Monday, July 4, 2011

My Flag

It is Independence day today and I want to wish everyone out there a Safe and Happy 4th of July.  I hope everyone is having a Great time this weekend, and celebrating the Holiday.

This week I played Betsy Ross and made the American Flag.  Let me explain.....I found this article in one of my many magazines and it had the American Flag as a small Wall hanging.  It was sewn together by hand and made with assorted scrap of red, white and blue material.  When I seen this picture, I just had to make it.  Did you ever just see a picture of a quilt and you said "That one I must make"?  Well, I do ever so often and this was one.  I had 3 real good reasons to make it.

     1.  I wanted to make something for the 4th with my patriot material that I had purchased at the Quilt show in Paducah, KY.  But I was running out of time.  (It was already June 26th when I seen this article)

     2.  The pattern had curves on two sides which made it more interesting to me, more of a challenge


     3.  Since they needed to be sewn by hand, meant that I could sew them anywhere I wanted.  I prefer sitting on my swing watching the birds and the fish in my pond.  Talk about relaxing!

Anyway, after I got all the pieces hand sewn together.  I had 7 strips of 7 pieces.  These I did by machine for they were straight pieces and running out of time.  I then layered and quilted by my machine.  The binding, well, I did not put any on, I cut the batting a little shorter than the quilt top, then rolled both the front and the back together inside to the batting, pinned, and did a slip stitch all the way around.

After I had it all completed I hand sewn to little strips on either side on the back to hang it up.  I wanted to hang it in front of my chest in our living room.

Finished size is:  21" X 13".  This was a lot of fun to on to the next project!

I am still waiting for my long arm, so still have the Perennial quilt top and the Kaleidoscope quilt top to quilt. But that won't keep me waiting....for I have 126,345,678,980,987,654,323,456,789050,987,654 more ideas.

Check my website gallery for more selections:


Jeanne Gwin said...

OMGosh, can you hear me LOL Jane? Here I am tooling through your blog (PS: I found you on (QCA Blogs) and thought hmmmm, that name really sounds familiar. So I head over to your gallery to look at quilts, yikes they are magnificent by the way, and again it strikes me, hmmmmm, I should know this woman but nothing was ringing bells or flashing lights. So I am moseying around you blog and see your twitter board (which by the way, will you teach me how to do that on my blog please?)and this is where the LOL started hee hee, hubz even came in to see if I had finally flipped all the way out of my gourd, because when I saw your picture it was you, definitely you that I met on #talknt last night. What a tiny tiny world we live in 6 place removed. Hello Jane, I am Jeanne and a quilter but not near the quilter you are. I can't sing, have no imagination, can fit colors together pretty good, and love to use my quilter!!! I live in Missouri and what I ran out on you without telling you last night is that I have been pretty darn sick for about 2 weeks now. I have a pain in my 3rd rib on the right side. I am scheduled up for an MRI this week and the doctor has me running a bit scared. Time will tell. I am a 10 year lung cancer survivor and I can beat anything else that comes my way. Nice to meetcha as we say her in Mizz oour a

Jeanne Gwin said...

PSS: I am doing a Charity Challenge for Joplin, MO tornado victims and St. John's Hospital Baby Unit with all kinds of giveaways. Would you please check it out, tell your friends and for every friend you have that commits, I will give you 2 extra entries into the giveaway (of course you have to commit too) Thanks,,,,,,, :P