Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I took a day off quilting this week.  Why you may ask?   Well, it is sooo cold outside. I decided to make 2 fleece coats for a special dog.

I got some really cute fleece fabric:

So I decided to take a day off quilting and make 2 coats for my daughter-in-law to be, dog.  He is the sweetest Pit Bull.  (Everyone seems to be afraid of them and think they are very vicious and mean.  But they are not really,  if you love them, they will love you back and can be a great best friend.)

I got this pattern:

I figured, how hard could it did say "Easy"?  Well, it was.   I had to alternate the pattern to make it a little smaller.  (it is a long time since I did any regular sewing.)  But here it is:

I even put a collar on this one.  

(don't he look cute?)

So, I made a second one:

They are so soft and comfy.....

I think he liked it....he slept in it all night.  

He was sure worth taking a day off quilting....he looks so content and warm!

(I  hope everyone is thinking of their furry family members and keeping them warm.  They depend on you and are there for you all year round.  Bring them inside, or make sure they have a warm shelter from the elements of winter.) 

Oh, the Kona hop is now officially over, I hated to see it go.  There were such beautiful projects.  I got so many ideas. I give a great big thanks to Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt  and Madame Samm.  It takes a lot of work to get these hops in order.  And I know we ALL appreciate them.

Speaking of hops......Don't forget the next one....

Starts on January 27th....

For more information check Madame Samm 

This is going to be a great hop.  Come see what others are making for in their sewing rooms.

Hope to see you all there.  Until then, I am back to quilting.  Sooooo...........


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Charlene S said...

Pits are very sweet dogs with a bad reputation thanks to two me bad owners! Many breeds of dogs end up with bad reps b/c of owners. DDs pits are sweeter than her Yorkie mix.

susie said...

Awww I like those little jackets...too cute! Sweet warm poochie....he didn't want to give It up...he must know more headed our way.
Thanks for popping in ;)
Stay warm my friend, hugs