Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Hibiscus

 I found that Bali fabrics are a lot of fun to use in a quilt of any kind.  They can make a bold statement or emphasize a specific design block, or just be the quilt.  I use them a lot in my quilts and appliques.  I feel no matter how they are used, they make your quilt look great.  These are some of the Bali colors that I have right now:

So I am now trying to get ideas as to what to make next.  With the busy summer we are having, getting my site up and running, learning to blog and tweet, plus my garden.  I haven't had as much time to sew as I usually do.  Well, my husband bought me a beautiful Hibiscus, this past spring.  It was small so we just put it in a large pot and placed it at the edge of our sidewalk to the front porch.  That was I could watch it bloom in the house.  The hummingbirds just love it, there are always around. (except when you want to take a picture)

Anyway, to make a long story short, I took some pictures of it for our personal album and my husband stated, that it would make a nice quilt..............So, off for my tablet I ran, should I make a Table Topper, Wall Hanging....hmmmmmm, the colors are perfect and I got all the material.  Just need to decide how big, what boarder, should I add blocks,  So today I am going to draw exactly what I want, make patterns, find the material I will use.  Get it started......


                            SO MANY IDEAS, SO LITTLE TIME........

Check my website gallery for more selections:

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