Monday, December 5, 2016

Chair Cushions for my New Quilt Room

I have been so busy working on my room, getting it in order (which I am seeing is going to be an on going task)  that I am forgetting a lot of other things that I need to do.  (And we know it is not cause I am getting older, lol)

I still have a lot of extra fabric left over from the window treatments that I made.  

So I decided to make some cushions for my chairs.  I started by cutting 2 inch squares.
(Now I never made chair cushions, but seen pictures, don't look that hard)

Then sewed them together to make a large square.

I bought 4 squares of foam 2 inches thick at a local store.  Measured my chairs and cut them to fit.

Then cut my squares to fit.  I did cut batting and attached it with sticky spray.  I thought they would look better (plus more padding) if they were quilted.

Oh my, poot KC is complaining and trying to get my attention.  I got so involved, I forgot it was her supper time.  As you can see, she didn't forget, lol.

After feeding KC, I quilted the top of the cushions, in the ditch of each square and trimmed the batting.

I decided to go with a plain backing.  There is some fabric left over and you never know, I could think of something for it.  Anyway, you sit on the cushions and no one will see the back.

Then I cut 1 1/2 inch strips, sewed right sides together and turned right side out.  These will hold the cushions on the chairs.

OK, I sewed the cushions together put the foam in and hand sewn them shut.  Not bad,and they are comfortable.
But I learned a lesson, next time I will make them bigger, because when you sew the top and bottom together, and stuff with foam, they shrink a little.  (Gee, I should have realized that.)

I just got an idea.   As I was taking pictures, I realized that I don't have a clock.  Now I know what to make with the rest of the fabric.  That way when I am in here sewing poor KC will get her supper on time, lol.



DeAnna said...

Your new room is awesome and well deserved. You will surely enjoy it. Love the cushions, great idea.


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