Friday, November 4, 2016

Is it Fall Yet?

I ask, "Is it Fall yet" because of the warm weather we are having here in West Tennessee.  We have been in the 80's all October and even the first 3 days of November. A so called "Cold Front" came in today....our high....76°, 😃    Wow!  I am not complaining though, I am enjoying the nice weather.  I know the cold is coming.

Don't you just love the fall colors?  🍁  I think most of my stash is the fall shades of some kind.

Well, the other day I purchased 3 mini quilt stands.  They are so cute.  So I decided to make 3 little Fall theme quilts to put on them.

So, off to my room I went,
Oh my, I woke KC up.  Looks like she found a new spot to keep an eye on me.

She watched me while I got my pencil and paper and started drawing.

I made one with Pumpkins under a Maple tree.

One with Sunflowers and the third with Indian Corn and a Squirrel eating an acorn.

I dug into my scraps (which with them being so small I could make all 3 with my scraps)
I sewed my appliqués on with my machine using monofillament thread.  
I quilted them by going around all the appliqué.

Here they are on their holders.  As for KC, well I guess I bord her to sleep. 
(Looks like she is trying to hide her head.  Perhaps she thinks my machine makes too much noise)
Sorry KC!

Found the perfect spot to display my mini quilts.

Now, I need to get back to making my Christmas gifts.


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