Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Let it Snow!

Well, there's really no place to go.
Let it Snow, Let it snow, Let it Snow.

I just love this time of year.  It is so festive, colorful, joyful, the sounds, the wonderful arromas, excited children, just, I don't know, but it makes me happy!

Last year when our Quilt Guild had our Christmas meeting I got this cool pattern for "Frosty".  Well, it was so close to Christmas that I didn't have time to make it.  But this year I did.

This is the first pattern that I actually went directly by the pattern. 

I did add extra beads to the tree.

The dog even turned out great.

It is not big, only 13" X 15" but just perfect for my hanger.

Then, I decided to make 3 little Snowmen for my little holders.
I drew the first one beside a tree.

The second is the father and son snowmen.
(Looks like he is giving him the talk, lol)

Then I out one on a Snowboard.

Here is the snowman and his tree, I quilted in snowflakes.

Here is the father and son, 
(Looks like the talk went well, lol)

And the snowboard, flying down the hill.

They are only 3" X 5".
Perfect for my little holders.

Here is their home for winter:

OK, back to my room I have lots more to do till Christmas.  I am almost done with my gifts, then in the mail they go.


Brenda said...

Jane, these are absolutely darling! The bigger wall hanging is so pretty and the extra beads really set it off! Merry Christmas!

Lori said...

oh my goodness, your snow men are so adorable. they are just the cutest.
Have a great week