with me.)

After we oooed and ahhed and spent lots of money, then we headed to a well known place to eat that is known especially for their 2 inch Pork Chops.
(Patty's in Grand Rapids, KY)

They were all decorated for Christmas.

They not only have great meals but make the best homemade bread in (get this)
Flower Pots...yup!

Oh, they are also well known for their "Mike High Pies"

Just looking at them make my mouth water.

So if you ever get in Kentucky and are near Grand Rapids, I highly recommend stopping here to eat.  Ummm

OK, enough of talking of food.  We all had a great time as we always do.
Now I must get back to my room.  I got lots to do before Christmas.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ah, My New Quilt Room

When my husband said its time to add on the house and make a room for my Long Arm machine, I was ecstatic!   I was hoping for this ever since I got my machine, 4 years ago.  It was set up in a spare bedroom but the bedroom was not big enough for it all.  So 1/4 of it was stored in a closet.

It was a lot of work and I just could not wait till it was finished.

Yup, that was my sign this past last year.  
(Yes, I said year.)

It all kinda went like this...


First was to pour the concrete for the foundation.  We had a patio in the back of our house but was not big enough.  Well, to make a long story short, the concrete truck came the day before my husband had asked for it.  When it pulled into out driveway, we both just did a double take.  Here it was and  and he had no one to help.  So I put my big pants on and tried to help the best I could.  That was the start.

Next were the walls, Yup, our son had to work, so I was his helper putting the walls up.  (Well, I tried)  The house wrap was the easy part.

Next was the roof, I felt bad, I could not help with this.  I helped steady the rafters, but he got them up himself.  Putting the shingles on was easier for him. He rented a nail gun and had it done in one weekend.

Well, he got the roof done and windows put in, in time for winter.  Unfortunately, an old injury flared up and he ended up having his shoulder operated on.  The doctor had to reattach his Rotator Cuff, repair and reattached  his muscle and scraped the arthritis off the bone.  He ended up with 6 screws and out of commission for 6 months.


As soon as the doctor said he could hang siding....he was off and running. 

 Next, we hung the drywall, speckled it, then painted the ceiling white and walls green.

Oh, he also put in a half bath with a deep sink to dye fabrics.

Then he took our French doors off.  Since they were outside doors, they swung to the inside.  The archway is much wider, so a lot if work and wood went into it.  He also stained it to make it look like wood.

At last we laid the floor.  We ripped out our Dining Room floor also and replaced it all with new.

Are you ready, come enter my NEW room

I made curtains and accessories when he was recuperating from his operation. 

Check out my shelf..

He found an old gun cabinet, and look what he made me...

Then he found an old oval table that a couple had for sale.  He cut it round and refinished it.

He is now working on restoring an old Treadle Singer Machine my Sister-in-law gave me.

I am soooo proud of him.  He did the whole room all by himself, except for when I was able to help.   
I LOVE my new room!!!
Soooo, I don't have to tell you where
 I am now, lol


Friday, November 4, 2016

Is it Fall Yet?

I ask, "Is it Fall yet" because of the warm weather we are having here in West Tennessee.  We have been in the 80's all October and even the first 3 days of November. A so called "Cold Front" came in today....our high....76°, 😃    Wow!  I am not complaining though, I am enjoying the nice weather.  I know the cold is coming.

Don't you just love the fall colors?  🍁  I think most of my stash is the fall shades of some kind.

Well, the other day I purchased 3 mini quilt stands.  They are so cute.  So I decided to make 3 little Fall theme quilts to put on them.

So, off to my room I went,
Oh my, I woke KC up.  Looks like she found a new spot to keep an eye on me.

She watched me while I got my pencil and paper and started drawing.

I made one with Pumpkins under a Maple tree.

One with Sunflowers and the third with Indian Corn and a Squirrel eating an acorn.

I dug into my scraps (which with them being so small I could make all 3 with my scraps)
I sewed my appliqués on with my machine using monofillament thread.  
I quilted them by going around all the appliqué.

Here they are on their holders.  As for KC, well I guess I bord her to sleep. 
(Looks like she is trying to hide her head.  Perhaps she thinks my machine makes too much noise)
Sorry KC!

Found the perfect spot to display my mini quilts.

Now, I need to get back to making my Christmas gifts.