Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Leaves Upon Leaves

It is February already and the winter is going by so quickly.  I was cleaning and trying to organize my room and came across some neat material that I had forgotten about.    It was something how my mind started on the fabric and everything else came to a stand still.  That is when I came up with this......

It was one of those things that I just stuck together without much thought.  I used 3 different blocks.   The quilt has a total of  36 - 10 inch blocks.

This one I machine quilted Oak Leaves all over.   Total size of this quilt is 68 ½” X 68 ½”.   This quilt is the first quilt that I quilted form the back of my long arm machine with a laser, following a pattern.
 What fun!!   

Well, it is off to the next quilt..............


Check my website gallery for more selections: http://janesquilting.com

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