Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Carousel Horses

Everyone likes carousel houses at Amusement Parks and Carnivals.  Come check out my wall hanging I made for my sister-in-law.  Her birthday is coming up and I wanted to surprise her with something different.  She has been collecting Carousel horses since I have known her.  So what better to make her but a Carousel Wall hanging.

I started by drawing the horses and their saddles.  When finished, I used colored pencils to see what colors to put where they would look the best.

Now that I had my pattern, I dug into my scraps.  I love hunting and figuring out what fabric to use on small pieces to make them look good.  I decided to use my Bali scraps for different bright pieces for the saddle, bridle, etc. 

I machine appliqu├ęd them using monofilament thread so not to be seen.  Then sewn the 2 blocks together, one on top of the other.   

From there I basted my ric rack on so it would be even and not move when I put the boarder on.  (I did not want to use pins for they sometimes can be too bulky and get in my way.)  I used the ric rack to show the horses off, kind of like in a frame.  Next, I sewn the boarder on.  Then I machine quilted a stipple pattern around the horses only.  Carefully I cut a scallop boarder and hand sewn the binding on so it would look neat and not have any pleats in.

When finished I used “Glitter” fabric paints and carfully made my stones in the bridle and saddle.   The finished size is 17" X 28".   I am sure she will like this….so to be a surprise……PLEASE DON’T TELL HER!!


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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift. Love all the hand work you put into the piece. I'm sure she will love, love, love it. ~Nita

Teresa said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. You are so creative - the carousel Horses are gorgeous!