Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Making your own Spray Starch

Did you ever try Mary Ellen's Starch?  Oh, and smells sooooo good too.


It works great when you are making blocks, pressing seams, applique, etc.   Even regular ironing for the family.  But we all know the price....Right?

Did you ever think of making your own?  I have found the perfect recipe to make starch that is JUST   like Mary Ellen's Starch.

It is very simple:

1 cup Sta Flow Liquid Starch
1 cup Liquid Fabreeze  (any fragrance)

                                     1 bottle of Sta Flo liquid

1 cup Water



Mix together these three ingredients in spray bottle.  WAL LAH   You now have your own spray starch.  Cost a lot less and you have a lot more.

Just a thought....

As for the winner of the 6 Fat Quarters from Missouri Star Quilt Shop.....  I got 111 comments (or entries) so I went to www.random.com  and let it find me a winner.

And that is..............  

NO.    49 ............  AGNES B. BULLOCK

                   for your words of inspiration!

I will be sending an e-mail to you to conform your winnings.  Please respond within 4 days, or I will have to pick another winner.  

Hope my tip of Spray starch helped you all.   Till next time,


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