Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yesterday I started another quilt. (I always have a couple things going at the same time) I started cutting out pieces for another Kaleidoscope quilt.  This one in browns and a little burgundy.  I have made strips of 3 1/2 inch light browns, 1 1/2 inch burgundy, then a 3 inch dark brown.  Sewed them together then used my Kaleidoscope ruler to cut them out.  The blocks will be 11 inches, and I will need 36 total.   That means I will need 288 pieces of each plus 144 pieces for corners.  I only got to make 38 pieces so have a ways to go.  Now that I have this one going, my Perennial near together, it is time to think of my next one to make. Any ideas?

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