Friday, December 7, 2012

Stockings, Stockings, and More Stockings

Stockings, Stocking, Oh, so many stockings.   All little children like stockings to hang for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve.  Oh, even us "BIG" Children (at heart) like to hang out stockings. 

So for the last few days I have been making soooo many stockings that the batteries died in my camera and I must go to the store and get more.  I was so involved and having fun, I didn't want to stop and run for just batteries.  

I have Angels, Snowmen, Santa's, Gingerbread man, then I made quite a few of the patchwork.  Here are two closeup pictures of a Snowman and a Ginger bread man.  I thought they turned out so cute.

I also got a picture of the Angel, Santa, and another Snowman:

Don't you just love the toes and the heals?  I just had to add them, I thought they added something to the stockings.

Then I made some patchwork stockings.  I cut 2 inch squares using the Robert Kaufman line of Christmas fabrics   They are so colorful and have that little glitter of gold to show them off.  I had a lot of remnants left over from other projects, I thought this would be a great way to use some of them up.

Oh, I also made lots of strips.

I did get a  pictures of 3 of them:

Stockings are so much fun to make and so easy too.  Did anyone else make stockings?  I would love to see them.  

Well, got some more to go. I am going to set up a stand in a Christmas  Fair for the next 3 days.   So far I have made 11, I would like to make a few more but I am running out of time.  Oh, don't let this fool you, I am having lots of fun.  I do hope to get pictures of everything.  I am sorry that I did not have them now to share with you all.  I just hope that it is just a battery problem with my camera and not the camera.  It is the wrong time of year for one of those to go.  It is only 9 years old....Gee, now I really got my fingers crossed.  I have no idea as to what cameras are good anymore.  

Oh, I do want to share my doll.  Isn't she the cutest thing.  She is made of scraps of fabric and thick yarn.  I sat her on my Mantle so that she is in my site at night while we watch TV. 

Well, I am off to the store for batteries.  So much to do....So little time........


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Linda Lee said...

Great stockings! I am sure they will be loved and Santa will think they are great! Nice and big to hold plenty of gifts!

Linda said...

Your stockings are so cute! So is the doll!