Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Flannel Quilts for All

So, we are almost ready for Christmas.  Stockings are hung, tree up, quilts all made, oh and when I say made, I mean made!

I think this has been my most productive year that I had quilring.  Last January I decided to make each of our neices and nephew's children, on my husbands side, a flannel quilt.  At that time was a total of 12 quilts.

My first 3 quilts were for sisters.  So I decided to make them the same design, all snowmen, just different colors.

First one was "Blue"  for the youngest of the sisters, Angelina.

Then I made one green, for the oldest sister, Noel.

Last but not least was a red one for the middle sister Gracie.  They were all quilted in an all over stipple patters

My next 2 were also for sisters.  I wanted to do something different, but yet keep them alike.  So I came up with this pattern.  

The top, pink backing, for Bella and the bottom, blue backing for Adriana.  These were both quilted in all over flowers.

Then for their 2 brothers...
I also wanted them alike but yet different.  So I made different patterns with the same fabric.

One has a dark brown binding and one a green binding.
They are Ricko's and Cobie's.
These were quilted in an all over stipple pattern.

HAH!  No problem...I had 7 of the 12 quilts finished in 5 months.  I thought that was good.  At this rate I would be done before      December.    

Yeah, right!

Summer came, my room got built.
(which I am totally excited with)
Field trips with the Guild, made two T-Shirt quilts and a "Delectable Mountain quilt with the guild.
Why, it was September before I know it.  I had to get back on track.

Next was a little boys quilt for Xander.  I found the cutest car and truck flannel.

I did the back of his with the left over fabric and quilted it in an all over stipple pattern

Next were his 2 older brothers.

I did them in Bear, Deer, Elk prints.  First one for Kalub, his has a black binding.

The second for Gavin, his is brown binding.
These 2 were quilted in an all over oak leaf pattern.

Ah, almost done, just 2 more boys to make.
I got the camo fabric with Hummers in.

First one is for Santana

And the second and last was for his little brother Logan.

Ah, I got them all finished right after Thanksgiving.  I was so pleased to be ahead of it all and get them in the mail early.  They were all headed to up state Pennsylvania.

Then we got a call from our niece that had the three girls (the first 3 quilts I made)
She told us how her and her husband were going to become foster parents to a little girl.  They were to get her on the 14th. 


I can't send one to each of the other girls and not her.  Quickly, I dug into my stash.  But got it done!  I made the same design as the others, even found snowmen. 
So, here is hers:

I can proudly say they were mailed and everyone got their quilts yesterday.
(I waited to post thus till they got them, after all that, I still wanted to surprise them all)

(I also made 4 other quilts including a T-shirt quilt, 5 table toppers, pillowcases, a walker tote, a large tote bag and 2 wallhangings.
AND I enjoyed making each)

Yesterday I baked cookies all day!  Today I have a few more batches to make.  Then I can pass my trays around tomorrow.  I will then officially be ready for Christmas.
 (I think!) 
Just have to make my Christmas Turkey.


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Joyce Carter said...

Wow! Jane, you have been very productive this year and everything looks sooo cute!Merry Christmas to you and your family.