Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Flannel Quilts for All

So, we are almost ready for Christmas.  Stockings are hung, tree up, quilts all made, oh and when I say made, I mean made!

I think this has been my most productive year that I had quilring.  Last January I decided to make each of our neices and nephew's children, on my husbands side, a flannel quilt.  At that time was a total of 12 quilts.

My first 3 quilts were for sisters.  So I decided to make them the same design, all snowmen, just different colors.

First one was "Blue"  for the youngest of the sisters, Angelina.

Then I made one green, for the oldest sister, Noel.

Last but not least was a red one for the middle sister Gracie.  They were all quilted in an all over stipple patters

My next 2 were also for sisters.  I wanted to do something different, but yet keep them alike.  So I came up with this pattern.  

The top, pink backing, for Bella and the bottom, blue backing for Adriana.  These were both quilted in all over flowers.

Then for their 2 brothers...
I also wanted them alike but yet different.  So I made different patterns with the same fabric.

One has a dark brown binding and one a green binding.
They are Ricko's and Cobie's.
These were quilted in an all over stipple pattern.

HAH!  No problem...I had 7 of the 12 quilts finished in 5 months.  I thought that was good.  At this rate I would be done before      December.    

Yeah, right!

Summer came, my room got built.
(which I am totally excited with)
Field trips with the Guild, made two T-Shirt quilts and a "Delectable Mountain quilt with the guild.
Why, it was September before I know it.  I had to get back on track.

Next was a little boys quilt for Xander.  I found the cutest car and truck flannel.

I did the back of his with the left over fabric and quilted it in an all over stipple pattern

Next were his 2 older brothers.

I did them in Bear, Deer, Elk prints.  First one for Kalub, his has a black binding.

The second for Gavin, his is brown binding.
These 2 were quilted in an all over oak leaf pattern.

Ah, almost done, just 2 more boys to make.
I got the camo fabric with Hummers in.

First one is for Santana

And the second and last was for his little brother Logan.

Ah, I got them all finished right after Thanksgiving.  I was so pleased to be ahead of it all and get them in the mail early.  They were all headed to up state Pennsylvania.

Then we got a call from our niece that had the three girls (the first 3 quilts I made)
She told us how her and her husband were going to become foster parents to a little girl.  They were to get her on the 14th. 


I can't send one to each of the other girls and not her.  Quickly, I dug into my stash.  But got it done!  I made the same design as the others, even found snowmen. 
So, here is hers:

I can proudly say they were mailed and everyone got their quilts yesterday.
(I waited to post thus till they got them, after all that, I still wanted to surprise them all)

(I also made 4 other quilts including a T-shirt quilt, 5 table toppers, pillowcases, a walker tote, a large tote bag and 2 wallhangings.
AND I enjoyed making each)

Yesterday I baked cookies all day!  Today I have a few more batches to make.  Then I can pass my trays around tomorrow.  I will then officially be ready for Christmas.
 (I think!) 
Just have to make my Christmas Turkey.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Let it Snow!

Well, there's really no place to go.
Let it Snow, Let it snow, Let it Snow.

I just love this time of year.  It is so festive, colorful, joyful, the sounds, the wonderful arromas, excited children, just, I don't know, but it makes me happy!

Last year when our Quilt Guild had our Christmas meeting I got this cool pattern for "Frosty".  Well, it was so close to Christmas that I didn't have time to make it.  But this year I did.

This is the first pattern that I actually went directly by the pattern. 

I did add extra beads to the tree.

The dog even turned out great.

It is not big, only 13" X 15" but just perfect for my hanger.

Then, I decided to make 3 little Snowmen for my little holders.
I drew the first one beside a tree.

The second is the father and son snowmen.
(Looks like he is giving him the talk, lol)

Then I out one on a Snowboard.

Here is the snowman and his tree, I quilted in snowflakes.

Here is the father and son, 
(Looks like the talk went well, lol)

And the snowboard, flying down the hill.

They are only 3" X 5".
Perfect for my little holders.

Here is their home for winter:

OK, back to my room I have lots more to do till Christmas.  I am almost done with my gifts, then in the mail they go.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Chair Cushions for my New Quilt Room

I have been so busy working on my room, getting it in order (which I am seeing is going to be an on going task)  that I am forgetting a lot of other things that I need to do.  (And we know it is not cause I am getting older, lol)

I still have a lot of extra fabric left over from the window treatments that I made.  

So I decided to make some cushions for my chairs.  I started by cutting 2 inch squares.
(Now I never made chair cushions, but seen pictures, don't look that hard)

Then sewed them together to make a large square.

I bought 4 squares of foam 2 inches thick at a local store.  Measured my chairs and cut them to fit.

Then cut my squares to fit.  I did cut batting and attached it with sticky spray.  I thought they would look better (plus more padding) if they were quilted.

Oh my, poot KC is complaining and trying to get my attention.  I got so involved, I forgot it was her supper time.  As you can see, she didn't forget, lol.

After feeding KC, I quilted the top of the cushions, in the ditch of each square and trimmed the batting.

I decided to go with a plain backing.  There is some fabric left over and you never know, I could think of something for it.  Anyway, you sit on the cushions and no one will see the back.

Then I cut 1 1/2 inch strips, sewed right sides together and turned right side out.  These will hold the cushions on the chairs.

OK, I sewed the cushions together put the foam in and hand sewn them shut.  Not bad,and they are comfortable.
But I learned a lesson, next time I will make them bigger, because when you sew the top and bottom together, and stuff with foam, they shrink a little.  (Gee, I should have realized that.)

I just got an idea.   As I was taking pictures, I realized that I don't have a clock.  Now I know what to make with the rest of the fabric.  That way when I am in here sewing poor KC will get her supper on time, lol.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016


 Yesterday and today, I spent decorating for Christmas.   🎅      I had my music going and having fun.  This was always my favorite holiday.

Each year I make it a point to make a new decoration for myself.  Well, this year I kept seeing this table topper all over Facebook.  I seen it in fall colors, summer and even Christmas.  Now, I am not one to buy patterns (some may even call me cheap).
Anyway, I made my own pattern.  Because of this, I cannot give out complete details as to how I made it.

I made 12 squares of light and dark fabrics.  The light was going to be my top, so I made a dark green boarder all around it.  
With right sides together, I sewed all around them keeping a small opening for turning around.  

I then sewed 1/4 inch all around to close my hole and to add strength.
(Oh, I also have a heavy batting inside my squares)

Next was the tricky, but the fun part.  I made myself a template so I could attach each one to another to form a perfect circle.  Marking each square, I sewed them together.

After they were all sewn together, I hand sewn a pearl bead on each point.  It opens the flaps plus I felt it added a little to it.

Here is the back...

And now the front...

I can put a candle or whatever in the center.  I even seen one hanging on a door.  I myself am going to use it for a centerpiece on my table, with a candle.

These don't take long to make, very easy and fun, and you can make them for any occasion/holiday.  They would make great Christmas presents.

OK, got lots to do and time is starting to run out.