Thursday, July 7, 2011

My New Long Arm Quilter

I am just so excited  I just got my Long Arm Quilter delivered!!!  Yes, it finally came and I am all ready to go. 

I have both my Perennial and my Kaleidoscope quilt tops, press, backings pressed, and batting cut.  I just don't know which ones I will do first.  

Right now I must wait for my husband to set it up for me.  It is large and heavy.  He must take my old one off the frame and set this one on.  He has been so helpful through all of this.  See, the machine that I had started making loud noises and tensions were giving me lots of problems.  He checked it out and said that the timing on the machine was off.  So he called the manufacturer for me and got them to send me a new one.  
He is busy right now, so when he can, he will set this one up and make sure it is working good.   THEN IT WILL BE UP TO ME!!!

My audience is all excited and waiting for me to start:

She just cannot control herself she is so excited. 

OK,   I know I will have to practice first, put my thread on and make some bobbins etc.  But if I get up early tomorrow....... I can at least get it ready to sew and one quilt on the frame ready to quilt.  Then  

                                 LOOK OUT!!!  

I plan on hiding myself in my room and quilting.  Well, me and my audience.  She follows me around the house where ever I go.  She even has a bed in each room.  What a life!!!   

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Melissa said...

Awww. I love the audience!
Yay for the long arm quilting!
If you hang out near hub, maybe he will start to notice you need something....grin.