Tuesday, November 29, 2016


 Yesterday and today, I spent decorating for Christmas.   🎅      I had my music going and having fun.  This was always my favorite holiday.

Each year I make it a point to make a new decoration for myself.  Well, this year I kept seeing this table topper all over Facebook.  I seen it in fall colors, summer and even Christmas.  Now, I am not one to buy patterns (some may even call me cheap).
Anyway, I made my own pattern.  Because of this, I cannot give out complete details as to how I made it.

I made 12 squares of light and dark fabrics.  The light was going to be my top, so I made a dark green boarder all around it.  
With right sides together, I sewed all around them keeping a small opening for turning around.  

I then sewed 1/4 inch all around to close my hole and to add strength.
(Oh, I also have a heavy batting inside my squares)

Next was the tricky, but the fun part.  I made myself a template so I could attach each one to another to form a perfect circle.  Marking each square, I sewed them together.

After they were all sewn together, I hand sewn a pearl bead on each point.  It opens the flaps plus I felt it added a little to it.

Here is the back...

And now the front...

I can put a candle or whatever in the center.  I even seen one hanging on a door.  I myself am going to use it for a centerpiece on my table, with a candle.

These don't take long to make, very easy and fun, and you can make them for any occasion/holiday.  They would make great Christmas presents.

OK, got lots to do and time is starting to run out.



Linda said...

This is beautiful!!! Thank you for the sorta tuitorial! I'd like to make one too! I love the pearl! It makes it very special!

Linda said...

I just wanted to come back and tell you that I successfully made a wreath just from your pictures!!! 😃 I gave it to a dear friend for Christmas! She lives it, and I look forward to making more!

Linda said...

Loves it!