Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Patches

OK, I got 18 patches done.  They are aprox. 6 1/2 inches (must trim some to exact 6 1/2 inches) square. (The finished size will be 6 inches)   I have hand appliquéd half of them now.  This takes a lot longer than I thought it would, but they are turning out pretty good.  At least appliquéing some of the blocks makes sure that the points are exact first time around. Shown here are 9 blocks, I made 2 of each so I have a total of 18 blocks. I am trying to decide how to put them together.  Do I put them in the middle of a star block, or just put sashing around them.  Or I could put them random with a building block.  I have decided though, to keep the quilt small for on the wall. I did purchase a larger print of the Perennial fabric for the boarder.  
Check my website gallery for more selections:

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