Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Time is really flying by.  It is almost time for the Paducah Quilt Show in KY.  Oh, Boy!!! 

It starts on Wednesday and runs through Saturday.   (April 23rd - 26th).  Oh, and I am going!!!
  Leaving early Wednesday morning with some of my friends.  We are making a day of it and I can't wait. (can you tell)

I do hope everyone had a great Easter. We have no little ones around our house anymore.  (Our grandsons are in the state of Washington, but we did get to talk to them.)  I remember when I was little,painting eggs on Saturday and having an egg hunt with the neighbor kids.  Then getting all dressed up on Sunday morning (oh, and getting yelled at cause I still had stain on my fingers, lol)  Oh, and remember getting the little colored chicks??

I seen this on Facebook and just had to share you.

But on another note it is sad to say that the What is your "Super Power"?  hop is over.  Thank you so much, Pauline and Madame Samm for all your hard work in bringing this all together.  I had so much fun.  We have so many talented, crafty people out there, don't we? (In case you have missed any, you can go to either of their sites for the full schedule.)

While checking everyone's Super Power, I was asked to make a quilt for my future daughter-in-law.  She wanted me to make her father a flannel quilt for his Birthday.  She wanted it in Black Bears for collects anything with Black Bears.  So I called a shop up in Alaska.  They had all kinds of Black Bear prints( plus many other wild animal prints).  I got two panels of Black Bears, green pine trees, and then mini Bear paw prints.  I made all my blocks 10 inches square, fussy cutting the Black Bear printed panel.  Then machine quilted an all over Oak Leaf print.

OK, I am sure you are all wondering which names were chosen for my giveaway.  Again, I want to thank  Cathy Dettlaff  for her generious gifts.  (If you haven't gone to her E-Bay store yet.  Please do.  She has some really great products at terrific prices.  And let me add that she will ship whatever you order, same day.)  

 So without further ado:

For the1/2 yard cut of Candy Fabric.....


The Winner is:    Heidi  of  Banks of Frog Creek....

And the 1 yard of Thermore Ultra Thin Batting......


The Winner is.......Casey  in Canada.

CONGRATULATIONS   to BOTH of you.....I will be sending an e-mail to you shortly to verify your winnings.

Now, I must get some things finished and get ready for the Quilt Show....


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Sunday, April 13, 2014

So...What is YOUR Super Power??

What is your Super Power? It is the second day of this fun hop and it is my day to show my Super Powers.

I want to thank Madame Samm and Pauline Francis for all coming up with this hop idea.  It sure got everyones juices flowing, I am sure.  Also for all their hard work putting it all together.

I can tell you what others "Super Power's" are, or what I feel they are, with no problem....but mine?  Actually, that is another story.  I thought and thought about this one.

1.  I love to quilt
2.  I love to design my own quilts, even if it is a design I seen, I must make it "me".
3.  I love to draw and make my own applique
4.  I love to add embroidery or other embellishments to my applique.

(I made this last fall, 62" X 62")

5.  I love to make things fun, to bring a smile to others
6.  I love to cook and try new recipes.
7.  I love to bake and get creative.
8.  I also am one to be neat.  When we got married I was always teased by my in-laws, "everything in it's proper place".  But my husband grew to like it fast.

I had a problem on my hands..... I  never thought I had any Super Powers.  I am just plain Jane. It is funny how you can see so much in others but not yourself.  So, I got my family involved with this one.  Then my husband came up with my addiction to "Chocolate".


I drew what I wanted, traced it onto off white fabric and got out my Crayola Crayons.

After I colored it in (which I can say that is not my super power for sure.  I always had problems staying in the lines.)  I pressed it in the fabric and then got out my embroidery floss.

Oh, it is coming along now.....
 for the "Super Power" I used three threads, 2 black and 1 orange.

Oh he is coming along now....


Then I found this Great Shop on E-Bay and purchased this cute fabric:

I got just enough to use as a top and bottom boarder.  
I was afraid to add to much for I didn't want to take away from my chocolate fellow.

After quilted, it ended up like this:

Ha, Ha, who would have thought anything less of an old "Hershey" Worker.

Well, now that you have seen mine...lets go see all the other "Super Powers"
that are being shown today.....


  Don't stop there
You definitely don't want to miss the rest...




Hay, I got a giveaway this time....First, let me tell you about this Great shop I found on e-bay.  I spoke to the owner, Cathy Dettlaff  numerous times.  She has all different designs of fabric, the unique patterns to make your project pop!  She has the coolest batting, it is really thin.  Perfect for table toppers, wall hangings, etc.  I love it!!!  She also has all kinds of notions and books.  

Best part is that she has given me a 1/2 yard cut of the candy print to giveaway:

To make it more fun....she also gave me a pack of her batting (35" X 46")

SO.... There will be 2 .... yes,  2 .....   names picked, one for the fabric and one for the batting.

To enter:

1.   All you need to do is leave me a comment.  Which item would you like?  (I hope you are a follower but if not, that is OK too.)

2.   For a second entry, (if you wish), go to Cathy store on E-Bay, let me know what you liked best.  Oh, if you wish, I am sure she would love to hear from you also.  

On Tuesday, April 22nd, I am going to announce two winners. As you know, I do use Random.org and I am honest as to which it picks.  SO PLEASE... MAKE SURE I CAN CONTACT YOU!

Until then...


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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's Coming, It's Coming!!!

It's coming...what you may ask?  Well, Summer, the Easter Bunny, etc.

But most of all a Wedding!!!

We are all excited, our son and his fiance decided to get married this summer.... YEAH!!   I am ecstatic!

Oh, that is not all that is coming....

This hop is very different.  Everyone will be showing off their Super Powers.  Pease don't miss it.

Starts on Friday...for a full schedule go to Pauline at Quilt and Queen

Hope to see you all there.  Until then, oh I am going to go help a bride find that special Wedding Gown.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Flags on Sticks...

Today is the first day of the Flags on Sticks hop....AND I am excited to say that it is also my day.      

I want to thank Thearica Burroughs and Madame Samm for coming up with this great idea for a hop and for all their hard work getting it all together.

I always wanted a flag for outside, you know, one of those cute little inexpensive ones you put in your flower bed.  You can get so many different designs.   My husband, bless him, says that no one will see it for we live too far from the road.  Well, this was a great excuse for me to get small flag poll and I put it in front of my house next to the porch.  (Anyway, I will as soon as I get a flag)

For the flag I made,  I decided to make something for inside the house.  That way I didn't have to worry about the weather.  I also decided to so something for Easter.

Out came my pencil and paper....I came up with this:

I drew my pattern then transferred it to Steam a Seam.  I always have fun hunting for the fabrics in my scrap bins to find the fabric I want to use for each little piece in my applique.  (I also added the letters, flowers, and more smoke coming off the tires.) 

After I pressed and appliqued my pieces on, quilted in a grid pattern and added the binding.  (before any embellishments)

So, here it is finished:

 I seen a real cute holder for inside that I want but did not get back to the store to get it as of yet.  It is on my list, LOL.

OK, you seen mine... lets all go and see the rest: 
(Don't forget to bring your Pom Poms along and give a big cheer)  

  The rest of the schedule, goes like this.....

Thank you all so much for stopping by....


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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Are you Ready..Flags on a Stick is Coming

Is Spring really here???    We set the clocks ahead...the first day of Spring came....Is it finally here???  I sure hope so, it has been beautiful at our house.  The sun was out all week and each day kept getting warmer and warmer.  My daffodils are blooming, the grass is getting greener.  (my hubby is getting his equipment ready)  It reached 74 here 2 days in a row.  I did some house cleaning, washed windows, etc.  When I was finished, I sat and relaxed on my swing.  Did some hand sewing and designed another quilt.  (I enjoy my swing as much as I can).

Well, are you READY???   
I hope so, Let fly our flags and join everyone.......

Flags on a Stick hop is starting on Tuesday  (March 25th)
Here is the first days schedule:  

Come, be a cheerleader 
Watch all those beautiful Flags wave high.
(I myself can't wait!)

Hope to see you all there,  till then,


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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dancing Spring in with "Ruffles"

I can't believe it is the last day.  How times flies when you are having fun.  Today is also my day.

Lets all give a BIG thank you to Madame Samm and Amy Warner for coming up with this "Ruffly" idea and putting it all together for us.  

I must say, I am not a "Ruffles" person.  I was not raised with fancy things.  Only practical, plus I had a big brother.  So when I got older and did get something a little fancy....he would tease me.  Then I had boys, and only grandsons.  Well, lets say this was a challenge.  I wanted to make something different. 

Then it hit me. We had such a cold winter, everyone can't wait for Spring and for everything to come alive again.  For the trees to bud, flowers to bloom, birds to, well, you get the idea.   I remember one day when my 2 aunts and mother were having fun in the yard at Easter.  So I decided to make them kicking up their heels and celebrating.  So I set the scene with a sky and some green grass.

OK, I drew my girls and now I need to make ruffles.
I don't know if I made them correctly, but I did this:
 I cut 1 inch strips, then with small dots of glue and my iron, I folded each end in.
Next I used a basting stitch on one end leaving lots of thread for pulling.
I then pulled to make my gathers.   

When I had all my applique on, I did some embellishing also,
I painted some glitter to the butterflies,

So lets see the girls, all in their Spring Dresses, 
kicking up their heels, celebrating the coming of Spring.
Here is Elsie:

All spruced up with ruffled collar, glitter glasses, those are little pearls I glued on, 
(oh, and real feathers for her hat)

Meet, Erma,
Bow on her hat and Rhinestone button on her fancy ruffled dress.

Last, but not least is the oldest sister, Effie:

Ruffled collar...oh, but she better watch, 
she is kicking so high her garter is showing

Unfortunately I no longer have my Aunts around anymore.  My mother came from a family of 17 (same mother - no twins)  She was the youngest, and turned 88 this year.  I told her how I made this and named them after her and her sisters.  She was excited!  I then mailed her a picture of my quilt and cannot wait for her response.  I want to take it to my Quilt Guild in April, then am going to send it to her.  She will be surprised.  


I sure miss my Aunt Elsie, I was VERY close to her.    Here are a few doilies she made me long time ago:  

OK, it may be the last day.....
but there are some beautiful "Ruffles" out there to be seen.
Here is the list for the day:

March 14th

I had seen sooo many beautiful projects, I can see more"Ruffles" in my future.
Till next time,


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Monday, March 10, 2014

Did you Spring forward?

Did you Spring forward?  I sure did, I am ready for Spring!  They say that March can either come in like a Lamb and our like a Lion or in like a Lion and out like a Lamb.  Well it sure came in like a Lion.

What a week last week for us here in West, TN.  Our weather went to 60 degrees one day to 20 degrees the next.  That day, Monday, we also got approximately 2 inches of ice and 1/2 inch snow on top.  Well needless to say, it put everyone in a total stand still for 2 days.

To me.....I hate saying it for I kinda felt guilty.....was perfect for quilting and just doing what I wanted to do.  (We hardly ever get these days in this busy world)

First things first, I sat and had a cup of coffee and watched the news.  This is what I seen right outside my window:

I was not the only one watching the birds....

I know the weather was distracting to others, but we were fortunate that it did not shut off our electric, and no damage was done anywhere.  Sometimes we must just stop and smell the roses, in this case, Mother Nature.

By Wednesday, our temperature started rising, everything started melting.  That was also the first day of the "Think Ruffles" hop.

Did you check it out?  If not, please go do so.  Here is last weeks schedule:

March 5th

March 6th

March 7th

 By Saturday, we reached 64 degrees and the ice was almost all gone.  Everything is now muddy and water running everywhere.  I must say, I did get my "Ruffles" project done.  ( I had some help, LOL)

Now this week we are to reach 75....Oh, my.   (I only wish it would stay)

  I have been seeing some really beautiful ruffles out there.

 Here is the list for this week, I hope you join me:

March 11th

March 12th 

March 13th

March 14th


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