Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Missy's Teal & Coffee Quilt

I have just finished making a special quilt for my son’s fiancĂ©.  I made it with Teal and Coffee colored fabrics.  I am very pleased as to how it turned out.

I had gotten the material while shopping with my sister-in-law on Black Friday.  It was the first time I got to shop Black Friday in over 10 years.  But this time I was shopping for fabric.  We had a lot of fun and surprisingly there were not as many people there as I thought would be.    These are some of the fabrics used.

I started out by making 9 - 16 inch blocks all the same.   (Fussy cutting the center square)

Then set them diagonally adding hour glass blocks in-between.  I even fussy cut the large triangles on the sides to match the center of the blocks.  Then, I added a plain dark Teal triangle in each corner to make it square.  Once I got all my blocks sewn together, I added a 1 inch dark brown boarder, followed by a 3 inch printed boarder.

When the top was completed, I machine quilted an all over feather pattern and hand sewn the binding on.  Next, was to carefully wrap and mail it to her in PA so she gets it for her birthday.

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but when I had it three quarters of the way finished….I was thinking of my next project.  I always have at least 3 different things going at once.  Even when I finish one, I am starting another.  Well, this one is now finished, So here I go……


Check my website gallery for more selections: http://janesquilting.com

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Ellen said...

Just found you via Twitter. This is gorgeous! I totally agree about how thoughts of the next project sneak in my head before I'm done with the current thing.