Friday, July 22, 2011

My Scrunchies

Yesterday, I decided to take a brake from quilting.  No I am not sick!  I just wanted to do something different for a day.  But still sew something.  So I decided to make Scrunchies.  With all this heat we have been having.  I have been styling my hair up or pulled back somehow.  I have different ties, but my scrunchies that I a have are really old and tattered looking.  My problem is that I am too cheap to buy my new ones.

Today, i am making my own.  I started by cutting a 4" X 24" piece of material.  Then turned under 1/4 inch on the one end.  (this will make it easy to connect when I have it all together)  Next I folded it in half long ways with right sides together.  I then sewed 1/4 inch along the edge.  After that it got turned right side out.  Next I cut a 7 1/2 inch piece of elastic and fished it through the tube of material.

Then holding the 2 ends of the elastic together, I over lapped them about 3/8 inch or so and sewed it real good.  Then put your material all around the elastic.  With the end that you turned under, carefully put it out over the other end and hand sew using the blanket stitch to hide your stitches.

I made all kinds, in blue, green white, cotton, silk. It was a great way to get rid of some of my scrap material 

Then I decided to make one for a little girl I know. She has long thick blond hair.  I tried something a little different.  I cut exactly like the others but this one I cut a crochet piece of blue, pink and yellow, lace.   I cut this the same length as my material, 24".  Check the diagram carefully and you will see how I placed it in.

OK, I got some done today, I made extra for myself and for friends.  They are so east to do, and fast too.  I sew them all, then sit and relax on my swing on the front porch and enjoy the day, hand sewing them all together.   Here are just a few that are completed.

I did a few variations (which I just love to experiment)  The first one is of dark blue velvet material, the the next two are made of cotton, the bottom white is silk, then the one I made for the little girl, and the last....well, I made that one 3 inch wide strip instead of the original 4 inch wide strip.  That a difference, too much material for me.

Hope you enjoyed my new adventure, and tomorrow I am off and running to see what I can get into next.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!   Keep cool!!!

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